InuYasha Chapter 558 – Tomorrow (Its the last ever InuYasha!)

Ahh the final chapter of InuYasha is finally upon us and so we finally get to find out the answer to that burning question, do Kagome and InuYasha get to be together?

Isn’t the hentai houshi’s brood cute?

The chapter starts with Rin trying to hurry Kaede along as she stresses that “it’ll be born soon.” Kaede asks where the father is, to which Rin replies that he is working and Kaede says that it is already his third and looks sad as she remembers that it has been three years…

Miroku it appears is banishing an evil spirit or demon, charging one bundle of rice for one ofuda, his customers remark that the price seems a bit steep and that there are three of them. Miroku places the ofuda saying “InuYasha, here it comes.” and a demon/spirit rushes out and is dispatched by InuYasha with Tessaiga.

InuYasha tells Miroku he is a greedy bastard for charging a bundle of rice for one ofuda. Miroku just replies that you take what you can get, and he does have his expenses after all. That has InuYasha remarking that it should be time for Miroku’s child to be born.

We go back to Kaede who is telling Sango she did well and had a healthy baby boy. She is lying on a futon just as Miroku arrives and tells him to come hold his son and their two twin daughters also lay with her. They muse about what must have happened to Kagome.

They relate how three years back, the bone-eaters well re-appeared in a pillar of light 3 days after they had defeated Naraku and InuYasha had returned alone…

InuYasha doesn’t say much about it, although he says that Kagome was safe. Miroku wonders if she returned to the other world InuYasha spoke of. Sango says that he did say once that there were other people who need and love Kagome and she wonders if InuYasha is lonely.

The scene shifts to the modern era and it appears to be Kagome’s high school graduation day. Her family are there and her friends all talk about what they plan to do with their future. Kagome says, “It has been three years since then.”

She says that three days after the well had disappeared in the modern era, it returned in a pillar of light and she returned with InuYasha. She ran from his arms to hug her mother and her family gathered around her. As she was telling them that InuYasha saved her, she looked back to see that he was disappearing and that since that time, the well hasn’t connected to the past.

Back in the past, InuYasha is talking with Kaede and saying that at that time, he was just relieved to get Kagome home. Kaede says, that he came back by himself and InuYasha says that her family were crying and stuff and that he isn’t the only person Kagome is important to after all, prompting Kaede to ask him when he became so wise.

Shippou appears and we learn he has been away taking the kitsune youjutsu exam. He says that he advanced and that InuYasha has been checking the well every three days. InuYasha kicks Shippou into the distance as Kaede says that InuYasha has amazing tenacity.

She looks sad as she goes on to think that they can’t see each other, as she says that Kagome appeared with the shikon no tama, and disappeared with it as well. Kagome she says came to vanquish the jewel of four souls, and so she no longer has a purpose in their world.

Back in the future, Kagome is standing before the well saying that the reason the well won’t connect is probably because of her feelings. When the well disappeared and she was plunged into darkness, she was sad and scared, and didn’t know she had been in there for three days. She felt terrible that her family had to feel that way too and was happy to return home, so the well closed.

Talking to the well she tells InuYasha that she has thought about him every day since then. She echoes Kaede’s words, saying that the reason the shikon no tama disappeared and the well stopped working, is because what she needed to do was done. She is now stuck in her world forever, a world without InuYasha. She closes her eyes saying, “InuYasha I want to be with you.”

Kagome looks sadly into the well as her mother arrives and hugs her; Kagome realizes she can see the sky in the well. She begins to say something and her mother looks at her and says her name.

Back in the feudal era InuYasha is irritated as Miroku’s twin girls are pulling on his ears. He tells Miroku to do something about it, so Miroku tells them not the ears and Sango apologizes.

InuYasha smells something in the air and puts the twins down telling them to slay Shippou. InuYasha runs off, he can smell Kagome’s scent! Once he gets to the well, he reaches in and pulls Kagome out.

She apologizes and asks if he was waiting, he says her name and pulling her into a hug calls her an idiot and asks what she’s been doing.

I just wanted a little more of this kind of thing, just a little more…

Miroku, Sango, their kids and Shippou arrive to see them hugging. Upon hearing them say her name, Kagome tells them she is back.

In the modern era, Kagome’s brother Souta is walking along with his friends. One of them wants him to introduce him to his hot sister. Souta tells them that she isn’t around and that she got married after graduating high school. He arrives home to help his grandfather up the shrine steps, who it appears is fine apart from his uric acid levels being a little bit high. (hmm wonder if he ever used that excuse for the Kagster)

Back in the feudal era, Kagome is explaining about things in the three years she was absent. She tells us Shippou had been leaving the village frequently to train. We then see a scene of Sango’s brother Kohaku riding Kirara; he is meeting Toutousai who gives him a weapon. We learn that Kohaku is training to be a strong Taijiya, to help people who might get attacked by youkai. Myouga is fine and bouncing about on Toutousai’s shoulder.

Kagome says she has been learning to make medicines and has been helping with purifications under the tutelage of Kaede. Her hair is down and she is wearing a miko outfit and is sitting with InuYasha. Rin has also been leaving with Kaede. InuYasha says that it is practice for living in a human village again, for whatever she chooses.

A shadow falls over InuYasha and Kagome; they look up to see Sesshoumaru flying above them. Jaken riding along on Mokomoko-sama remarks that it is Kagome, who shouts up to Sesshoumaru “Onii-saan!” he does not appear to be amused at the title and Inuyasha says it sounds nasty.

Sesshoumaru’s expression is priceless

Rin is in a hut with Kaede and asks Rin if Sesshoumaru brought her something again, Rin replies that it was a new kimono.

The scene shifts to Kagome riding on InuYasha’s back. She says from now on things will gradually change, she is going to live in the feudal era, along with InuYasha and they will let their days together grow. As she and InuYasha stand side by side over a cliff looking out into the distance, she says that they are bound to tomorrow.

I still can’t really believe its actually over.

Its hard to tell if I’m crying because of my horrible, horrible cold which has been making my eyes water all day or because one of my favorite mangas of all time has finally ended. I know I am filled with a slight sense of disbelief that its over since its been around for so long.

When I first got to this country, I was bored out of my gourd. I had left behind all my friends and family, I couldn’t work until I got a permit. Hubby-sama’s parents often retired early and once he’d gotten a job so would Hubby-sama.

Having lived in a place with mass transportation, I was used to just up and going where I wanted when I wanted. Now I was stuck in a place where in order to get anywhere you needed to drive, which I couldn’t. The only people I knew were my husband’s family, so for the most part that was just his mom and dad except for the holidays. So what was a girl to do?

I spent a lot of time online trying to keep up with friends back home and other friends I had made online. One of these friends got me to check out Adult Swim and in particular InuYasha and from the first episode, I was completely and utterly hooked.

I was for sure no longer bored, and so began my decent into the anime world. I like my action movies, but for as much as I’m a tomboy, I think what really got me into this show was the underlying romance between InuYasha and Kagome. I’m a huge romantic and it’s a testament to Takahashi that she’s created such wonderful characters, that I’ve stuck through with them to the end just in the hopes they’ll end up together.

Maybe its because I know the heartache of separation all too well. The day my husband left me behind in England to head to America to get my immigration paperwork started was horrible. Separations we’d had before we got married and he moved to England had been hard enough, but by that point I’d had a whole year of being with him and I was heartbroken at being apart from him, I could barely sleep and cried for days.
To the point that my boss who everyone deemed scary showed his teddy bear side, and took my tear stricken self to the lunchroom and kindly told me that if I needed to take a few days I could. And make no mistake this man was all about work.

Of course, it was the little cartoon that he’d left in my desk at work without me knowing that had set me off, but they didn’t need to know that.

But I did eventually get my happy ending and I really wanted to see Kagome and InuYasha get theirs ^-^

Its seems funny to say since this series has gone on for so long, that I do feel the ending was a little bit rushed. Maybe its because this series has been stretched out so often with Tessaiga upgrades, that I just wanted this little bit of fluff to be extended for a little bit longer.

But it would have been nice to have seen some of the scenes extended a little and know what happened to some of the other characters, like Kouga for instance. I’m sure he’s just off taking care of the wolf tribe, but a nice little scene of him would have been nice anyways.

Hell, what about Houjou, has he graduated from his all boys school to become a nice well-trained uke? Well lets face it, he’s not going to be the seme!

It was a cute, sweet ending but there are still some loose ends that could have been tied up.

A few people I think were upset, because they were expecting a big kiss between the two or something.

I’m not so upset that we didn’t get to see them, because this way just seems more in keeping with their relationship. I’m just happy knowing that they are going to be together, forever, that like me, they got their happy ending. ^-^

Once again I would like send a word of thanks to Urd-chan, Patches and Kojika, the adinuyasha crew, for allowing me the use of their scans and for working so long and so hard to the end of this wonderful series. Without them we’d be waiting another five years to see those crazy kids get their happy ending. I for one am glad I didn’t have to, my heart is feeling, warm and fuzzy right now.

If you’re a fan of this show you really need to do yourself and favour and read the chapter yourself, my blog post and few scant pics I’ve put up don’t do the sweetness of the InuYasha and Kagome moments justice.


49 thoughts on “InuYasha Chapter 558 – Tomorrow (Its the last ever InuYasha!)

  1. Based on the summary, I’d say it looks a little rushed. I’m sorry that it’s ended, cause I know giant fans like you will be crushed, since you’ve been following it for so long. 😦

    But Sesshie. Oh god, he still looks as handsome as EVER. :] And Houjou becoming uke?! Or are you just saying that.. 😛

  2. WHAAAAAAA!!!! 😦

    My fave series has ended!

    I want nore, Inu stories…. I’ll have to settle for fanfic now.

    *crys* no more new stories about my Sesshy 😦

    *rushes off to write fanfic about Fluffy visiting Rin* We all know he doesn’t want her going back to a human village, or he wouldn’t be there, willingly being surrounded by all those pathetic humans! 🙂 Priceless!

  3. I stilll can’t belive it ended that way? Not sayin it was a bad ending, but I rreeaallyy….wanted to see them kiss! That would have been sweet if they kissed when Kagome comes back from her world.

    OH also the part where Miroku’s kids played with Inuyasha’s ears was priceless…that reminded me when kagome played with his ears when they first met. lol

    But yeah, I ended in a classy way, and I’m happy ^_^ I just was hoping for more of an Dramatic ending lol

  4. lol, Houjo the uke. I can totally see that.

    I was very happy with the ending. It was just the way I wanted it and expected it to be. Maybe it was a little rushed, but I didn’t particularly notice.

    I just feel weird now that it’s over. But who cares if InuYasha and Kagome didn’t kiss (in a scene that we could see). They got married! Ten times better (and married people kiss so you know it happened, we just didn’t see it). Ah~! I’m just so happy. This series has been running for 11 years (though I haven’t been following it that long).

    And the moment with Sesshoumaru was absolutely hilarious. It’s the first time I’ve laughed out loud while reading this series in a long time.

  5. @ Hoshi, I was just being funny about Houjo, and yes Sesshoumaru is as pretty as ever.

    @ Eelkat, I think the final chapter provided a lot of avenues for fanfiction so you should be happy for a long time to come on that front 🙂

    @DSangel300, the scene with the ears was adorable!

    @Fuyumaiden, I know right! I feel pretty much the same way, could there have been more? Well yeah, but all in all I feel pretty satisfied. Kagome and InuYasha are bound together and since thats the way I wanted it to end all along, I pretty much got the ending I wanted.

    Now, Suwa-san, how about that anime? 😀

  6. Wow, somehow I couldn’t believe this series has finally ended. When Inuyasha first reached 500 chapters, I wonder if it would finally end. But now that it’s over, I feel a little empty. Inuyasha has been around for such a long time that it’s weird knowing that there wouldn’t be any more Kagome and Inuyasha cavorting around anymore.

  7. WOW. Inuyasha is over…..I read the scans at It would be GREAT to see the anime get back on its feet, but the voice actors would probably be different, so it wouldn’t be the same….. man, it’s going to feel so weird that there won’t be any more updates and new developments.

    Goodbye, Inuyasha. We had a great run.

  8. @bassment. I know its just this weird kind of void like feeling ( I wonder if that’s how Kanna feels! :p ) as long as I’ve been in this country, there has always been InuYasha.

    I am following other series, coincidently they also recently announced that Koukou Debut would end with the next volume. (Cries but I LOVE Yoh and Haruna, their level of cuteness just makes me so happy)

    Also the releases of Hana Kimi finally finished over here, another manga that I adored to pieces.

    So I have numerous reasons to feel sad right now.

    At least Koukou Debut is pretty far behind over here, so I’ll still be enjoying it for a while to come even after it ends in Japan.

    @Mileyangel, well there is a good chance if we get more anime that the Japanese seiyuu will remain the same as for the first series. The producer Suwa-san has kept in close touch with the cast. In fact I think it was about 2 years back both the cast and production crew went on a hotsprings trips.

    As for the North American cast getting back together, now that could be trickier. Kirby Morrow (Miroku) and Scot McNeil (Kouga) have been doing voice work for Ocean Group still and I think Richard Cox (InuYasha) did a voice for Gundam Seed.

    Kelly Sheridan (Sango) was still doing some recent work, since she voiced Shuurei for the Geneon release of (Saiunkoku Monogatari) a friend had told me that Funi had picked up the license for that, although I can find no confirmation on it. But I really hope its true, I love Sai Mo and would love to complete the dvd collection since I already have the first two discs!

    But as for the others I haven’t heard of them doing much, hopefully if InuYasha came back they would try and get the original voices back. David Kaye (Sesshoumaru) is actually doing voice work for Nascar, so I’m not sure if they could get him back or not…

    I would prefer that they would, but so long as Ken Narita is voicing him in Japanese I’ll be happy. Narita is one of my favourite Seiyuu, he also voices the hawt Lin from Ghost Hunt YAY!

    Speaking of which, C’mon Funi I want more details on the voice actors for Ghost Hunt!!!!

  9. I really like the review you did of the end of this series; the way you summarized everything and also added your opinion and personal story in really did it justice =).
    I also agree with you that the end seemed a bit rushed but a series that’s been in the writing for 11 years is going to seem to have an abrupt end I suppose.

  10. It was a really good ending and i am pretty sad too!! But im still not satisfied on some things… can kagome still can go back and forth? And Hey what happened to kouga?! She talked about every body else but him 😛 Aww poor thing… think his still hasn’t given up on her? or did he get the message?

  11. @hayatekaze, (nice icon btw, YAY FOR GHOST HUNT). Thank you very much, its nice to get a review on the actual post itself. I’m pretty new to blogging and so never sure if I’m doing a good enough job on it.

    You know I never thought about it like that, and you know what you’re right. Given that its gone on for so long, I imagine there would be some people who wouldn’t be satisfied even if she had made the ending longer.

    @mia, as for the well, yeah it would be nice to know, but sometimes not all endings tie up everything.

    Sometimes its nice to leave the reader wondering about something. It would be nice if she could visit her family again. But I did get the impression during the arc where Kagome was taking her all important exam, that she had sort of said goodbye to her home and had made the decision that she wanted to be with InuYasha in the feudal era.

    Of course once she saw how upset they were at her disappearance she felt bad and of course she was relieved to be home and so she feels thats why the well closed her off for so long. It wasn’t until in heart she was truly able to say she wanted to be with InuYasha that the well opened again.

    I can completely empathize with that. My husband and I got married in America, even though I was still living in England at the time. The plan had been for me to stay once we got married and then my status could have been adjusted. But 2 weeks after we were married I ended up fllying home (thanks to a huge guilt trip via my mother) that was totally devastating being separated once again from my hubby-sama.

    He ended up moving to England with me for a year before we moved to the States. I just needed that time to come to terms with leaving my life in England behind. To realize it was okay to leave my mother and family, because I deserved a life of my own too.

    Of course my family and friends are only an airplane ride away, but the emotion I think is the same.

    Again I think this is one of the reasons I always loved this manga so much. Takahashi writes her characters with wonderful emotional insight.

    And as for Kouga, I’d like to think he got the message, but we all know how stubborn he is. I’m sure he comes around to rile InuYasha up once in a while! 😀

  12. @ Sakura, I suppose your right about all that… It’s just I am not good at noticing the obvious so I need a lil more detail when it come to endings like that :P…

    But anyways, I have another question for anymore to answer.. ok I remembered a clip of Kagome back in the modern time and having a archery lesson by Kikyo and I saw this AMV with Inuyasha and Miroku in a hot spring together and Kagome seeying them naked by accident lol…

    Does anyone know where those two moments are from??

  13. @Mia, well I agree i would have liked a bit more detail too, I do feel like we should have gotten a little more considering our long journey to the end of this series.

    The clip with Kikyou you are thinking of, is from the Tsubaki arc. In the anime it would be episode 62 (Sokoshirene Tsubaki no Jubaku)
    Tsubaki’s Unrelenting Evil Spell.
    Kagome under the influence of Tsubaki’s poison dreams of being back home and sees a few familiar faces, such as Kikyo in her school teaching archery.

    The other scene you are thinking about is from the anime episode 79 (Jaken no Tessaiga Bun Dori Sakusen) Jaken’s Plan to Steal the Tessaiga.

    Jaken comes up with schemes to get Tessaiga. One of which includes diverting water to create a hotspring, so that while Inuyasha is bathing he can steal Tessaiga.

    It actually works, and while Miroku and InuYasha are in the spring however, InuYasha sees Ah-Un and yells out Sesshoumaru. He and Miroku are dizzy from being in the spring and probably getting up too fast. InuYasha falls back down in the water, Kagome and Sango had heard him yelling and so come rushing over, and Kagome gets a full frontal view of our favorite dog boy ^-^

    Hopefully that helps!

  14. I’m totally crying right now…it’s over. And it’s so SAD! Such a happy ending though….thanks for the post.

  15. @amaylee, aww it is sad its over, I’ve spent such a long time reading this series, and personally its a very special manga to me.

    Thank you for reading I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  16. Yup, it has to be ended. Happy ending for them. Sesshoumaru-sama and Rin story was also best chapter for me.

  17. As a Mir/San shipper,I don’t give a shit about the other thing.And really,I’M AND OTHERS MIR/SAN FANS,GETTING TIRED TO SEE IN EVERY POST ABOUT THE ENDING,HOW INUYASHA AND KAGOME ARE THE BEST!!!best my ass.I wished to Kagome go back in her time and Inuyasha to stay with Kikyo,only to heartbroken those silly and retardes Inu/Kag shippers *evil laugh*

    But Miroku and Sango are first to engaged,first to kiss,fist to married,first to have sex,and first to have adorable babies!HA!!!!IN YOUR FACE INU/KAG SHIPEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Um, well I’m glad you like that pairing so much, but considering the story is called InuYasha it does stand to reason that the majority of fans would be more concerned with the main pairing.

    But I am glad you go the happy ending you were looking for! 🙂

  19. That ‘Anon’ just fucking pissed me off.

    What’s so special about MIROKU AND SANGO!?!!!
    Sango thinks she owns MIROKU AND THAT MAKES A PAIRING THE BEST!?!!!!!!!



  20. I feel that the manga ended quite nicely. When i found this page i really enjoyed reading how you spread everything out. Ive known that it ended for quite a while. But once i found your blog entry i was very happy. You answered tons of my questions. Also your personal story was very heart touching. Im glad you got your happy ending.

    To the People who are basically spamming her blog, thats not a nice thing to do. If you dontloike inu/kag, then go somewhere that like what you like. Im not choosing a side. But please dont spam her blog. Exspecially because she worked very hard on it

  21. @ Jessica Chang, I’m sure there is plenty of fanfiction out there for that pairing if you were to look for it 🙂

    @ analicewants2sessymate!, well he looks like he might be a bit more tolerant of humans now so you may be in with a chance 😉

    @Sakura_Inubaka, thank you so much for your kind words and support I’m glad you enjoyed the ending. I think with any manga as long as this one was and as well loved as InuYasha was, fans will always have mixed feelings.

    But I got the one thing I wanted when I began reading, for InuYasha and Kagome to get together so I was happy with their ending. Or really I should be saying their beginning ne?

  22. omg i loooovvveeee inuyasha but it is actually over oh man you have to mail me where you got this book at number 558. please tell me but it is so cute that sango had 3 kids. but in movie 2 of inuyasha, kagome and inuyasha kiss it was so cute. but i live in elko nevada
    it is sooo boring here no mall no target no inuyasha stuff it suckssss.but please whoever
    told us this story should please tell me where they got it at and if it is made in english.
    please all my family does is tease me cause i like inuyasha. they always yell at me so please help me out.
    love sango-shannon

  23. @ sangochich101, This won’t be out in manga form over here for quite few years yet at the rate Viz is releasing them. The final chapter was translated by the people at AdInuyasha. If you check our sidebar under websites you can find their link there.

    I’m sorry to hear your family tease you. They are missing out on a great show!

  24. OH this is the best blog about the ending iv’e seen! Like many people already mentioned-you summed it up nicely and the personal story was an added bonus.
    I love Inuyasha and Kagome!~ I’m so happy they got together, bittersweet as it is about Kikyo. I was glad she finally died(not because I dislike her or anything, but because it was prolongingly painful, for everyone. But did it bug anyway else he didn’t say he loved Kagome? He does though, right? .. Strange as it is, I was happy that there was that three year gap. I’m not sure but maybe cause it presented Kagome time to wrap things up in her world, I guess. Positive Inuyasha was what she wanted. And ooooo Inuyasha missed her! So sweet.
    YES! To Sango and Miroku finally getting together. Cute family and all- they are prolly the pair that inspire the least questions about how their future turned out. : )
    I do wonder what happened to some other characters too…Koga especially
    I hope someday Rin and Sesshomaru get together. I know that was is a little far fetched but I can’t help it. He finally feels for someone! O boy o boy
    Last but not least—(drum roll please)— I really hope the anime(tv) continues on. There’s just something about getting the color and voices and tones all together. sighh. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read. but still….

  25. @ Silverstreem, thank you for the kind words, it means a lot that you enjoyed the read since I’m such a huge InuYasha fan and really wanted to be able to express how much I enjoyed this series.

    Yes as with most Shounen series there were times I was beyond frustrated, especially with the lack of romantic developments 😉 but it was worth it to get the happy ending we’d wanted for son long.

    Ahh I understand what you mean too and I love to read, but yes it was very nice to see this show animated. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the incredibly talented voice casts both here and over in Japan who really brought the characters to life for us.

    I don’t think InuYasha said the words so much as he showed it through his actions, that’s kind of how he rolls XD

    And I agree with you on Kikyo, I’d reached the point where I didn’t hate her, but enough was enough. What I was sick of in regards to Kikyo is how in her presence Kagome would seemingly not be as good in battle, whereas before she’d been totally fine.

    I didn’t see why Kagome should have to suddenly not seem as great just because Kikyo was around. You gotta keep their powers consistent dammit!

    Lets hope the new year brings us more InuYasha anime! 🙂

  26. @ Amanda Anderson, Aww sorry to hear people tease you, its a great manga and anime. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed reading this 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll all fall in love with Takahashi’s new manga when she releases it.

  27. Now that I look back on this, I realize how weird the ending is… i would like to have seen Inuyasha say ”I love you” once to Kagome, at least.

    ” Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen ”

    • why does it have t be only in japan???:(thats UNFAIR!!!!we want inuyasha back to us!!!hey does anybody knows what means kanketsu-hen?????

  29. OMG!!!! It ended!!!!! I Cant believe it!!!! I AM Only on like the 6th book but!! Holy cow!!! I Thought that it would never end! it is such a good series.

    • Oh my, volume 6? Then you do have a long way to go.

      A lot of us thought it was never going to end either, but then they finally got there.

      If you go to Hulu right now you can watch the final volumes of the manga animated.

  30. OMFG im so glad about what happenend with miroku and sango! Seriously though, 3 kids in 3 years by the time your 19? XD im so sad the sereis is over…

  31. i looooove inuyasha!!he is very funny and cute!!!!but some people are telling me that it is for babes!!!i dont care!!!I LOVE HIM!!!Inuyasha FOREVER!!!!!!!!!sorry if my english are a little wrong!!!

  32. i wish inuyasha could go on forever im literly in love with inuyasha i have been i love with it when i was in 2nd grade inuyasha is my only love he is so cute and funny. Please!!
    I ❤ Inuyasha

  33. sessohmaru is so cute!!!!!! I love the final act! wish they could make more episodes, movies will do too. 😀

    they really made those last episodes count, I never expected sesshomaru getting so upset beacuse of rin or how he tried to save Kaugra. They should have made Kaugra come back to live some how in the end.

    I would like to thank Romiku Takahashi for the best serise in the world!!! Hope you woould keep writing. 😀

  34. it was ok
    personally, im more of a kagome fan than kikyo (i like both though), but the inukag relationship became really lackluster in later volumes, i was very disappointed. the ending felt forced like rumiko didnt put her heart in it and did it to satisfy the fans, but deep down wanted kikyo to be with inuyasha. she even started drawing kagome uglier.
    but well i guess the fluff was cute, but i still think their relationship(inukag) was so much cuter in the first volumes.
    and the naraku fight was soo bad. she tried to brush it off with the lame sesshokaru/naraku joke but pff. she didnt deliver in neither the action nor the romance department IMO

  35. I’m making a fanfic since I don’t want it to end. THE FAN BASE WILL LIVE ON! Along with the OTP’s. WHY COULDN’T THEY KISS! I LONGED FOR ANOTHER KISS! Wattpad away!

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