Gintama 111


As we shall see in this episode, love does not discriminate. 

Azumi fell in love with host Juutaro (who looks like he just sprang out of Candy Candy ) and…

thanks to the Yorozuya, lived happily ever after (to the dropping jaws of our protagonists).

This being a two-part episode, the second half featured our beloved, kawaii Kagura-chan ❤

It’s the rainy season in Edo and Shinpachi, in a bid to raise the spirits of Gin-chan and Kagura-chan, forced them to take a walk. The three of them proceeded to squabble down the streets of Edo when Kagura saw the colorful printed brollies carried by three young girls passing by. Feeling inferior, she chose not to use her old umbrella and walked in the rain. Of course Gin-chan and Shinpachi noticed her sadness and using soap as an excuse, went to the nearest supermarket and got her a brolly with flower prints.

Like Gin-chan said, young girls go out no matter if it’s just drizzling or if there’s a typhoon. Well, Kagura-chan got caught in a typhoon and ruined her new umbrella. Not to be defeated by a little bit of wind, she fixed her brolly with colorful scraps of cloth and went out strolling the next day… Only to chance upon two kids in tattered clothes huddling under a small shelter. Being Kagura, she left her brolly for the kids and picked up a broken one to use.

Gin-chan and Shinpachi to the rescue!

There isn’t an anime which made me cry as much as Gintama did. I’m such a sucker for series with themes about friendship. Take a look at Kagura-chan’s smile and tell me you’re not mesmerized already.

I told you so. 




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