Finally, it’s finally here!

This is supposed to be an DNAngel post, but I decided to throw a few other things in it too.

She’s so cute when she’s little

First of all, Asuna FINALLY met with Negi again in chapter 214. But, she’s remembering more and more of her memories and mistakes him for Nagi. Again. Ah, i forgot, this is Negima for those of you who don’t know.

In the 104th chapter of To-love-ru (yes, there are girls who read that) there’s a big twist. But don’t worry, there’s still no plot whatsoever.

One of the greatest confessions of all time

In Karin chapter 36 (AKA chibi vampire), the long awaited confession is here! And it’s every bit of gushy and sweet and dramatic as one can hope for. Anzu also gets a confession from a boy, but she simply brushes it off and just uses the boy as an excuse to follow Karin on her date.

Don’t worry, a cute girl like this? She can’t hurt a fly..

Onisarashi, one of the mangas for Higurashi no naku koro ni, has finally been translated completely. And having read it, I have to say that the story was simply too sad. Just when you think that everyone will have happiness, something unimaginably bad happens to them and they are torn away from that small shred chance of normal life. However, the story is extremely well written and is to be recommended to anyone who isn’t afraid of blood.

Isn’t he cute? Who cares if he’s filthy rich, deals with crime lords, and made a pack with the devil, he’s cute!

In ch.3 of kuroshitsuj, we see more of the butler’s bad side, and of course, the main reason for reading this manga, the adorableness of the main character, continues to shine as he is kidnapped by a drug lord.

In the latest chapters of Tsubasa and XXXholic, CLAMP’s foreshadowing yet MORE plot twists. Right now it’s kind of a calm before the storm, and when they come back from their latest hiatus, we have to be expected to be screwed with giant OMG moments, again.

I like Christina (the blond one) better

In chapters 12 and 13 of Shina Dark, the drama continues to pile on as we see more of Garlet’s past and people in the town start to have more and more fights with each other. There’s an extremely powerful monster near the town and everyone’s going to try and get rid of it. However, the first attack failed. But, Christina finally gets herself together and shows her talent as a strategist. This needs to be turned into an anime, really. Great plot, beautiful art, Anyone should be able to like this series.

For the fangirls

There are sooo many things I can say about this scene….

DNAngel is here! Finally, the hiatus is over. In volume 12 (the latest chapter is stage 3 chapter 20), we finally find out what Dark and Krad are: an incomplete artwork that had absorbed the souls of its creator and its thief. Risa is trying to help her kidnapper come to terms with his love for another incomplete piece of artwork, who happens to be a young girl, frozen in both time and body. Satoshi reveals that he is dying. I have to say that I sorely missed this series, and that the art is as good as ever!


8 thoughts on “Finally, it’s finally here!

  1. Satoshi is dying? Nooooooooooo! Finally, finally there is more D.N Angel.

    YES!!!!!!!!! I have missed it. I was so upset when Lagoon came out, I was like finish D.N Angel first dammit!!!

    Now I can only hope what with all the upheaval with Tokyopop, it still gets released over here.

    I’m already upset that volume 3 of my Trinity Blood novel has been delisted. I’m hoping delisted simply means delayed, not that its a title they have canceled.

    A girl needs her pretty silver haired krusnik!

  2. V-volume 13?! … Wasn’t the last released volume 11? Or did I miss that much?! OMG. I miss DNAngel like MAD but I’m just really confused now. O_O

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