Hey everyone, its Sakura here.

The first anime I saw was Guyver and that got me interested in anime. But it wasn’t until I emigrated to the U.S (I am British by birth) about 5 years ago that I was up late and happened to catch Adult Swim.

They were airing InuYasha a show a friend had mentioned I might want to check out. And wouldn’t you know it I got hooked! I watched it religiously, went on the internet to find more, even watched the raws since I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. There was no turning back!

It still remains one of my favorite shows. Although I don’t really limit myself to any particular genre. As long as I find it interesting I’ll watch it. I have a long list of shows I’ve watched and loved, but I won’t go into it since its too long. But I will say even though it isn’t so recent anymore Ghost Hunt is one of my firm favorites.

Shows I am currently watching are Nabari no ou, Junjou Romantica, Vampire Knight, Naruto Shippuden, and Bleach. But if I can find the time I would like to check out Soul Eater and Library Wars.

The number of mangas I’ve read is pretty long too so I won’t go into it. Currently just a few of the ones I am reading include Naruto, InuYasha, Bleach, Vampire Knight and Skip Beat, but there are many more I haven’t listed. Most recently I read the latest Trinity Blood novel out here and the latest Koukou Debut. I’m a huge romantic so I’m a sucker for shoujo. But as you can see I also like my shounen titles.

As well as participating in the all girls round robin. I would like to write about whatever shows or mangas I am currently following. I know that there are already blogs out there following shows and mangas like Naruto. But not all are consistent and I think it might be interesting to get a girls view on some of the shounen shows.

But I won’t limit it to that. I love watching movies, I’m into gaming and to a small extent comic books. This summer there is a plethora of great movies out so don’t be surprised if I throw out a review or two about those.

I look forward to working with everyone in the blog! Viva la revolution!

Oh and about the name of the blog. Its shortened from ‘The Guild Of Calamitous Intent’ A shady organization from a show I watch called The Venture Bros. One of the few non-anime shows on Adult Swim that is worth watching.

Anyway it sounded cool and funny and the other girls agreed. Because while we want people to take what we say seriously, we also want to have fun. We hope you have fun reading and commenting on what we have to say!


7 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. YAY another GH fan. I absolutely adore that show. And I’m slowly collecting the manga.

    I can’t wait for the dvd release out here. I would be ecstatic if they would do another season since they did leave things out.

    For my livejournal account I actually wrote a few GH drabbles. I figure that kind of thing is good for keeping the writing skills from getting rusty.

  2. Ah, it’s rare to find other InuYasha fans these days it seems. I still follow the manga. It seems that’ll be coming to an end soon though. Maybe then they’ll do some more of the anime (with much less fillers).

    And that’s where the title of the blog is from. I was wondering, I knew I’d heard it somewhere.

  3. Sweet another InuYasha fan! Yes it does look like Takahashi is finally going to end it.

    And I hope so too, because I know the animation company had stated a few years back that if she could finish it in a timely manner they certainly would be interested in producing more anime. Suwa-san posted something like that in his column a while back.

    I think they held off making more until she was finished so they wouldn’t run into the problem of fillers again.

    Because lets face it, as cute as he is, there really are only so many Shippocentric episodes we fans can handle! Although my inner fangirl could probably live with a lot of Sesshoumaru episodes!

    Sounds weird for me to wish an end to one of my favorite mangas 😀 But I would love to see more animated InuYasha too. I’ve fallen in love with it all over again recently.

    And YAY another person who knows who the Venture Bros are! Season 3 starts June 1st on Adult Swim! But I recommend checking out Adult Swim online too, because they sometimes put episodes of shows up there for everyone to watch.

  4. i got hooked when i caught an episode of naruto, and ever since then ive been obsissive about every anime i see. bleach, death note, full metal alchemist, bakugan, their all really cool.

  5. Hi GothGirl, its nice to see another naruto fan (I will try and get the post for the latest chapter up some time this week!)

    You have a nice list of shows there, hopefully you pop by and drop some comments if we post about something you like ^-^

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