Oh my god, the impossible happened

Can it be that the longest running gag in Full metal alchemist is finally over?

Besides Ed’s miraculous height, other things happened. Al got captured by Pride and Gluttony; Winry met Greed and the rest of Edward’s friends after being smuggled back home; and Scar met more Ishvalans.

Oh, there was also an fanservice shot of Winry.


12 thoughts on “Oh my god, the impossible happened

  1. Haha when I saw this I thought, “Did the illustrator make a mistake? HOW is he taller?? Wait no, leave him like this! :D”
    But he is still short. (waiting for a rampage, “Who did you call a microscopic shrimp??!?!?!” “I didn’t say THAT much!!”)

  2. OMFG!!!!!:-0 i can’t belive it! Not at all!! HOW IN THE WORLD did Ed grow TALLER than winry??!!:-O there has to be some kind of mistake or winry is extreamly short (because the tallest height Edward ever riched is 1.65cm so winry has to be 1,60??)! I want ed little agaiiiin!T.T

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