There IS no End to the Story

I’ve been pondering for the past week and probably even before that on what I was going to write for my first “non-intro” post. And I guess I’ve finally found some sort of inspiration: the final extra episode of Baccano! You’ll have to forgive me, however, because this will be a half rant on how much I love Claire…

Baccano! is one of my favorite series – it’s done in the form of Pulp Fiction. (Which is a great movie by the way, I’d recommend it! Anyone one who flames it while around me shall be shunnnnnneeeddddd) ANYWAYS, Baccano’s original run had 13 episodes, but DVDs released 3 extra episodes. For those who have seen Baccano!, this episode revolves mainly around Claire Stanfield, or aka Vino or Rail Tracer. Claire (as I shall call him) makes it into the TOP TEN on my list of favorite characters.

Ah Claire. He never hesitates to have his funny and scary moments. The funny ones where he becomes Rail Tracer and causes probably, I’d say, 90 percent of the ruckus on the Flying Pussyfoot. And then again, the scary moments where he tortures and kills people like Ladd and Czes without mercy. (Gymnastics Gymnastics. That’s how he does it.) However, Claire is the perfect example of one of the themes that Baccano! constantly goes over: the ambiguity on who is good, and who is bad? (We see this in this last episode, where Nice asks Jacuzzi whether Graham is actually a good or bad man.) Claire kills people, yes, but then again, Ladd was also a killer (and an even more unstable one at that), and Czes wanted Ladd to kill the other people on the train. So… what does this make Claire?

This episode focuses on … I guess I would call it a good and yet “human” side of Claire. He treats Rachel to Uh... no?lunch just to get an idea on how he should propose to Chane, the woman he loves. He cares so much on how he should ask Chane to marry him that he seeks out Rachel first. So Rachel and we, as an audience, get to see how “human” Claire can actually be. (Which reminds me… you can actually SEE Claire blush in this episode. Cute :]) Anyway, if you’ve gotten this far on reading my post, thank you. I’ll get down to the real stuffs. Is this the END of Baccano!?

I would like to say it isn’t and that there’s a second season coming up soon, but I don’t want to give any false hope. Actually, to be honest, even I myself don’t know whether this is the end or not. And why? Here are the reasons.

Why there might not be a second season: The ED of the last episode is a little different from all the ED on all the other episodes. It’s the Pulp Fiction style where everything is mixed up and all over the place. And yet, despite this mess and tangles of problems, it seems to make sense. The end becomes the beginning, and the beginning is… how do I explain, somewhat like the end. We start with our favorite thief couple in the OP, Issac and Miria, and end with them in the ED. (In the last ED, Issac and Miria are seen together.) Likewise, we see Carol and the Vice-Chief in episode 1, and in episode 16.

However, this being said…

Why there COULD be a second season: The Vice-Chief and Carol agree that there is never an end to the story. Why? Because for eternity, the characters of Baccano! will be living and meeting new people. It’s like the Vice-Chief says “This story has no beginning, and it has no end. All there is, is a performance of people connecting, living, influencing each other, and departing. The story cannot have an ending, Carol.” So… there is the possibility… And there are couple of questions left, in my opinion. What happens to Graham? and Ladd? I mean, take a look at Ladd’s face in the last shot of him. Creepy, no? It’s like he’s still got something up his sleeve. (Revenge on Huey?) If it’s so… maybe next time we’ll see Baccano! in the form of an intense episode on Ladd and his revenge…

Well, whatever happens, I know it’ll be as crazy as this season of Baccano! :] And if you’re reading this, thanks for reading all the way. It probably means you’re a crazy Baccano! fan, or you just want to read what kind of blurb I happened to spew out. Any reason, it’ll make me happy! (Of course, if you haven’t seen Baccano! yet, go WATCH it. NOW, instead of staying on this page.)


6 thoughts on “There IS no End to the Story

  1. You know this was one show I was interested in but never got around to watching.

    Judging you from post I would take it that you recommend this series!

  2. Well it didn’t do well ratings wise and had kind of decent DVD sales, so I don’t really think there’s going to be a second season, unfortunately. Not sure if you know this but it’s based on a series of novels, so there would be plenty of material left to adapt.

  3. @ Protodude: hmm ratings wise as in how many have seen it? cause pretty much most that I know who’ve seen it, like it. You could be right, though. And yep, I know there are novels out there, but I haven’t really considered reading them :] Anyways, thanks for your opinion!

  4. i like claire or vino or the rail tracer tooo… he seem very merciless and bloody at first, and a very, very,very skilled assasin…. he also casually chocke to death the boy in the train… i like that he is relax when fighting because he knows that he is the best…. i wanted to know how he was attracted to chane….. awww, they are great as a couple… well, do they get married at the ending?? and how did he proposed to her??

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