Sky girls and Sola

Yesterday, I saw the sky girls OVA and 3 episodes of sola. Why? because the music’s good and I like the character designs. Well, to be more specific, Sky girls had really cute looking characters, great music, and excellent animation. The story isn’t the greatest, but I can see a lot of potential. However, I’m not planning to watch the full series, because the characters look too good. Hoe does that work? Well, I got this irresistible urge just to pause it and draw the characters every 30 seconds, and I don’t think I have the time to go through a full series like this. It was only an half hour OVA, but it was a nice little treat.

Meanwhile, I heard of Sola because Naru Nanao did the character designs and I love Naru Nanao. However, this wasn’t done as well as Ef~ a tale of memories and the characters don’t look that hot. However, in every episode there was at least 1 really good shot. The animation’s nothing to write home about, but the opening was done really well and the music’s beautiful. I’ve heard some good things about the plot and will continue to watch this.

One of the really good shots

4 thoughts on “Sky girls and Sola

  1. ^_^! I want to see these drawings.

    If you don’t want to watch all of Sky Girls, skip ahead some episodes until you meet Elise. Draw her, too. 😛

    I also recommend the Strike Witches OVA. It has a similar feel to Sky Girls and is also full of interesting music and artwork.

    The Sky Girls OST is definitely one of my favorites.

    You should enjoy sola, too.

  2. You’ve reminded me: I was planning to pick Sky Girls up again and try marathoning my way through to the end from where I dropped it. I guess if I could draw I might have your problem, though. For once I’m thankful that I have all the artistic skill and delicacy of a five-year-old, but without youth as an excuse.

  3. The art isn’t that great in my opinion (especially the half face)

    I don’t have the urge to pause just to draw >.> Maybe once.. but it was hina ichigo from Rozen Maiden

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