Nabari no Ou 11 [Kaaten Kooru]

I think I’ve always been impressed by Raikou’s hair. He gets points for it, cause pink hair is hot. Somewhere along the line he must’ve dyed it cause it’s supposed to be dirty blonde… I’m thinking about doing pink streaks, cause green’s the only color I’ve ever done. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen any guys with pink hair…

Anyways, this week’s episode focuses more on the relationship between Raikou and Raimei. Sadly, even though I was hoping for maybe a little romance between the two, they are siblings, thus leading me to root for the Raimei and Kouichi pairing.

In the beginning of the episode, we find Raimei up and about, ready to go find Raikou and take her revenge on him. However, Gau, Raikou’s apprentice, tells her the truth behind the killing of the Shimizu Clan. Apparently influenced by his uncle Iroku and his own beliefs of wanting to save others not in the world of Nabari, Raikou helps his uncle in trying to overthrow his mother, who currently has leadership over the clan. However, everything goes horribly wrong, when he discovers his uncle is only jealous of his mother, and was only using him. His father gets killed, and his mother dies saving him. The rest of the clan turn and end up killing each other, and the last thing Raimei sees is Raikou killing their uncle. Raikou, understanding that Raimei has great pride in the Shimizu clan, decides to take the burden upon himself. This is also partly because of his mother’s last words, “Take care of Raimei, Raikou.”

Ugh. I hate writing summaries. What I want to address is Raikou’s beliefs, which is partly what caused the whole incident. The purpose of a Katana: To Kill for the sake of Justice?

As a warning: I WILL run amok with this. So if it doesn’t make sense, it’s okay. This is also meaningless to write about, cause nobody in the world today carries around a katana with them. I mean I’ve never seen anyone swinging one around in public. But I see this idea turn up time and time again. I remember in the days of Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin would describe his sword was a weapon, and that its techniques were used for killing and not saving. In a similar way, Raikou’s mother probably believed that even though Raikou wanted to save his classmate, he probably would end up killing someone else. Which then leads to a debatable question: Would you kill people for the sake of justice?

To Raikou at the time, the answer would be yes. Although he didn’t kill all of the Shimizu clan (some were killed by others), it’s sort of similar. To Raikou, his uncle Iroku’s words seemed to make sense. But Iroku, as we learn, is sort of what I call a “justice freak”. In essence, one of those people who are willing to kill in order to “purify” the world. Raikou’s mother understood this. Knowing that Raikou probably wouldn’t agree with Iroku, and wanting to protect him at the same time, she tried to confront the problem herself. She wanted to keep the line between the world of Nabari and the real world definite, also understanding that it wasn’t within the bounds of the Shimizu Clan to pass judgment over those committing crime in the real world.

This episode was the probably the saddest out of what I’ve seen so far. Watching Raikou’s family fall to pieces was sad, but what was even more upsetting to watch was Raikou keeping the burden and guilt to himself. What Raikou looked over was the fact that Raimei loved him and probably would have understood if he had told her the truth.

If you understand what I just wrote, good for you. :] Congratulations.

Other Thoughts

Is Raimei THAT weak? She can’t even last like, five minutes against Raikou. It bothers me, cause ultimately, if she has to fight in upcoming episodes, she’ll be killed. I don’t think it will be against Raikou though.

And WHERE is Yoite and Kumohira-sensei? As I was telling Sakura, I WAS going to post up more pictures of the two, but they were nowhere to be seen in this episode. Hopefully next week, for the ladies…

On a Completely DIFFERENT note

Just received word on a favorite manga series. According to Random Curiosity, Alive: The Final Evolution is going to be animated! :] Looking forward to that…


3 thoughts on “Nabari no Ou 11 [Kaaten Kooru]

  1. Well it wasn’t all bad for the girls since Raikou was in it 🙂

    What is is with angsty older brothers taking on the burden of their clan murders?

    Although in Raikou’s case as you point out he didn’t exactly do all the killing.

    But in Itachi’s case he had to do so because of an impossible choice.

    And I get what you mean about the way of the sword thing. Isn’t wielding one as a Samurai supposed to be about committing yourself to that way of life, to the ideals they uphold, right until the very end?

    So poor Raikou, because he makes a bad decision, now feels he has to take the responsibility for it even if people will hate him for it. Because even though he may not have wiped them out, his actions led to it.

    I dunno I’m rambling away here. Its hard to string together a coherent thought at 5 a.m dammit! 😛

  2. I don’t think Raimei was really weak – I interpreted her not being able to get up after getting hit with the sword hilt as being due to her injuries as opposed to being weak.

  3. @Sakura: Lol, 5 am? Don’t worry about the rambling. I’m glad you can at least make a little sense of what I’ve written. Nice! I’ve never thought of that, but Raikou is a little parallel to Itachi, in how they’re trying to protect their younger siblings. I guess you can call that a generic character for manga and anime?

    @adaywithoutme: hmm. true true, but what about the week before when they were fighting to the polka? >< i wanted raimei to like, at least be able to disarm raikou or something

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