Moe Kare

Girl likes guy, girl meets a person who says that he is the guy’s alternate personality. This guy’s a perv. Girl confesses to her guy, they are happy, but then a new transfer student comes to the school, the supposed alternate personality.

When I read the first volume a few months ago, I was immediately hooked. The adorable art, the drama, and the agony of a girl’s first love. Ikeyamada Go wrote an epic story, and I was hooked until the end.

Unfortunately, the end is here, and I can no longer look forward my required dose of OMGs everytime I check for new manga, but the greatness will forever live on in my heart.

The 2 guys look exactly alike besides their eye color, which means a lot of mix ups. Try to guess which guy this one is. ^^

Please please please if you like shoujo manga and love triangles AT ALL, do yourself a favor and go read this series. Seriously, for me, this series beat Fruits basket and Parfait tic in terms of having a pretty guy and a good romance.

The scan was done by shoujo’s world. I didn’t ask their permission since I really wanted to get this post out but hopefully they won’t to burn me to death…


8 thoughts on “Moe Kare

  1. Oh yeah, this one ended recently, didn’t it? I don’t like it more than Furuba, but it was really good (if not a little cliched at some parts). Most of the story was…kind of boring, but it got really good at the end.

  2. I JUST finished this one so I should know who that one is… but it escapes my memory? I’m guessing it’s Arata… Cute ending though! (Then again, I always feel upset at the end of these kinds of mangas cause of the third person who gets left out.. argh, love triangles and all)

  3. @ Fuyumaiden: I personally perfere furuba too, but I think that moe kare’s more romantic.
    @ Hoshi: I think so too! But there was this one story about a girl, a guy, and the guy’s gay best friend canned watashi wa bambi, I think it had a really interesting way to make sure no one got left out.

  4. I just started reading it and so far I really like it ^-^ The characters are very cute looking and its pretty sweet in places.

    I just started one called Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Aerandria are scanlating it.

    The Prince and Princess of warring countries announce to their respective families that they are in love and wish to be together. Of course in actuality they can’t stand one another, but being together stops the war between their countries from continuing.

    He of course is actually in love with her. But since she likes to care for the sick and help people and he is good at fighting she has a low opinion of him. But you know with time, she’s going to find out there is more to him than a warrior…

  5. Sounds very similar to Shinshi Doumei Cross only that they use alternate personalities instead of twins this time. And I got a headache after reading Shinshi Doumei, what messy relationship they have there! >.<

  6. omg! i just finished this manga. i loved it! it was so cool. i was really happy that she ended up with arata cuz takara left her for ami but it wasnt really his fault. aratas so cool. the baby was so cute! I ❤ MOE KARE!

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