Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 1 part 4

Okay, my original idea of a short summary got thrown out the window, but oh well.

Chapter 11

Blood is discovered in the dining room, as the people are probably killed there. The butler can’t seem to contact the outside, through the radio or the wireless. Maria acts like nothing is wrong and says that the culprit is not human. Kinzo is also missing. Jessica tells George that Shannon was definitely happy that he proposed to her.

Battler and Eva start talking about who the killer may be but dosen’t get anywhere. The others are trying to make sense out of the rune painted on the door, but they are confused and have no ideas until Maria explains the whole thing. The rune apparently gives the power to be free from restraints, let it be physically or not. It wasn’t there for the people; the people were there to be sacrificed for the rune. As Battler thought about this, he came to realization about a few things.

The killer killed knowing he or she will be trapped.

The killer wanted them to see the corpses.

when Natsuhi came back from her patrol, she brought with her a gun.

Chapter 12

Kanon is in the kitchen, talking to the butler about how Mistress Beatrice tried to get to Natsuhi but couldn’t (remember the bloody handprint?) and that if she did, then Shannon wouldn’t have been killed. Battler overhears and forces some answers out of the servants. (Butler, Kanon and old maid).

Beatrice is a real person who lives in the island forest who has served Kinzo for a long time.

No one can see her because she does not have a “figure”, or body. Sometimes, she’ll show up as shining butterflies (remember this?)

At this time, Maria shows up and says that even though Battler can’t, there are people who can see. And that Beatrice is “there”. At that time, everyone was looking at a spot behind Battler, even though there’s no one there. Maria says that Battler should be grateful as her bracelet saved him, but Battler reveals that he lost it a long time ago. He refuses to believe her. Maria says that dosen’t matter as Beatrice will be resurrected soon…

After dinner, Battler talked to George and Jessica about Maria having a double personality (cute stubborn girl and creepy magic loving girl). They start talking about the 19th person, and Battler denies its existence. If there really was a 19th person who wanted to be known then that person would have chosen a time when everyone had alibis to kill instead of giving the possibility of a murder within the 18. Beatrice’s condition is explained a bit more: unless the gold is discovered, she will collect interest, which is everything that Kinzo created and owns, from his money to his descendants and servants.

Later. Everyone talks about the possibility that Kinzo had been taken hostage. Eva starts to blame Natsuhi. There’s only 1 way to exit the study, and that’s through the door. When Natsuhi left the study, Eva took that chance to stick a small piece of paper between the door. When they were looking for Kinzo and opened the door again, the paper was still in the same place. If the door hadn’t been opened during that time, that means Natsuhi must have got to Kinzo before she saw Eva.

Natsuhi gets extremely agitate about that and almost shoots Eva, but everyone stops her. Battler says the Eva’s wrong. Kinzo could have hid himself when they went in to look and went out afterwards. As Jessica starts to argue with Eva more, but she has a coughing fit. It seems that she has a really bad case of asthma.

Eva and Hideyoshi leave for their room. Battler tells Maria that he believes in the witch as he dosen’t want to suspect anyone within the 18 people. Maria sys that she’ll tell the witch that.

Chapter 13

The doctor asks the butler why he is so composed, but the butler simply answers that he is there to serve. The doctor is surprised and wonders why the butler acts as if he isn’t a part of it all.

They are actually happily in love, as Hideyoshi didn’t have any relatives and he had George in hopes of getting even more happiness and the warmth of a family. But Eva’s also relieved that Shannon dies since she didn’t want George to be taken by someone like her. She blames herself for wanting to use other people, but her husband tells her that she shouldn’t and that he loves her. (Aww, I knew he was a good guy.)

When the butlers went to call them for dinner, they were greeted by a letter in front of the door; it looks the same as the one from before. When the door was opened by the butler, it is shown that it is chained. Not wanting to travel alone, butler and Kanon went back to the kitchen to get more people.

When Kanon ran back with a saw and the maid, there was something new on the door.

When they cut through inside, they found 2 dead bodies. Eva had a dagger (people translated it as ice picks in the animesuki forums though) stabbed between her eyebrows, Hideyoshi is the same, except he was in the shower! (How disturbing is that?) Natsuhi and the rest arrived then, and she picked up the letter on the floor. Upon closer examination, it turns out the dagger isn’t a tagger, but more like decorated stick.

At this time, our heroes arrive… and George has a breakdown. Unlike the study or the shed, this is a complete closed room murder.

Maria smells something stinks, and everyone goes to check. Maria laughs and says that Beatrice had answered Battler’s wish “to do something that can’t be done by a human and prove herself”. As she laughed, Battler hits her on the head. (Finally!) Maria reveals that this time, the rune gives the power to open any room or give an inspiration on a way to open a room. She starts to laugh again but Battler shuts her up with a whack (excellent, someone should have done that a long time ago.)

The smell came from the boiler room, and Kanon hears the sound of a closing door from there. BUT THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANYONE IN THE BOILER ROOM. There’s a door in the boiler room that leads to outside. So the person might escape any time now.

Reaching the boiler room, Kanon picks up an axe. Waiting for him were many golden butterflies

Talking to the butterflies, he vows to break all the rules that Beatrice and Kinzo set up. Saying for the first time that he isn’t furniture anymore. He tries to swing at the butterflies, we hear a creepy laugh, and then he couldn’t step forward anymore. Because he’s been struck with an ice pick in the chest. Using the last of his strength, he pulls out the ice pick. And he falls down.

When the maid came, he was already beyond salvation. Moments later everyone else came. Battler yelled at Natsuhi to use the flashlight, but when pointed towards the door, there was nothing there. Battler chased outside, but he was too late. There was no trace of anyone, and the hurricane would soon destroy all evidence.

As the doctor tried to help save Kanon, everyone else turned their attention to the boiler. The source of the stench was soon revealed: a burned corpse. From the 6 digits on each toe (which was something that Kinzo was born with), they determined it was Kinzo, as everything else was burned beyond reorganization. But that trait happens to 1 in 2000 people. Also, the corpse, like Eva and her husband, had an ice pick in its brow.

The boiler room is always locked, and most of the house had been locked since the first murder. How can the culprit get around? There had been deaths, but for the first murder, many people had their faces ripped off. Those corpses could have been anyone. Is there a 19th person?

Maria maintains a happy expression. She believes that when everyone is killed, the golden witch will take her to the golden world where everyone will be happy.

Chapter 14

While everyone’s mourning (especially Jessica, as she had a bit of a crush on Kanon), Maria dosen’t care, as she believes that everyone will be revived by the witch. At that time, the only safe place was deemed to be the study, as the only keys were found and in possession of the butler.

When they reach the study, Maria says that not even the witch can open it, as a rune was carved on it. When they are inside, the witch’s second letter is opened. There was only 1 sentence.

Praise my name.

Natsuhi wonders if Beatrice was Kinzo’s mistress, but the butler reveals that the woman called Beatrice died before the mansion was even built. Ever since then, Kinzo had been researching black magic. Researching for his unending love, researching as if he was mad. No one tried to understand him, but that didn’t matter. The only thing he had was his bitter pain for losing his love. His deceased wife was part of a forced marriage, decided by his relatives, he didn’t really love her. All the rumors of the witch floating around the house were a way for the servants to comfort their dear master.

They walk about the possibility of Beatrice and Kinzo having a child, but it was practically impossible. It was then that Battler saw a replica of Beatrice’s painting in the study. The riddle showed it all. All the deaths and sacrifices. You can see the riddle again here. As everyone crowded around the painting, Maria got everyone’s attention by saying that another letter had arrived. From that, Natsuhi went berserk, she pointed the gun at everyone and told Battler to read the letter.

Are you enjoying the riddle of Kinzo-sama’s epitaph?
You are probably already aware of this, but all of you do not have much time left.
Please, abandon the naive thought that when the storm passes by, you will be able to run away.
In this game, the only possible outcome is either you all or me winning.
If you run out of time, I will win. There will be no draw.
Please do not misunderstand that.

Once again, Maria says that the letter had been placed there by the witch. Our heroes are not suspects since they were at the painting before Natsuhi, but the butler, the cook, and the maid left the room. Maria also left the room, saying that she wants to watch TV and that the study is boring.

It was then that Battler gave Maria back her bracelet. When she asked him why he had it even though he said he lost it, he smiled and said that he only said that in the heat of the moment and that he would never lose something so precious.

After they left, Battler noticed that there were actually 2 letters, the 2nd one having a rune on it.

Ah, this length was what I originally planned for Ep.2. I can’t believe it got this long. At this rate no one will read it. Well, everything will be over in the next post. I wonder if I should post it tomorrow….


3 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 1 part 4

  1. Thanks for posting about Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I just found this site thanks to Google. I’m really glad that someone would post about this game.

    There’s been something that’s confusing me lately, can the Umineko no Naku Koro ni characters be an “alter ego” of the Higurashi series? Or is it just something else?

  2. No they’re not. It’s completely different stories with no connection besides 2 characters that hadn’t shown up yet and a novel that one of the characters read that sounds similar to higurashi. The connection is kind of similar to that of tsukihime and fate/stay night, really. But this is to be expected, there are made by the same people after all.

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