Noooooooo it can’t be true… Naruto Chapter 401

I just remembered where I hid my eyeliner
I just remembered where I hid my eyeliner!

Reading the latest chapter made me think of that now famous scene from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back when Luke discovers the horrific truth. No Orochimaru isn’t Sasuke’s father, that would be ewww!

But Sasuke’s constant denials of Madara’s story are rather reminiscent of the girly screams of denial emitted by Luke Skywalker when he finds out the true identity of his papa.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then let me give you a quick recap of the latest chapter of Sasuke, no wait I meant Naruto. If you don’t want to be spoiled then I suggest you not read this post.

Continuing on from last week Madara continues to take a wrecking ball to everything our dear Sasuke-kun thought he knew about his once seemingly sociopathic elder sibling. You see far from hating his dear little brother, it turns out Sasuke was the most important person to Itachi.

No seriously I own the patent on this glare.
No seriously, I own the patent on this glare.

So much so that everything he has done, has been not only for the sake of the village, but for the sake of his little brother. He slaughtered his entire clan to protect the village and to stop the world from erupting into another great ninja war. But he defied orders and didn’t kill Sasuke.
His return to the village upon the death of the third Hokage, was to see if his little brother was safe and warn Danzou that Madara lived. (You know there are better ways to do that then mentally torturing the poor kid and breaking his apendages. I’m just saying Itachi, I’m just saying.) Not because he was after that kid with whiskers on his face. I forget his name, Na… something or other.

Even the long awaited showdown was planned to the last, by the brilliant Itachi. Since it ended up freeing Sasuke of Orochimaru’s curse, and Sasuke obtained an even more powerful sharingan. Madara tells Sasuke, that to Itachi, his little brothers life was worth even more than the village. He played the villain, so that Sasuke could be viewed as a hero to his village.

Remember that little throw away comment of Zetsu’s? The one about Itachi almost seeming to have had something wrong with him? Well Madara explains this for us. Apparently Itachi was suffering from a disease, and prolonged his life with medication.

So all that remains to be seen next week is how Sasuke is going to act upon these revelations. Will he finally grow a brain and head home? Even if he chooses that path, will Madara let him? Will his head explode from learning everything he thought he knew was a lie? Will we ever see that other blonde kid that used to be in the manga?

His name is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite remember it.

I had planned on adding pics from the most recent chapter, but I don’t want to do so without permission first. So for now I’ve added random pictures.


11 thoughts on “Noooooooo it can’t be true… Naruto Chapter 401

  1. My god, now that you mention it, this scene DOES remind me of Star Wars.

    What a way to sully my impression of Itachi. And hopefully Sasuke will grow a brain in the next chapter.

  2. @ Hoshi. Yes he’s no longer a smexy, brooding, heartless killer. The truth about Itachi is revealed! He has the heart of a kitten 😮

    @blissmo. Actually you didn’t forget, this review is about a little manga I discovered called Sasuke. Maybe Kishimoto will start writing Naruto, is that what it was called? Again soon. 😉

    Actually I make it sound like I’m really annoyed with the lack of Naruto. To an extent I am. But I also understand that this is back story that needs to be told.

    We’ve all wondered about that night the clan was massacred and why Itachi truly did it. I’ve been theorizing for a while that all wasn’t as it seemed in regards to the murder of the clan. So this was all great confirmation for me. 🙂

  3. I agree with you that these chapters are great information shots, but the truth is I liked Itachi more when he was still a cruel murderer, not a kitty-cat.

    Btw. I miss that boy whose name started with N.

  4. @ Myu, he was certainly more interesting when he was more mysterious and we imagined him to be all dark and twisted and full of murderous intent.

    But alas he is dead and not just his body, but the character as we knew him.

    A little part of me wonders though. Is he truly dead? I don’t trust Madara as far as I could throw him.

    You and I both Myu, you and I both. And I suspect we are not alone in missing the loud mouthed dobe.

    In fact if he doesn’t appear soon, my husband is threatening to boycott the series until he returns! 😀

  5. Yes, I just got super spoiled! At the rate the anime is going, I would have probably found all this out sometime next year…maybe.

    And to be honest, I got sick of Sasuke’s emo brother angst. Glad to know that is all gets turned around on him and I hope it makes him feel like a complete dumbass.

    @myu…where the heck have you been!? I wants your comments backkkkkkk. lol

  6. @ Riex, crap that anime is still going? I was watching it every week and then got sidetracked. Not that it would matter because they are probably still on the same arc I left them on.

    Scary to think how long they spent in Sand and Kankuro dying from eating a bad burrito when its covered in like 2 pages in the manga. Temari is still mad Sakura saved him since she stood to get his lipstick in the will.

    I just hope it doesn’t now turn into an even bigger, OMG what have I done kind of Uchiha emofest.

    You can’t have em! All Myu’s comments is belong to me! 😉

  7. You are right. Now that most of the focus is on Sasuke, this should now be called Sasuke instead of Naruto. The spotlight should be brought back to the main character, this time.

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