Naruto Chapter 403 – Tears (Or Sasuke-bakas lost his mind)

Its that blond haired kid, if only I could remember his name…

OMG OMG OMG! That blond haired kid is in this chapter, if you all remember Itachi spoke with this guy before his fight with Sasuke-baka and apparently, there was more to that chat than we saw earlier.

Itachi asks the blond kid (I still can’t remember his name ;P) why he is so concerned with his brother since Sasuke-baka is a missing nin. The blond haired kid says it is because he thinks of him as a brother, even more than Itachi himself does.

The blond kid rushes at Itachi who sends a legion of crows towards him, telling the blond kid that he is already in his illusion. He asks the blonde kid what he would do if Sasuke-baka doesn’t want to return with him. The blond kid says he’ll bring him back by force if necessary, to which Itachi replies that it would be fine if he came quietly, but what would he do if Sasuke-baka attacked Konoha.

I GOT IT! I remembered his name, actually, I just can’t be bothered to type that blond kid for the rest of this post! I will however continue to refer to Sasuke as Sasuke-baka because he deserves the title. I should be calling Itachi, Itachi-sama because right now he seems far more deserving of respect than his little puke of a brother.

Naruto says that Sasuke-baka would never do that, but Itachi says that Sasuke-baka is still pure and so could easily be colored by anything. Pfffffft whatever, he spent how many years in Sound with that pedophile Orochimaru, I highly doubt the dude is still pure. Run Sai-kun, run, he’ll be after your pretty abs! Oh wait I don’t think that was the kind of purity Itachi was talking about.

Itachi asks if Naruto will be able to stop Sasuke-baka, if he could weigh his brother’s life against Konoha. In typical Naruto fashion, he replies that he’d be able to do both so Itachi calls him a child, who talks nothing of dreams when a ninja must make painful choices.

This makes Naruto flash back to his conversation with Jiraiya after the Sasuke-baka retrieval arc to when Jiraiya had tried to get him to give up on going after Sasuke-baka.
Naruto says there is no choice, he won’t bend his words, that’s what being a ninja means to him. Itachi smiles and a crow flies into Naruto’s mouth and is swallowed by him.

Itachi tells Naruto he has given him some of his power and that he hopes the day never comes when he might have to use it. Naruto asks why he is doing this, because isn’t he after him? But Itachi replies he has something more important to do.

Sasuke, you wish you were this pretty!

The scene changes to Sasuke-baka sitting on some large bones; Madara is asking what he is doing since everything has long since been ready. Sasuke-baka tells Madara that the moon reminds him of that night and of memories, he had tried to forget. He remembers memories of Itachi that he had locked away in his heart. We see that after Itachi told him to cling to life Sasuke-baka had actually run after his older brother and thrown some kunai at him actually managing to knock off Itachi’s forehead protector.
Sasuke-baka remembers that Itachi was crying when he turned around he had thought he’d been seeing things and couldn’t figure it out, but now knows Madara was telling the truth.

Flashing back to Naruto he is wondering what Sasuke-baka is doing and if he is okay, he wonders what Itachi wanted to tell him.

Back to Sasuke-baka, Madara is asking him if he will transplant his eyes. Sasuke-baka tells him no and that what Itachi wanted to see and what he will see are vastly different. He knows his thoughts, his wishes and he will follow his own path; Sasuke-baka says he can’t do what Itachi wanted, he will revive the Uchiha in his own way.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Okay up until now even with all the emo-crap, I had been giving Sasuke-baka the benefit of the doubt and hoping once he’d had his big cathartic battle with Itachi, he’d return home.

I guess I just totally don’t understand his reasoning at all, so he finally realizes Madara spoke the truth and Itachi wasn’t the big nasty, evil bad guy everyone thought he was. That he did everything he did so the Uchiha’s could be reborn through Sasuke who would be viewed as hero, so the clan wouldn’t be distrusted the way they were in the past.

So why, if he understands why Itachi did everything he did, why is he throwing away everything his brother ever did for him?

I guess that maybe the only thing I can figure is he is doing it is to redeem Itachi’s reputation. Maybe he doesn’t want the revival of the clan and the title of hero at the price of Itachi being seen as a criminal, when he was actually a hero to Konoha so he figures that by attacking Konoha he can make it known what Danzou did.

But does he really have to attack Konoha to do that? Should the entire village be blamed for the past actions of Danzou and the council leaders?

So now, we really know why Itachi was weakened in his fight with Sasuke-baka. It was because he had given away some of his power to Naruto, but what is this power?

Hopefully it’s the power to kick Sasuke-bakas ass from Konoha to the next hidden village. I am currently bitterly, bitterly disappointed in Sasuke’s character right now.

Is Kishimoto just building him up to be even nastier just so that his redemption is even sweeter when it comes? I don’t know and right now, I don’t care, I just want to see someone, namely Naruto knock sense into that dense Uchiha skull of his.

Images were obtained by scans from SleepyFans.


6 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 403 – Tears (Or Sasuke-bakas lost his mind)

  1. I agree with that disappointment in Sasuke’s character. And that is a PRETTY shot of Itachi. Since I’m a sucker for Itachi, seeing him cry made me kind of saddddd.

  2. Hey Hoshi! 😀

    Awww I know of a couple of fanfics involving Itachi where the writing just makes him uber smexy. I’ll email the links to you.

    Since Kishimoto has always said Sasuke in his favorite and I feel somewhat that Naruto is following a Hero’s journey. I think there is a chance for Sasuke’s redemption. He’s like Vader and Naruto is Luke, except he’s not Naruto’s father but his brother.

    Or it could just be that he’s a big fat baka who needs to get slapped around. See I think that Naruto should kick his ass, then they can strap Sasuke-baka to a chair and let Sakura slap him around with charkra infused hands.

    Because its only going to take her five seconds to beat that worthless idiot Karin and Sakura will have plenty of chakra left.

    Actually I expect the big fight is going to be between Team Kakashi and Team Washi. So I figure Sakura is going to get matched up against Karin. And considering Sakura’s growth I’ll be really disappointed if she gets whooped by Karin.

    But we really don’t know the extend of Karin’s abilities other than being able to sense chakra. Although they did make some allusion to another power she might have, and that she did something to Sasuke. I forget which chapter it was, but it was a little throw away comment by Suigetsu I think.

    I almost wonder if Sasuke-baka has been so cold to his old team in part, because maybe somehow Karin is supressing his feelings in regards to them or something like that.

    But anyhoo, I think considering that Sakura took out an Sasori even though she was fighting with Chiyo, that she should have no problem taking out Karin.

    In fact I hope Karin gets punk’d and gets taken out by like a single poison senbon to the neck or something.

    (Yes Naruto fans feel the Karin hate flow nyah!)

  3. Lol, “Naruto… I am your FATHER”. God, that would just crack me up. :]
    Hmmm. Sakura should have no trouble. I’m SO happy that she’s gotten more powerful than the old Sakura we’ve seen in the beginnings of the whole series. And yes, you’ll probably have to send me those fanfic links sometime…

  4. I like Sakura’s character a lot more now and actually that is really why I hate Karin so damned much.

    Not because I’m worried she’ll end up with Sasuke-baka. Because lets face it if he keeps carrying on the way he does he really isn’t going to deserve her.

    Some would say he already doesn’t and it will serve him right if Naruto gets her and they have lots of little Uzamaki babies and Sasuke gets Karin and it turns out she’s barren, so no Uchiha revival for you mister!

    I hate Karin because her character just reminds me of fangirl Sakura and I hated fangirl Sakura. I like her much better now she’s matured and can kick ass!

  5. Honestly, if you will look at their features, Sasuke is really appealing compared to Naruto but the determination and naughtiness and the unusual character of Naruto makes him attractive.

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