Sola Review: Let me see the sky

When I first heard of Sola, it was on a small panel in Newtype. I saw Naru Nanao and Naoki Hisaya’s name, and I thought it was a good combination. But, for 1 reason or another, I wasn’t interested enough to watch it then. Months later, I saw the title again on an old to-do list of mine. I decided to start it, and I was blown away.

Sola tells the tale or Yorito, a boy who loves to look at the sky; Matsuri, a mysterious girl he met 1 day; Aono, Yorito’s sister; the Ishizuki sisters, friends of our main characters; and a mysterious man along with his young, doll like companion. It’s drama with just the right amount of funny, calming slice of life, and romance hinted in between.

The art of Sola was pretty well done. The characters looked pleasing to the eye, the lines were solid and the color palette was well chosen. Having a focus on the sky, the backgrounds were really beautiful. The animation was solid and consistent, impressing me with small details like the movement of paper.

One cannot talk about Sola without talking about its music. I’ve heard the works of Elements Garden before in Narcissu, but it was only 1 track. However, he was able to go all out in Sola, creating a simple, elegant, and very beautiful soundtrack that I’m going to be looping for quite a while. In fact, right now, this soundtrack is competing with that of Ef~a tale of memories as my favorite soundtrack of all time. The theme songs by Aira Yuuki are pleasing to listen to and moving.

The story started out quite slow, but it had a special charm that prevented it from being dropped by me (I’m not such a big fan of slice of life), and later turns into an all out drama. There was angst and misunderstandings, enough to get you to start chewing your nails. And of course, this being created by the writer of Kanon, it will make you cry. The ending wasn’t as dramatic as I would have liked, but the bittersweetness of it is bound to stick in your mind.

Hopefully I have given enough reasons for you to start watching this show, which is definitely a gem. I’m finishing the post with this:


5 thoughts on “Sola Review: Let me see the sky

  1. Sola Sola Sola… I haven’t really seen this one, but I’ve heard things about the ending. 😛 But I’ll definitely put it in the list of have to see anime in the future

  2. I love Sola’s opening song mellow melody.

    Try to listen using a headphone/headset and you can hear the music changing from one side to the other… very very nice XD!

    Nice drawing.. I can’t draw that well

  3. Funny you mentioned ef in comparison with sola for their music. Sola was a decent enough watch for me, though personally I found that the music and the sky shots in ef outclassed sola’s in the end (bt that could just be my SHAFT bias :P)

  4. Issa-sa: Actually, Ef won out. Tenmon’s violin pieces are just too good. I was kinda of swimming in the aftermath of excitement when I wrote that. But I have to say that the slice of life pieces in Sola was better than those in Ef.

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