Hi all~

Bassment here, forced to use another alias since ‘bassment’ has already been taken up in WordPress. But no matter, like what Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

I started out with manga first, animes didn’t really interest me, I only watched them sporadically. I first started with Serial Experiments Lain, Inuyasha ( I agree Sakura, it’s really addictive XD), then after I saw Cowboy Bebop, I started to watch animes in earnest. There really is a huge world of anime to explore, and I don’t think I’m even a tenth done with it, so by starting this blog, I hope to learn more from all the other anime fans around as well =)

As for now, I’m currently watching Gintama <3, Mononoke (which I followed after Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror), and several Spring series, Kurenai, Kaiba, Himitsu, Toshokan Sensou. 

Like the others, I read both shoujo and shounen titles. To name a few, Koukou Debut, Jun’ai Tokko Taicho, Sidooh, Deadman Wonderland, D.Gray-Man, Reborn! etc. 

I guess I won’t go into favorites now. You guys will find out sooner or later XD




8 thoughts on “Hi all~

  1. hey, did you get sakura’s email on changing your nickname? you can chance it to bassment, but you’ll still have to login with your current username…

    haha, nice to meet another Deadman Wonderland fan!! oooo you read some of the other stuff I like too. Sidooh and D. Gray-man!!!

  2. I think you might be the first person I’ve ever heard say they started out with manga. I’m a manga-addict, but I started out with anime.

    Well, I look forward to reading more posts from you.

  3. @hoshi
    Ah! Thank you so much!
    Looks like my first paragraph is redundant now :p
    Seriously, we’ll be a blast together! ❤

    It was Angel Sanctuary that did the trick. The art was…stupendous. For me at least. I then fell into this hole which I guess I never want to get out of =)

  4. I was in love with D. gray man a few months ago, but after I caught up to it I kind of lost steam. Hurray for another fan of deadman wonderland! Beautiful bloody violent dramatic goodness.

  5. Hey bassment! Welcome to the chaos 😀

    I’m glad to find another InuYasha and Koukou Debut fan. I was so sad when Hana Kimi was coming to an end because I loved how sweet and cute that manga was.

    Then I found Koukou Debut and knew I had found Hana Kimi’s successor. Yoh and Haruna are simply adorable!

    Although I am following Nakajo’s new one Sugar Princess, but its very slow in being released.

    Well I added Riex’s since he’s also blogging for thatAnimeblog and he’s blogging Nabari no ou.

    I added Yukan since you post there blissmo and I may start watching Itazura no kiss. ^-^

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