Toshokan Sensou 10

More Kasahara and Doujou development. With only 3 more episodes to go, I wonder how they would end this. Personally, I feel that Toshokan has been lacking a central point. There was no real focus and episodes were divided between establishing the premise and building up DoujouxKasahara and this weakens the overall plot structure of the series. I wish they hadn’t ‘wasted’ the past 2-3 episodes on the fiasco with Tezuka’s brother. Tezuka, I feel, is a rather flat character and though they’ve been trying to flesh him out, I can’t say I feel any urgency to get to know him better.

Anyway, in this episode, we get to see the increasing affections Shibasaki has for Tezuka. Quite expected I guess, for the supporting characters to end up together. But with Tezuka being so dense… I wonder how Shibasaki is going to handle him. 

The Special Task Force Team has been sent to protect a piece of artwork in a town near Kasahara’s hometown. Apparently in this regional library, the female defense force team members are looked down upon and of course, Kasahara is targeted as a result.

Packing the episode with resolutions, presumably to save space for the upcoming finale, Kasahara fixed her family problem, helped the girls in the defense team get some respect and Kasahara being Kasahara, she had to cry a little here and there, receive a little encouragement from Doujou, TA DA! Kasahara Power-up!


5 thoughts on “Toshokan Sensou 10

  1. Why are the females ALWAYS looked down upon? Hasn’t Kasahara proved herself enough? (she cries a lot though…)

    I’ll have to watch this ep. And it’s nice to know Shibasaki has feelings for Tezuka, wasn’t sure before but I thought I was seeing hints of it here and there in the previous episodes…

  2. @ Hoshi
    Ah, sorry for not making myself clear. The female defense members are looked down upon by the FEMALE operations members, so it’s not a gender problem.

  3. I always found the central focus to be Doujou and Iku’s relationship, every situation and arc the plot goes into always leads back to these two getting closer and closer and then… ??? Waiting for the remaining episodes to find out 😛

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