Gintama 109: Life is a test

My first post. A rather late initiation I guess, but better late than never right?

I am the Dragon team leader! 

This episode made me laughed till my sides ached; only in Gintama are you able to find a Jackie Chan parody.

Yamazaki is on a espionage mission: To infiltrate the Joi faction and spy on its leader, Katsura. Before he can be admitted into the Joi faction though, he has to undergo a series of ‘tests’ which consists of questions like ‘How many noses does Jackie (Chan) have?’ Will Yamazaki prevail and get into the Joi faction? 

Strangely for such a funny series, Gintama is rather unpopular, at least outside Japan anyway. Is it because the puns and gags in Gintama only appeal to a certain sort of people? Or do most people find the humor in Gintama too crude, since anal jokes (check pic out) are quite a norm here. 

One of the reasons why I love Gintama so much is that even without the main characters, an episode can still be so enjoyable. That’s not to say that the leads are disposable, but simply that the side characters are well developed enough for the audience to form a rapport with them such that even a minor character like Yamazaki can pass off with an episode featuring him.



3 thoughts on “Gintama 109: Life is a test

  1. So what is this show about exactly?

    I love Jackie Chan and the butt shot made me laugh so damned hard.

    Congrats on your first post, I enjoyed it ^-^

  2. Woot! It’s Gintama!! I think people might not understand some of the puns and gags in Gintama, which is why it’s a little unpopular. Plus, the fansubs are a little slow on getting it out… Haha, the butt shot!!

  3. @Sakura
    It’s set in Edo times, but aliens have invaded the world, so don’t be surprised to see robots or people dressed in the traditional garb driving cars. Haha, it’s damn hard trying to describe what Gintama is about! How about: “The adventures of Gintoki (lead) and his crew (Kagura and Shinpachi)”? LOL
    Anyway, Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi form a Yorozuya, which means they do odd jobs for people who can pay them, thus hilarity ensues when the three of them get into all sorts of trouble. Haha, sorry this is the best I can do. You have to go watch it yourself! It’s so funny!

    Isn’t the butt shot classic?? XDDDD
    Thank you! ❤

    Yeah, you might be right… Sometimes even I am too lazy to read the notes which come with the puns. I know! But Rumbel-subs are trying to catch up now I guess. Still, thank goodness for chinese subs!

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