Out with the old, In with the new

I don’t know who vectored this but he or she is amazing. Anyway, I’m putting this here in hopes of getting more people to read this post.

Well, I planned to post this quite a while ago, but couldn’t because of a lack of internet connection. As you can probably tell, this post is mainly a mass of little tidbits of information.

1. 1. I’m finished with Umineko, but since I’m received no information about people wanting me to continue writing about it, I’m not going to.

2. 2.  I’m starting a new game, Harukaniaogi Uruwashino. At least, I THINK that’s the name. (playing it in Chinese, can’t really tell.) Here’s a link to a preview, here’s the link to the op.

3. 3.  I recently bought an art book by mikeou (Kirakira reki, Miekou artworks), one of my favorite artists. In fact, she beat Misato Mitsumi as my favorite artist for the time being.

4. 4.  I watched Code geass and it is still as good as one can expect. I just have one thing to say: your knight with shiny hair and a giant sword just came running in, why are you just standing there? Run to him! Ah, run! Run! …too late.

5. 5.  Inuyasha is about to be over, and shinshi doumei cross is already over.

6. 6.  Because of that, Gakuen alice had risen to be my favorite shoujo manga.

7. 7.  Rozen maiden’s back! And so is the amazing character that people call Shinku.

8. 8.  After reading 44 chapters in 1 setting, soul eater beat 666satan to become my favorite monthly shounen series.

9. 9.  Long haired Haruhi. (You’ve probably heard this already, so I don’t have to say anymore)

1010. After listening to the macross frontier and inuyasha osts, I’m going to write something on the influence of music.

1111.The R-R’s new topic is out, however, I’ve decided to not participate this time. This time, the topic is about sterotypes and otakus.


2 thoughts on “Out with the old, In with the new

  1. Oh I LOVE the InuYasha OST’s. Particularly any themes involving Kagome and InuYasha ^-^

    Actually I have a few OST’s. My faves would have to be InuYasha (Kaoru Wada always composes amazing pieces), Trinity Blood and Ghost Hunt.

    Sigh and not only is InuYasha ending, but apparently Koukou Debut will end in Japan in July.

    Ahh thank kami-sama for the fact Sugar Princess is on my order list. Although it seems like it is coming out painfully slow… I guess I’ll just have to catch up on my InuYasha and Ghost Hunt collection. I’m a little behind on those.

  2. Oh my god. 666Satan ended HORRIBLY in my opinion. I felt like it was a rushed ending. ooo, but the Macross Frontier OST. Great, no?

    And thank God for the stereotype and otaku RR topic. Expect one soon, I’m definitely in!

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