Nabari no Ou 9 [Zensou kyoku]

Are my BL sensors telling me to look at Yoite and Rokujo in a different manner this episode? Especially the scenes and lines from Miharu and Yoite: “I will use the Shinrabanshou and save Yoite” and “I need to hurry and see Miharu”. Even their relationship is stressed in the OP and ED… (I can somehow see the rise of Yoite x Miharu fanfics in the future.) Unfortunately, fangirls, I prefer NOT to see this. (My god, my impression and love for Nabari will be soured.) It somehow just disturbs me. Even though I like BL pairings, I’d rather stay with getting my BL fix from watching Junjou.

I’m not writing an episode summary. Cause if you need an accurate one, run over to Random Curiosity. (Divine always has the most accurate summaries.) What drives me to write this post is the fact that I’m curious about the secrets that the main characters seem to be hiding. I can accept Miharu as different, cause he doesn’t remember any memories from the past. Let’s take a peek at our main crew…


Let me say right off the bat: Kumohira-sensei is my favorite character of this series. Maybe cause of my bias in thinking that he’s hot, but then again, Yoite isn’t that behind on the list either. What draws me most to Kumohira-sensei is not his physical appearance, but his imperfections. It’s his belief in humanity, and his naiveness in thinking that he can protect without killing in the world of Nabari. Last week we got a glimpse of this through Kumohira’s failure in killing Frosty. Because he hesitated last moment in sparing Frosty, he was almost killed.

At times, Kumohira-sensei drives me NUTS. In my opinion, he constantly fails as a leader. He makes a resolve to keep Miharu safe and kill others in order to protect him. But time and time again, we see that whatever he says, he can’t really act on. (Drives me crazy, I really JUST want to grab him and shake him until he comes to his senses.) Because obviously, if he keeps this kind of character, what we see in the ED of Nabari might actually come true. (I’m so praying it doesn’t… but it seems like foreshadowing to me.)

This week introduces more to the supposedly giant secret that Kumohira-sensei is hiding. I haven’t really pieced together what has happened in the past, but what I’m getting from both the manga and anime is the possibility that Kumohira knew and killed Miharu’s parents. Maybe this is the reason why he’s become such a naive little failure. Maybe because he’s killed someone close to him before, he doesn’t want to see anyone die anymore? I can’t be sure, I suck at predicting. However, what we also have figured out from this episode is the fact that he had something to do with the revival of the Shinrabanshou. What everyone else has forgotten, only he remembers. Hopefully, the answer will be clear soon.

Shimizu Raimei

I don’t have much to say about Raimei, because we’ve seen what she’s after: revenge on Raikou. Apparently, Raikou killed everyone in the Shimizu clan except for her, and joined Kairoushuu. The reason is not clear yet, but that will come soon. This episode and the next have been somewhat wrapped around her and Raikou. However, I am somewhat curious on what her relationship is with Raikou. We know Raimei is the Black Gamon, and Raikou is the White Gamon, but they probably have a closer relationship than that. We’ll see next week?

Kouichi Aizawa

Ah, Kouichi… Kouichi is such a mysterious character. We have another Sojiro Seta (Rurouni Kenshin), is what I keep thinking. Aizawa is that type of character: the type that keeps smiling and provides a happy facade but is actually not as innocent as you think. What is the secret Aizawa hides? According to what I’ve heard, Aizawa is not human and in fact, MUCH older than the rest of the crew. Should this be accurate, I’m not sure, but Aizawa DOES seem more of a leader-like figure. In fact, I constantly think Aizawa is taking care of Kumohira-sensei more than Kumohira realizes; the fact remains that Aizawa did kill Frosty in Kumohira’s place. And sometimes I wonder whether Aizawa is holding back his true power. In scenes like the one on the left, I keep thinking that Aizawa is looking down on Kumohira and his beliefs…

Other Thoughts

What surprised me the most in this episode were its last few minutes. This is the first time in Nabari that we actually see Miharu raise his voice and get angry. He gets angry at Kumohira-sensei, and for good reason. I think maybe Miharu is tired of the way Kumohira constantly acts and hides things from everyone else. Or perhaps he’s tired of feeling all the emotions that he has felt. In trying to show the indifferent side to others, he ends up feeling emotions (like sadness for Yoite) that he’s been trying so hard to not feel or show.

And on a completely different note, although we knew it was coming… Yoite’s death seems to be inevitable. Apparently, Yoite will die in a couple of months, and of course, I bet a ton of girls besides me will be sad if, or when Yoite dies. But what is even worse is that no one in the Kairoushuu other than Yukimi seems to feel for Yoite. The leader dude doesn’t show any regard towards Yoite except as a method to attain the other scrolls. The only other person who seems to feel anything for Yoite is Miharu, who says that Yoite has the same “eyes of despair” that he has.

Well, that wraps up my thoughts on this episode of Nabari! I’m going to be emo and leave you with a screenshot of Yoite. (It makes me sad)


9 thoughts on “Nabari no Ou 9 [Zensou kyoku]

  1. Awesome post Hoshi and YAY for Nabari. I need to catch up this and Junjoh I’ve actually been slacking on shows this week, but to be fair I’ve been resting up and so haven’t been near my computer too much.

    I’m fickle, Kumohira, or smexy sensei as I refer to him is my favorite too.

    (My fave Junjou characters are Nowaki and Hiroki how about you?)

    I’m pretty sure I know what Raimei’s relationship to Raikou is but I won’t spoil it for you ^-^

    Dammit I need to catch up on this…

  2. “I can somehow see the rise of Yoite x Miharu fanfics in the future.”
    Oh please, those fanfics have been flying around for AGES already. I’m sticking with the manga for this series (the color scheme dosen’t click with me, and the backgrounds definitely don’t. Remember, I’m nickpicky about art), but I Definitely look forward to more posts like this.

  3. Oh, and also, I love Miharu when he goes into evil mode, but his angry mode’s interesting as well. The above post was actually me, except I accidently clicked submit without looking to see if I was logged in or not. Heh heh..==ll

  4. @Sakura: Thanks!! Uh oh. Resting up? I hope you’re not feeling bad or anything… yes for more Kumohira fans! (and my fav pair is the Junjou Romantica pair, Misaki and Usagi… but the Junjou Egoist pair is cute too! Definitely waiting to see the Junjou Terrorist pair too, but I don’t think they’ll change my love for the Misaki x Usagi pairing)

    uh oh. What does your hubby think of this? >< haha. and I always thought Raikou and Raimei were brother and sister, but I’m not so sure anymore?

    @Choux: Thanks for your comment!! And I’m so oblivious then, had no idea they had already started on those kind of fanfics.. (nooooo. i don’t want to see a Yoite x Miharu.) And the manga is definitely good too! I’m just in love with the anime so much more cause both the OP and ED draw me in…

    Hmmm. Why are there later chapters that have been subbed, and earlier ones that haven’t? I just read one chapter that was like, vol. 8 or something and I had no clue what was going on. UNFORTUNATELY, since it’s my own fault, I read a spoiler… well, we’ll wait and see if that actually happens in the anime

  5. @Hoshi, I’m on medication that can cause my blood sugar to drop if I’m not careful. Hubby-sama had me up late watching movies and then I was up late watching game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals.
    Couple that with not eating my mid-morning or afternoon snacks when I should have and well it took me four days to get my blood sugar back up to within normal range.
    But its seems like its finally stabilized the last few days so YAY! I basically just get headaches and get dizzy when its low, and I feel very lethargic and I have no appetite, which is bad because I need to eat to raise it. When I feel bad I monitor it very closely so I never get close to the point where I might pass out.
    So really I haven’t felt too bad, just really out of sorts.

    Ahh Misaki and Usagi are cute too!! And I am looking forward to Junjou Terrorist because Kazuhiko Inoue (Kakashi-sensei from Naruto) is the seiyuu for Miyagi ^-^ Hmmmm Kakashi-sensei really is a pervert I guess.

    LOL Imouto brought over Sensitive Pornograph a while back and Hubby-sama took one step in the room turned around and left. Of course he was still scarred from the time she brought over Bokuna no sexual harrassment. To be honest that one scarred me too, I can never look at corn the same way again *cries* Imouto is way more hardcore into yaoi than I am.
    I like the romance the most, the sexual orientation of the couple doesn’t matter as long as they are cute. So I liked Only the Ring Finger knows and Our Kingdom was pretty cute.
    Imouto is the one into the hardcore sweaty man smex. I’m actually supposed to be painting her a tray based on the Viewfinder series by Yamane Amano, but I just can’t seem to find the spark that will inspire me to do it.
    Hubby-sama is pretty cool about it, I’m actually very proud of him for reading through the little backstory of Dr Umeda from Hana-Kimi. That was one hot kiss in the rain ^-^ He’s pretty open minded its just not his thing of course.

    But I do agree with your view unless of course Yoite and Miharu turn out to be a canon pair. If the pair are written as a gay couple in the manga itself I have no problem with it. But if they aren’t I have a hard time reading a gay couple pairing in fanfics when the characters were obviously heterosexual in the manga or anime.
    Like the thought of Naruto and Gaara is just ICK! I mean its pretty obvious at least that Naruto isn’t gay he likes Sakura-chan for crying out loud. Gaara? Who the hell knows ^-^

  6. You are reading to many dirty fanfics, lol. I have read three YoiteXMiharu fanfics so far and I don’t think they even kiss in any of them…it’s just cute.

  7. @ Dana: Lol, are you talking to me? Hmmm, I don’t really read fanfics. If anything’s dirty, it’s probably from some of the manga I read. And it may be cute for you, but for me and Sakura it’s just a little weird and awkward seeing them together. Then again, what Sakura says is possible: maybe if they were paired together in the manga, it’d be easier to see them together in fanfics and anime.

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