Macross Frontier 11 [Missing Birthday]

Ranka looked so cute this week – I had to post a photo of her. Ranka loveeeee~ With this week’s rise to stardom, Ranka becomes more distanced from Alto. Ultimately, I am biased, but I think it’s been Alto/Sheryl from the start for some various reasons …

My Reasons

  • Which path or “present” does Alto choose to take for his birthday at the end of this episode?

Sheryl’s. Alto is given three presents by three different people in this episode: go back to acting and be recognized as successor to the Saotome family; meet up with Ranka; or take what Sheryl has offered. Alto accepts Sheryl’s present, which we find out by the end of the episode means accompanying her to the relief concert, (and as explained, will take a week to just get there). Now, you can debate back and say that he probably just went because Sheryl offered him the alternative of “flying” in the sky which is what he loves to do, but then can’t we assume that Sheryl understands Alto more than Ranka understands him?

  • Does Ranka truly like Alto?

I’m not going to bash the Alto and Ranka pairing, but can I say that there is a possibility that what Ranka feels for Alto is just a feeling of puppy love because he’s saved her so many times. I’m seeing Alto as more of a mentor to Ranka. He’s the one giving advice and helping her out. When I see Alto and Ranka, I see more of a brother-sister or a teacher-student relationship. I like Ranka. Her voice is beautiful, she has cute interactions with little furry creatures – but I don’t think she’s the right person for Alto. Better to cut off the love triangle now…

  • Statistics, Statistics, Statistics…

Sheryl: 2, Ranka: 1. You should know what those points refer to. I don’t really want to spoil it for others who haven’t seen the series yet, but heck. Refer to Episode 10 near the end somewhere when the Indiana-Jones-holding-female-lead music comes on (Sounds similar to me…). You don’t really see Alto protesting it either, in Episode 5 or Episode 10. He’s already fallen, and he probably doesn’t realize it yet… (is what I’d like to say.)

But I’m going to lie back and see…

My reasons. You don’t have to feel the same. Besides, Ranka has like.. 15 more episodes to get her act together. Then again, maybe count that as 14, don’t think she will even get to see Alto next episode.

AGAIN on another note

Coming from ANN: Skip Beat! is getting an anime in the FALL. Check it out!

And it turns out that Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk will leave some questions hanging.. in order to answer them in the SEQUEL. Coming out in 2009. Lookie Lookie


8 thoughts on “Macross Frontier 11 [Missing Birthday]

  1. haha, love triangle. although alto’s too DENSE to understand that there even IS a love triangle.

    but good series, i would def. recommend you to try it out!

  2. I have to hand it to Frontier‘s writers: they’ve put me in a position where I can’t actually decide who I want to ‘win’ the competition for Alto. There’s a long way to go yet, though. Maybe in the next episode Ranka and Alto will have a heartfelt conversation over their mobiles as Alto dives through a hail of bullets, not unlike a certain car-chase scene in FMP: The Second Raid.

  3. Yep! That’s one of the factors I suppose, which makes it so good. 😛 Ranka does have time to take Alto back, though! Car-chase scene… I KNOW I’ve seen FMP: TSR, but I can’t remember that part ><

  4. In the first episode it seemed pretty cut and dry since Sheryl was so nasty, I didn’t like her.

    Hubby happened to walk in on a scene where she was walking around topless, so he’s rooting for her 🙂

    But I’m definitely finding it hard to not like her right now. Although that was dirty pool to take Alto-hime away like that when she knew Ranka was going to give him a ticket to her concert.

    Although technically you can’t really blame Sheryl I guess, since he didn’t have to say yes right?

    Still, he’s always wanted to fly in a real sky, so I’m actually not going to fault him for that. I do think he should have manned up and told her himself though, instead of sending Michel, that’s just not cricket.

    FMP is also a kick ass series.

    Funnily enough I spent a long time rooting for Tessa in that one, because I hated how Kaname was always beating the crap out of poor Sousuke.

    But, I soon grew to like her 🙂 Sigh, but he manga makes me sad, I did so love Arbalest.

    Which is another reason I’m liking this show, the mecha are so pretty.

    And yes, Alto-hime has another fan in me 🙂

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