Mirai Nikki: For Fall Season?

Ah, Mirai Nikki. You hold perhaps, the winning title on my list of manga for now… Not because of Yuuki’s ability to escape death all the time, or the intense action scenes of violence, or the feeling of wanting to read and re-read forever and ever (though not to say these DON’T factor in), but because of Yuno’s character.

Admit it, fans. We all know that Gasai Yuno has to be the greatest character in this manga, and without her, the whole plot and story and character development would fall to pieces. (Which is probably a gross exaggeration, but then again, just think about it.) Anyways, whether or not you think the best or the worst of her, she’s definitely added to the horror and suspense in the manga.

Numbering the main reasons why I think Mirai Nikki is a good read (not in any particular order, and because I’m keeping this short):

  1. Girls with a yandere personality are just so unpredictable. Yeah, I’m talking about characters like Katsura Kotonoha, who’s actions shocked some viewers at the end of School Days. (People are still talking about it…) Anyways, the type that will keep you on your feet. This character almost ALWAYS keeps me intrigued in mangas that have them, wondering what they could do next. For me, Yuno’s personality is simply perfect for securing Yuuki’s success in the survival game (that is, if he decides to keep her). [On a completely different side note: Has anyone actually SEEN any cases of the yandere personality? Then again, if you have, don’t do anything to anger them. Running will NOT help…]
  2. Mirai Nikki makes you THINK. About every holder’s diary, what he or she can see about the future, and how this future will affect another diary holder’s future. And then adding on to this, what every diary holder can DO to change the future, and how they change it, and how this new future could affect the other diary holder’s futures. See what I mean? Requires intense brain power. (Or then again, you could just forget about thinking and just go with the flow of the manga…) Adding on, it makes you wonder: who are your friends, and who are your enemies? Who can you trust? In the end, nobody in a survival game wants to die. Think of it as a challenge.
  3. Violence. It adds to the intensity of the manga. If you like violence, read. If you don’t, well, all I can say that it’s in good reason: to live in the survival game.
  4. When I can’t think of what else might entice you to read this manga, I lean on statistics. Read THIS PAGE from ANN. It’ll give you user ratings and of course, a plot summary. (Discard the number of user ratings…)

Finally, this video gave me an incentive to post this little blurb. Is there an anime coming out? Hope for it, cause I haven’t heard any info about it yet. (only a tiny rumor that Bee Train might take it up…) Don’t see it as a DEAD END, just yet.


11 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki: For Fall Season?

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  2. I´ve also heard that rumor which says Bee Train will animate Mirai Nikki. I seriously hope it isn´t true, because I can´t stand them. Thought about them ruining my favourite manga is so horrible I don´t even want to think that it might be possible.

    And btw. I think that video is fanmade.

  3. @Sakura: It’s alright. 😛 You don’t have to now, but it’s a good series anyway!

    @myu: yeah.. i was thinking that vid might be fanmade too. T_____T which seriously sucks, cause i want it to be animated. such a good series!! 😛 just hope it isn’t bee train animating it then

  4. that video is fanmade sorry to burst your bubble, i read about it somewhere but i have no doubt that this amazing manga will be announced for the fall/winter season

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