Umineko no naku koro ni review *little update

Okay, before I start the review, I have to say that the reason I’ve decided to not write about ep2 was because I have not seen a single comment saying that people want me to continue writing. But if there are people who want me to write, I will. And another thing is that my exams are over (FINALLY!!!), so my next game review will be coming quite soon. I will also accept any requests for reviews of games that are in English or Chinese. Provided that it’s a visual novel and not too hard to find.

I’ve graded Umineko on a 50 point scale.

Artwork: 7/10

Let’s face it, the art of Umineko isn’t the greatest, and there are no event cgs. However, taking into consideration the fact that this is a doujin, a sound novel, and that the writer is doing the art, I’ve bumped up the art a bit. However, even though they don’t look the greatest, one can see that there’s effort put in, the cloths are well designed, and the atmosphere is well reflected. The backgrounds are photoshopped photos, which brought the mark down a bit again.

Music: 10/10

The music fits the atmosphere perfectly. Okay, so some of them are so creepy that you’ll get nightmares if they got on your ipod, but all the pieces are done well and the tracks for the touching moments are good enough to get tears out of people.

There’s no voice acting, so I won’t give a mark for that. But, there is a weird laugh sfx that’s been used way too many times.

Programming: 9/10

It’s as good as you can probably expect when you’ve got nscripter. The menus are stylish, and there’s easter eggs hidden as well. The only problem I have with it is that the transitional effects are too slow and quite annoying. There’s nothing that flashy there but it’s fine.

Story: 10/10

It’s creepy, it mysterious, it’s heart warming, it’s romantic, it’s gruesome, it’s downright terrifying, and it’s oh SO good. However, the less said about the ending, the better. This is still only the beginning after all, we won’t be getting answers for quite a while. Ep 1 is also included in Ep 2, which is quite convinent. Some highlights in Ep 2 are:

SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Highlight to see.

Kanon pretending to be Jessica’s boyfriend.

Kanon fighting to protect Jessica.

Jessica dying to save Kanon.

Kanon’s feelings.

Shannon’s fight with Jessica Beatrice.

Bernakastel saying: “mii, nippa!” (I know the fanboys have been going crazy over this)

Okay, made a little mistake there, but I fixed it.

Gut feelings: 9.8/10

It’s cheap, it’s good, there’s very few reasons to dislike this (unless you REALLY can’t stand horror. I mean really, really, REALLY. I don’t like horror. In fact, I make it my life’s goal to avoid every horror movie in existence, but this good enough to counter that. It is.)

TOTAL: 43.8/50

All in all, if you can stand horror and doujin quality art. There’s absolutely no reason for you to not buy this. Well, maybe you don’t want to read this before the answers come out, but would that be really worth it? Definitely recommended. And it’s available in 2 1/2 lanugages: Japanese, Chinese, and there’s a partial patch for English. Let’s hope that the people on the translation group can finish soon!

Next up:Harukaniaogi Uruwashino. I’m in the middle of my first play through right now and I’m greatly enjoying it.

P.S. Okay, I’ll write it, but it’ll have to wait until I’m finished with Haruru though.

5 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni review *little update

  1. wah…i would like to see about ep2…I mean the summary of ep1 was pretty good in my opinion… I think you would do a good job writing the ep2 too -^_^-

  2. Oh man, I love horror. I can’t stay away from it. :]] It attracts me too much. I have to read the manga when they get it updated…

    oh btw, on a completely different note, I’m starting to read Air gear. :] I just couldn’t stay away from it

  3. wow, can’t anyone see this is such a cheap ripoff of higurashi? At least Higurachi had some great backbone plot, as opposed to this series where everything is going waaaay too fast, and then suddenly they try to use Higurachi’s theme of looping the event.

  4. @valkyrie: What are you talking about? A. The back story of Higurashi didn’t appear until late in the story. B. The anime is a bit rushed, but it’s no where as near as rushed as the higurashi anime was, and the game isn’t rushed at all. C. It’s not that they SUDDENLY decided to use Higurashi’s looping idea. When Agatha Christie decided to throw a major twist at the end of her mysteries, would you say that she’s ripping the ideas off her earlier stories? I don’t think so. D. It’s not cheap. The art’s better, there’s more music, and the system’s dramatically more complex with a larger cast of characters. If 07th expansion was really cheap, that wouldn’t be true.

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