InuYasha Chapter 555 – Darkness

First off I would like to say a big thank you to the Adinuyasha crew for allowing me to use their scans for the blog (you’ll find a link to them on the front page) If you are an InuYasha fan I recommend checking out the link and taking a look at the yahoo group they have set up.

They have some wonderful conversations going on about the latest chapters as they come out and the manga in general. It’s a fabulous resource if you are a fan of InuYasha and they are a very welcoming community.

Now if you are reading this I’m assuming you’re a fan of InuYasha, because as you can see from the title, I’m not starting from the beginning of the story. To do that would quite simply be crazy considering this story has been going on since around 1996! I may however do an Introduction to InuYasha post, summarizing the series for any interested parties, but I wanted to get this post out first.

So as we saw last week, the well in both the future and the past has disappeared. Kagome is enshrouded in darkness and InuYasha is inside the Shikon no tama.

Kagome’s family and friends are in the well house and it appears that they can communicate with InuYasha. He learns that after disappearing from the feudal era after Naraku’s demise, Kagome never returned home. Even though he doesn’t know where she is, he assures Kagome’s family that she is fine and he will definitely find her. GO INUYASHA!

Note to the readers: NEVER mess with a determined InuYasha!

Meanwhile, Kagome is floating around in darkness, conversing with the Shikon no tama. She learns that being at home with her family and going to school with her friends in the previous chapter was just an illusion.
The jewel of four souls tells her that if she wants to return tp that world, she must wish on the shikon no tama, otherwise she will float around in the darkness forever.

Back inside the jewel, InuYasha is battling youkai who tell him that Kagome will soon join him. Her heart is falling into despair and she will wish on the jewel to save herself. This of course would be a selfish wish and so the youkai tell InuYasha that once Kagome makes that wish, she will spend forever inside the jewel battling the youkai. Continuing the jewel’s cycle of fate, which it says, cannot be broken, the jewel will then pass on into the next world, waiting for someone to make another wretched wish upon it.

Personally if I had to go back to a world where I was dating Houjo I’d pass.

InuYasha yells for Kagome to hang on and wait for him to get there and the last shot we see is of a very upset Kagome, alone in the darkness. So next week, what will Kagome’s decision be?

My thoughts on the chapter.

I have enough faith in the girl to think that Kagome will choose to make the right wish. She’s seen first hand the suffering and devastation it can cause and knows it really needs to disappear from the world. That of course won’t happen with a selfish wish, such as choosing to save herself and return home.

She’s been tested like this before too and passed with flying colors, when she acknowledged the darkness in her heart regarding the relationship between InuYasha and Kikyo. Hopefully this time it will turn out the same and while I’m sure she’s feeling alone and terrified right now, it will only be momentary and her ever-present courage will begin to shine through.

Because by now she’s got to know she isn’t alone, because there is no way in hell InuYasha isn’t out there trying to get to her ^-^.


7 thoughts on “InuYasha Chapter 555 – Darkness

  1. Oh my. This hasn’t ended yet?
    Sorry to say, I’m not really a fan of Inuyasha. It WAS, however, a favorite in the past. Now I kind of find it… annoying that it hasn’t ended yet.

  2. @Hoshi, nope! LOL although it looks like it is finally winding down. They just destroyed Naraku, who wish apparently was to be in Kikyo’s heart.

    I think a lot of people feel the same way as you. Takahashi could have ended this series waaaaaaay sooner, by getting rid of a few of Tessaiga’s upgrades. That would have saved us a few arc’s at least.

    Also a few years back the animation crew had said if Takahashi would end it soon they would produce more animation. So I’ve been hoping for a year or two at least that she would finally start to wind this down so I could get more anime!!!

    Apparently at a recent convention, the producer for the show Suwa-san, responding to question about more anime, said that there would be more. He went further to say that it would be a t.v show too and not oav’s like everybody had assumed!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed really hard for that one. I’ve been falling in love with the show all over again since Adult Swim started replaying it at 5 in the morning!

  3. i have seen all the movies read all the manga and seen all the episodes so im a huge fan and even i want it to end

  4. I’m NOT wanting it to end… though I am glad they are finally getting past Naraku… I’d love for it to move on and tell us their lives after getting rid of the jewel… I’m mean, they don’t have to stop the series just because they got to the end of that one story point.

  5. That’s true enough, I guess I’m just so burnt out by the constant upgrades and everything to get to this point.

    The recent move forward is doing a lot to reignite my love for this series.

    Thanks for the comment btw!

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