Naruto Chapter 405 – Left Behind

I really like the style of the cover for this chapter, its a little different from the norm.

Prepare to get misty-eyed everyone, last chapter Naruto found out Jiraiya was dead, this week we have the aftermath as Naruto takes a trip down memory lane and fondly remembers his dead Sensei…

The frog sage from last week tells everyone in the room that Jiraiya was in too much pain to speak and so turns around so they can see the message on his back, which is written in code. The sage says he no doubt did it so that Pein wouldn’t realize that was all that left of him.

Naruto asks Tsunade if she sent him to which she replies that she did. Naruto gets angry asking why she sent him out on his own when she knows what he’s like. Kakashi tries to silence him, telling him that Naruto must know how she feels right now.

Tsunade remembers what Jiraiya told her before he left, that he is one of the three ninjas of Konoha and she should know what that means. He says that she who was once so beautiful is now a woman of 50. He tells her that thinking of the memories of those who have died in her big heart, must be almost too much to bear, but they will only increase.

He says however, that he isn’t really sad, because his duty is to be an example for the younger generation and that, he would risk his life with a smile for that.

Naruto ends up storming out, saying that if Jiraiya had been made the fifth Hokage then Tsunade wouldn’t have forced him to do it. Sakura calls out to him, but Tsunade tells her its okay and that she should let him go.

Kakashi apologizes to the frog sage saying he can speak to Naruto another time. Tsunade mentions the child of prophecy once again. The frog sage says that he can tell that boy loved Jiraiya and it is his fondest wish that the child of prophecy is like him.

As Naruto walks, he remembers various times when he trained with Jiraiya, the last one being when he split that ice pop so they could share it. Iruka sees him and saying that he’s had a lot of missions lately and the village is talking about him. He says they haven’t been to Ichiraku in ages and asks if Naruto wants to get ramen, Naruto declines!

He’s superbadass, really!

Naruto leaves and goes to a 24-hour store, buying a double ice pop he sits on a bench in the dark with it. He just holds it and lets it drip as he cries (awwwwwwwww, you really feel sad for him at this point. You know despite all that has happened to Sasuke-baka I don’t think I ever actually felt as sad for him as I do for Naruto right now)

I just wanna hug him, c’mon Sakura here’s your chance!

Iruka comes along and sits down by Naruto, he tells him that he heard about Jiraiya.
Naruto says that he always wanted him to watch him and the he wanted Jiraiya to see him become Hokage. He says that all Jiraiya ever saw was him being uncool, but Iruka cuts him off.

Iruka tells Naruto that Jiraiya always spoke proudly of Naruto, as if he were his own grandson. He goes on to say that, Jiraiya believed Naruto would take his place and that he never doubted Naruto would become a great Hokage.
He tells Naruto that Jiraiya was always watching him, and even now, he still is somewhere.
He says that he wouldn’t praise Naruto just to try and cheer him up while he is down so Naruto should just be the same old person he would always praise.
While saying that Iruka reaches over and takes the ice pop from Naruto’s hands. He breaks it into two and tells Naruto that he is the awesome apprentice of one of the three ninja.
Naruto looks stunned for a moment and then gradually smiles and thanks Iruka.

Back in the Hokage tower, Tsunade is giving Shikamaru the message left by Jiraiya. He tells her that even the code breakers don’t work that late. She says to tell him its on her orders and she will leave it to him. He asks where she is going and that he came for something else.

Sakura tells him that Tsunade has been busy since the morning, to which Shikamaru replies that he has too, Sakura says please and then looks down sadly.

The scene switches to Tsunade walking down the hallway. She is thinking of Sarutobi and Jiraiya of when she first met him and Orochimaru on their team. Jiraiya had said “Nice to meet you… I’m Jiraiya you can send me a love letter later.” after which he grinned (little Jiraiya is so cute!) the last scene we see is of Tsunade crying.

And he was cheeky from the get go, gotta love Jiraiya

I have to say I guess now that its final, I’m really sad Jiraiya is gone. I really liked him as a character. Also I just feel that it sucks for Naruto, he never had much to begin with and here he is losing such an important person to him. As my hubby-sama pointed out, he lost his brother figure in Sasuke, and now his grandfather figure is dead.

I actually have a bone to pick with Jiraiya about that. Its nice Naruto got to know that Jiraiya saw him as a grandson, because Iruka told him, but why didn’t Jiraiya tell him that? Tsunade, Sakura, Jiraiya, all love Naruto. WHY THE HELL DO THEY NOT TELL HIM THAT????

Why does he have to find this crap out after the fact?

Its funny, you’d think with all the Uchiha emo, I’d hate this chapter, but really I don’t. It was a nicely done chapter, and really did tug at the heart strings a lot.

Ero Senin, we’ll miss you.

Images are taken from scans by SleepyFans.


7 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 405 – Left Behind

  1. I feel sorry for Naruto. Jiraiya isn’t a favorite of mine, but seeing as how he WAS a mentor to Naruto.. and then Tsunade crying at the end? Oh dear.

  2. You know, I’m not a manga reader, but as far as the anime goes, ep.53 is one of my favourite. Their relationship was set pretty quickly, remember the unsealing? I often wished that Jiraya were more open with Naruto about what’s going on, but the reason told me that it would be unwise.

  3. @Hoshi, poor Tsunade, she has had a lot of tragedy in her life. And as I said in an earlier post, I don’t expect her to make it through the series alive either at this point. I mean if you consider she’s the only one of the legendary sanin still alive.

    Of course I’m not sure I can see them having another Hokage die either, but we’ll see I guess.

    @Author, yeah, for his own good I’m sure there is a lot Jiraiya couldn’t tell Naruto. Like all the stuff about Minato and Kushina, although I’m sure when the time comes, Tsunade could tell Naruto more about his parents. (If she doesn’t kick the bucket first of course.)

    But you’re right that was a great episode and they did have such a great relationship, so I wish Naruto could have known from Jiraiya himself, that he though of him as his grandson.

    C’mon people tell Naruto you love him, that much can’t be a danger to him right?

  4. It’s cultural. The Japanese seldom say “I love you”: they are a “high context society”. In actions, feelings are expressed. The bond of relationships run deep, and emotional displays are considered superficial, if not inappropriate. Couples do not kiss in public, Public displays of affection are considered inappropriate. Love is shown in the everyday things people do for each other.

    • It is very sad, I think on the whole Jiraiya’s death was handled well, although I still think it would have been nicer and would have meant more if Kishimoto would have had Sakura be the one to console him.

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