Air gear: the required training arc.

Isn\'t Lind cute?

Many people know of Oh great and his works (the most famous are Air gear and Tenjo Tenge, ever heard of them?), sadly, the anime adaption of his latest work, Air gear, was a complete fail. Luckily the manga can help us get over that, chock full of drama and girls. Seriously, this series if full of fanservice, one of the characters was even talking about how to see things in the perverted way when there are no girls around to stare at. However, Air gear didn’t reach its godly status with fanservice alone, the story is amazingly well written (and also there’s a really adorable little boy with multiple personalities in there for the fangirls.) If you never read this before, go read it now, if you haven’t read to the latest chapter yet, let my post spoil you on what’s going to happen.

Since the match with Kururu’s father, things have been at a standstill, and the obligatory training arc has begun! Since we just saw Ikki getting a breakthrough, it is now Akito/Agito’s turn.

Our heroes are training in the mountains, and since it’s scorching hot, the author gets a chance to put in some fanservice. We are introduced to a mysterious boy who can jump several floors into the air from in water. And he is very tanned. He also has the strangest name that Oh great ever came up with, Vercingtroix.

Oh, and he’s also a king and his nickname is orca.

Nakayama (you know, that other girl in the track team with 2 pigtails that almost never got mentioned?) well, she has a crush on Akito/Agito (ah, the shouta-con population is growing), but she’s really insecure. Agito is practicing his fangs, but he’s really weak without his regalia. With her best frien’d advice, Nakayama kidnaps Agito and rows them into the middle of a nearby lake for a little romantic conversation. Later, as a storm blows up, Akito keeps practicing. It was then that Orca (I’m just gonna call him orca, his real name’s too long) came and blew up his practice post.

A guy with an ugly haircut comes and gets Orca, and they talk in English, not knowing Agito’s fluent. After making fun of the guy’s hair, the guy uses his air gear to blow a few hundred holes around Agito, scaring him stiff. (Usually the opposite happens, so this is quite shocking to Agito). Of course, he’s not going to lose that easily, so he goes off after them, chasing their van. When I say he, I mean Akito/Agito, WITHOUT THE EYEPATCH. Yes, Akito’s lending Agito a hand! While I do miss the eyepatch, he does look good. He defeats the ugly hair guy quite easily.

Meanwhile, Simca is getting sexually harassed and prays for Ikki’s safety.

Now the ugly guy isn’t happy that he got caught, but orca, wanting to fight Akito/Agito, makes him explode. They start fighting, and Orca sees Nakayama. Of course, he makes her faint, puts a bubble of water on her head, and threatens to blow it up. Now, Akito/Agito’s exhausted at this point and starts to lost until…

His third and greatest and strongest personality, Lind, takes over. Lind easily slits Orca’s throat (not enough to kill him though) and saves the girl. He is also more mature, talking about how Akito/Agito are babies for not realising the girl’s feelings. Orca refuses to die easily and pushes them both into the lake, where he has the advantage. He increases the water pressure and forces the air out of Lind’s lungs. He may be strong, but he still has the body of a shouts, so he loses all his air until Nakayama kisses him and gives him her air.

This is quite nsfw, so I put it in thumbnail form, it’s a cute kiss though.

Then orca attacks her, but Lind acts as if he dosen’t care. Just as orca was about to be defeated, Agito fights his way through his mind and takes over. He tells Lind that he can’t just use his body like that. Lind smiles, saying that he’s a troublesome little brother. Orca (who was born artificially and strong from birth), thanked him for being strong.

And then he unleashes his ultimate attack and makes the lake drain. Oh and just before this they were floating in midair.

Now, the girl is saved, but she needs some mouth to mouth. Now as Akito is quite a tsundere, he does it through a tube. Ikki messes up their little romantics scene after the girl wakes up, and Akito asks Ikki to defeat him if Lind ever wins again.

Someone suspicious looking saves orca and steals the flame regalia, giving both to orca’s genesis friends.

I’m out of time, but I’ll do Kazu’s arc soon. The scans are done by sora scans. A great big thank you to them!


10 thoughts on “Air gear: the required training arc.

  1. I’ve been wanting to catch up with Air Gear for some time now! I went to Kino the other day and when I saw the cover for vol 20, I thought, Oh my! What nice art!
    So, thanks for reinforcing my determination to read this series! XD

  2. Hubby-sama has been collecting this as it comes out over here. I read the first one but was really put off by the firecrackers up the butt…

    I did however like the art. It was the same with Tenjo Tenge I followed it for a while because the art is killer. But the story just got more and more twisted and it just seemed at times like it was just mindless violence, in the end I stopped caring about it. I probably haven’t followed that manga in over two years now.

    If you think this one is worth reading though I may give it another go.

  3. Too bad I don’t read Air Gear, and I haven’t watched the anime. HOWEVER, I had no idea that the same mangaka did Tenjou Tenge… I like the art, but I’d have to agree with Sakura, it’s seems like violence. At times it’s been hard for me to get through…

    I think I might try Air Gear. :] We’ll see, though.

  4. Er.. a little embarassed to ask this, but on the note of Akito/Agito being awesome, does anyone know of any IkkiXAkito dojins?
    *runs away embarassedly*

  5. …This IS about lind. If you’re talking about a separate series or a spinoff, then there aren’t any that I know of, but please tell me about them if you ever find one~

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