Air gear: Kazu’s training arc and others

Well, this posts’s really short.

Kazu, because Oh great want to make the fangirls happy.

KAzu’s depressed that the regalia got stolen. He gets invited into a nightclub of sorts where there’s cage fighting. A person with a mask, the club’s mascot of sorts called loki, challenges him to a duel and will tell him who took the flame regalia if Kazu wins. Loki’s actually Ikki.

They fight and have a little flashback about how they push each other to do better. Ikki atarts to win, but Kazu learns TIME. (Remember? That signature move of the dead gay guy and Spit fire? Sorry about the guy, but I can’t remember his name.) But Ikki counters with Sora’s move (a giant tornado) and reveals his true identity. Of course, them both being stupid men (I call them stupid because they are completely oblivious to the feelings of the girls around them), they fight it out and has a great time.

Ikki wins.

Now that little arc is over, we see what Sora’s doing. Remember he took Heko to be his tuner. She isn’t treated so well, but we still wee her smile. At the end of it, however, we can see that she’s just about broken.

Meanwhile, Ringo’s back! And she still dosen’t like it when Kanon kisse her.

Near the end, John Omaha shows up. He’s a candidate for the next president of the U.S.A.


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