InuYasha Chapter 556 – Fate

First off thanks again to the AdInuYasha crew. Urd-chan, Patches, Kojika thank you so much for all the hard work that you do, so us InuYasha fans aren’t lagging so far behind in getting to see these chapters.

(Note I’ll be editing this at some point, I realized the pictures are a bit too small)

So last week we saw Kagome’s family in friends in the modern era by the site of the now disappeared well. This week we start things off in the feudal era as a dejected looking Shippou sits at the site of the missing well.

Sango says that they should change places since it isn’t a good idea for him to sit there for so long and Shippou wonders out aloud as to the fate of InuYasha and Kagome. Miroku agrees and says that he had thought everything would be over with Naraku’s death, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, they appear to have not broken their fate with the jewel.

Kagome is still floating around in the darkness, the shikon no tama is still talking to her, telling her she should go home and that she does not belong in the feudal ear.

InuYasha is still battling youkai and calling out for Kagome and he sees what appears to be Midoriko fighting youkai, the shikon no tama tells him that Kagome will continue Midoriko’s battle within the jewel and then InuYasha sees Naraku.

The jewel tells InuYasha that once Kagome makes her wish upon it. Naraku will reawaken and Kagome and Naraku will continue to fight in the jewel. Just as did Midoriko and the youkai did for centuries it tells him that this is the purpose Kagome was born for.

I love it when InuYasha looks angry! ^-^

And right after this is where my inner fan girl went crazy. I like the action, InuYasha is a shounen title after all, but I was always so happy for whatever romance we got too and there is major fluff right here.

He tells the jewel that it is wrong, Kagome was not born for that purpose; Prepare for your heart to melt girls and guys I guess… Do guys read InuYasha?

Its just so sweet!!

“Kagome was born so that she could meet me. And I, too.. For Kagome’s sake”
Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sorry I just couldn’t contain that, it has to be one of the sweetest things he’s ever said and a major indication of how he feels about her. If it wasn’t already obvious by now and I don’t hate Kikyo but there is no mention of the undead/dead one!!! YAY!!!

Back to Kagome, she realizes that the jewel of four souls did not grant the wishes of Kikyo and Naraku. She remembers her grandfather telling her that with the right wish, the jewel would disappear from the world. It ends as Kagome announces she knows what the right wish is, but worries what will happen to her when she makes the wish (gaaah what is it? I wanna know!) And then she finally hears InuYasha calling her name.

Well it really is starting to wind down I guess and we get some absolutely heartwarming words from InuYasha. Its stuff like this that makes me fall in love with this all over again, it just tugs on all my romantic heart strings. And the best part of course, there’s no Kikyo in sight! ^-^


13 thoughts on “InuYasha Chapter 556 – Fate

  1. on the edge of my seat, dieing to know what happens next… ACK! I hate to see this series coming to an end… must hoard up old copies and reread them all

  2. This arc is really awesome, its making me realize just why I loved this series so much in the first place.

    That bond between Kagome and InuYasha, it drew me in from the start, and its still drawing me in. ^-^

    I can’t wait to find out what the wish is!

  3. I know I know! And maybe sooner than we all think!

    Urd-chan says that there is a rumor that the next two chapters will end it.

    That is unconfirmed though and I for one hope it isn’t true.

    We’ve been on such a long journey to get to this point, I kind of want it to go on longer, I want more fluff!

  4. Ah!! I loved this chapter. For the last…year or so, with few exceptions I’ve been reading InuYasha without any of the excitement I used to have. Kind of just wanted to get through it. But my fangirling returned when InuYasha said, “Kagome was born so she could meet me.” Ah! It’s been so long since we’ve had good Kagome x InuYasha fluff. I’ve missed it!

    I’ve been a Kagome x InuYasha fangirl from the start and I’m really looking forward to more chapters now. Ah! Thank you Rumiko Takahashi for finally reminding me why I fell in love with this anime.

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  6. Well I guess the problem at heart is that InuYasha is a shounen title and really while you get some romance in a shounen title, its really supposed to be about the action.

    I like InuYasha for the romance though XD

  7. OMFG i wana know what happens nex grrr im going to cry bc they love eachother and she has to be one with the jewl ……. NO!!! INUYASHA SAVE HER SAVE YOUR LOVE!!!!!NOW!!! god i cant wate to see this or read it ……. ugggg i cant wate!!!!!
    ❤ love kagome1330<3

    • I know a lot of people were upset about how it dragged out.

      And it did drag for quite a while, but its chapters like this that make it worth it.

      Enjoy the further reading, I think a few places still have it up online since Viz isn’t totally done translating yet.

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