Wah. I take 1/4 of this blog’s virginity with this post… Anyways, Hoshi desu.

Cheers to my new co-workers, DJ (or Sakura), Choux, and Bassment!! Without you guys, I probably wouldn’t have a blog right now. I’m so excited that we could form a team.

Anyhow, I’ll let my co-worker DJ take on the explanation of how the name came to be, but this blog was formed mainly for the Round Robin. (Yay for girls) But hopefully, in the future, we’ll also get around to doing different things with this blog.

With that, welcome to Calamitous Intent! Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu.

PS. As soon as I get the hang of this wordpress stuff, I’ll be changing around designs and stuff probably, so.. don’t be surprised! (Currently, Choux is actually taking care of that, woot! You go girl!)

PPS. I almost forgot to tell everyone what kind of anime I watch. Well, for this season: Nabari no Ou (GREAT), Soul Eater, xxxHolic: Kei, Monochrome Factor, The Tower of Druaga ~Aegis of Uruk~, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, Himitsu: The Revelation, Junjou Romantica, Toshokan Sensou, Chiko: Heiress of the Phantom Thief and that’s pretty much it. (once we get everything settled, we’ll see what else we can blog on)


7 thoughts on “Yoroshikuuuuu~

  1. Ok, Choux here. In a few hours I’ll be send you a few links to some future banner ideas. the current one has too low a resolution. Be prepared to be amazed!

  2. Red Five Standing By.

    Sorry I’m a geek, had to say it 😀

    I’m already excited Choux!

    Course part of that was seeing Indiana Jones earlier ^-^

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