Summer Movies Pt 1

Hellboy 2 The Golden Army

First off, if you haven’t yet seen Iron Man, and Indiana Jones, you may not want to read on in case I spoil something for you. Secondly, GO SEE THEM NOW!!!
I’m not sure how many parts there will be to this little section, I guess that depends on how many movies I watch this summer. Its shaping up to be quite a long list and I may as well write this now, since the Wings are losing and if they lose I don’t get laid, so I have time 😦

So for part one let me tell you what few I’ve already seen and what I’m looking forward to seeing. Hopefully you’re looking forward to some of these too 🙂

Iron Man kicked it off and having a little knowledge about comic books I was kind of looking forward to this movie. Particularly since it was an origin movie, which meant I got to like Iron Man again. Since I’ve had a real hate on for him after the events of Civil War and happily cheered from the sidelines as Hulk and Thor whooped his ass good!

I enjoyed the hell out of Iron Man, although funnily enough you don’t actually get to see a lot of Iron Man. Its mainly Tony Stark for most of the movie, but don’t let that put you off since Robert Downey Jnr is simply a blast to watch. He and Gwyneth Paltrow make quite a cool couple up there on the big screen. They are cute, intelligent, witty and fun to watch which sums up a lot of this movie, a great comic book adaptation that doesn’t dumb it down for you. When you do get to see Iron Man, the effects are pretty sweet, big props to ILM yet again for the visuals plus the suit looks awesome.

If you collect figures, you might want to check out the Iron Man figure by Kotobukiya, its freakin sweet.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls was next on the list and unlike some people who had voiced their disappointment with the movie, I enjoyed the hell out of it. If you go to see this movie expecting to see an Indiana Jones movie in the same vein as the old ones, well then you won’t be upset. The same old humor is there, the cinematography is in keeping with the older movies, which is something I was very pleased to see. Many people complained about how fake some of the sets seemed and wondered why they didn’t go with more special effects. But we all know what happens when you put effects before substance ahemAttackOfTheClonesahem.

Plus in the case of the Indiana Jones movies, well the older ones utilized a lot of sets rather than effects. So it made sense to keep things the same in that respect. I mean what’s the point in doing another Indiana Jones movie if you are going to change everything about it. Plus you have to consider how these movies were conceived. Much like Star Wars, Indiana Jones is based on those old sci fi serials like Flash Gordon. Where the sets were kinda of cheesy and your Hero was somewhat larger than life and you still very much get that feel from this movie.

That said it isn’t perfect but then again not many movies are. The spent a lot of time getting you used to the new time period, maybe a little too long. Because it really didn’t start to feel like an Indiana Jones movie for sure until Karen Allen showed up. There were flashes of that feeling before then and I had to smile when the Ark of the Covenant got uncovered during the chase through the government storage facility. But the scenes with Allen and Ford are perfect, takes you right back to their bantering from Raiders.
Shia Lebeouf is his usual fantastic self, but even his acting can’t save the lame swinging through the trees scene with the monkeys.
Seriously, the Alien made more sense to me than that scene! A few people have complained about how an alien being in the movie just seems out of place. My response to that would be you could accept Indy encountering a gold box that melts Nazis but Aliens are too far out there. Riiiiiiiight. Stand still while I beat you with a hockey stick.

Oh and I saw Speed Racer. Bright, flashy, loud, VERY LOUD (I saw it on IMAX) very colourful. I guess it was aimed at kids really, and as a kids movie it’s pretty good. The effects are kick ass and the acting is pretty good, but the storyline isn’t going to win any awards. Worth a look if you have a few hours to kill.


The movie I am most looking forward to is actually not Batman The Dark Knight, although I really am looking forward to that particular movie. But the movie depicted in the first image on this page. Hellboy 2 The Golden Army.

I enjoyed the hell (no pun intended) out of the first one. Ron Perlman was fantastic; he really brought Hellboy to life. and with Guillermo del Toro directing it looks like its going to be a visual delight. A lot of the creatures look similar to some of those in the world of Pan’s Labyrinth (You should see that movie btw if you haven’t) and they are just so neat to look at. Well some of them are disturbing but you just can’t help looking at them.

I seriously have to get the comics for that one day.

I’ll leave it there for now since I’ve rambled on a lot already except to say I am optimistic that The Dark Knight will be a good movie. Also, the more ads I see for The Guru the more I want to go see that one. My one problem with it is of course the hockey team in it is the Maple Leafs. Die Maple Leaf! (<— If you are a hockey fan you’ll get that) 🙂

The main problem is with so many movies coming out; will there be enough money? I also want to see the X-Files movie and possibly the next installment in The Mummy franchise. Iit has Jet Li in it! Jet Li! I’m still bummed I didn’t get to see Forbidden Kingdom, since that has Jet Li and Jackie Chan who I adore! And George Lucas is yet again trying to steal my money with his effort ‘The CloneWars’. I used to be a huge Star Wars fan, so it’s a definite maybe on that one. That’s not to say I’m not still a huge Star Wars fan, but I’m more of an anime and manga fan these days.

Well I really have babbled enough for now so I’ll catch you for part 2.

Btw let me know if there is anything I should add. More links to the movie, more of an explanation as to what they are about. What can I do to make these entries better?

Ahh bedtime, the Wings lost, so I’ll be sleeping DAMMIT!


6 thoughts on “Summer Movies Pt 1

  1. I am SO looking forward to The Dark Knight. Batman has to be my favorite superhero!!
    I’m dying to catch Indiana Jones too XD and though I like Jackie Chan, I can’t say the same for Jet Li, so I might be missing the Mummy movie…

  2. I liked Narnia. So far that’s my favorite, but I want to watch Indy eventually. Heard Iron Man was good, but that just doesn’t appeal to me…

    YES to Batman and the Mummy! (woot for Jet Li, although I thought Forbidden Kingdom was HORRIBLE)

    >:O And I was pretty angry that the Wings lost. Sucks, no? I want them to win the Stanley… and HAHA have you seen this?,84335

  3. Pingu Wings! And Hellboy 2 looks Like World of Warcraft the animation.

    There’s too much shit coming out this summer that I want to watch. Which means next summer will probably be horrible. *sigh*

    (Batman, Hancock, The Love Guru, whatever the new Adam Sandler movie is called, soooo many more I want to watch.)

  4. @bassment, The Dark Knight definitely holds promise. At the very least I don’t expect it to be bad. If you were to ask me who I thought was the coolest hero. Batman would be at the top of that list.

    Batman Begins was a great re-introduction to the character. The direction on the last fight was a bit annoying. I mean you literally spend the first half of the movie showing what a martial arts badass he is. But in that last scene, you pull away so far you can barely see him kicking ass! And it would have been nice to see more of Batman’s deductive abilities. But other than that a pretty solid movie. It is in our dvd collection after all.

    And you know Heath Ledger is going to be fantastic as the Joker. One of the greatest villains ever created.

    The Hulk movie is probably going to end up a netflixer. I couldn’t even get through the first hour of the last one and so am not willing to stump up the money for this installment. Despite Ed Norton and the fact it has the Abomination.

    As for The Mummy there is Brendan Fraser to look forward to 🙂

    @Hoshi, I haven’t actually managed to catch any of the Narnia movies but I do plan to at some point. Since I loved the books when I was at school. I’m from England so my memories of Narnia come from the live action version the BBC put out. I hate the scene where they cut off all of Aslan’s mane. It made me cry! To be fair though I was pretty young and I cried a lot at sad things in movies. Forbidden Kingdom is a miss eh? Ah well good thing I didn’t pay money at the theater for it then. I’ll add it to the queue on netflix.

    YES IT WAS SUCKY! For more reasons than one… They are going to have to play better than that the next game. LOL yes I did see that. Hopefully Lord Stanley remains intact.

    @Riex Nooooooooo blasphemer. I will make you eat haggis to clean your mouth out! Yes I do worry that the industry will have shot its wad this year. Although we do have the Wolverine movie at the very least to look forward to. Its funny you should mention the Adam Sandler movie, it looks funny to me to and I can’t remember the name either!
    Hancock looks great. But I can’t seem to get hubby interested enough to go see it. Booo! I’d go without him but I can’t drive dammit.

    As for Myers I will always watch his movies, because he created the best comic villain of all time. DR EVIL kills me. I would love it if he got Don Cherry from Hockey Night In Canada to do a cameo, since he pretty much parodied him in the movie Mystery Alaska. <– Sweet little small town hockey movie, worth checking out. Russell Crowe is in it and he’s pretty good. I usually don’t like the bastard but I’ll give him props just because I like the content.

  5. Oh dang, I’m sooo looking forward to the Dark Knight as well cos I just love Heath Ledger and it was so sad that he died, I almost cried. He sure made us Aussies proud!

    And Iron Man was unexpectedly awesome cos they made the trailer suck

  6. @blissmo, it was a bloody shame, he was such a gifted actor and I’m sure he gave a knockout performance as the Joker.

    Hehe what didn’t you like about the Iron Man trailer?

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