Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 2 Part 1

Yes, this is the post that the 12 or so people who read the first part have been waiting for!

I’ve noticed that the chapters on Baka-tsuki are not accurate, but for consistency’s sake I’ll continue to use their chapter order. This does not mean that the time line’s out of place, but simply means the chapter breaks are at the wrong places.

Chapter 0

George and Shannon goes on a lovely date together at a marine park. She talks about how magic exists.

Somewhere near a sea, someone goes into a temple on the island and breaks a mirror, shouting for Beatrice to keep her promise as that person did their share. That person is a furniture from Rokkenjima.

Chapter 1

Shannon has a flashback to before George fell in love with her. During a family meeting, Natsuhi still has that headache she’s been complaining about for forever, and Shannon isn’t treated all that well. But George sooths the atmosphere and helps her. Later, George, Shannon, and Jessica talks in the garden, but Eva comes to call the George and Jessica away, while cruelly reminding Shannon that she is nothing but furniture.

After trying to argue with Natsuhi about fairness, Shannon is punished to clean the entire front hall by herself. As she is feeling sad, she started to talk to the portrait of Beatrice while cleaning it, just as she always does. Amazingly, Beatrice appears.

Beatrice starts to talk about the long lost first element, “love”, saying that Christ found this element and changed the world with it. Beatrice tells Shannon that she will help her with her love problems and make George love her, as long as she goes and breaks a mirror in the island shrine. (Remember how in the first episode Maria says there’s something missing on the boat trip while looking at the shrine?)

Shannon refuses, but Beatrice pressures her, saying that her agony will continue forever and that George will meet his soul mate soon. Kanon finds them and starts to argue with the witch, telling her to leave. She leaves a butterfly mark on both of them so that they will remember what happened that day and not think it’s a dream.

Chapter 2

We are back at the present where Jessica’s complaining to Shannon about how she didn’t get anywhere on her date. She’s insecure, it seems, about not having a boyfriend herself. She wants to love.

Beatrice and Shannon are quite good friends now, as they enjoy some tea at the beach. Beatrice is happily surprised about Shannon, who treats her as a friend and gave her some cookies.

Shannon gives Beatrice back a golden butterfly brooch, which is a charm that will tie lovers together, saying that she wants to protect her own love. But the witch says that she should keep it, even if only to store it in a box. It seems that Beatrice has grown stronger since the mirror broke and can materialize regularly now, though people like Natsuhi still can’t see her.

Beatrice tells her tale, and it turns out that after Kinzo (who has 0 magical talent) summoned her, she contracted him on a whim but got trapped on the island instead and is forced to spend long, long days there. Since then, Kinzo had been bent on finding the first element. After the mirror (something that disrupted her wavelength) had been broken, she regained some power, but she’s still weaker than elves in a shoe store.

Then, Beatrice discovers Kanon (who deeply resents Beatrice) spying on them, and leaves. Kanon says that she should interact with the witch anymore, as she is not human and neither are they. But shannon says that they are human. Pointing at the gray sea, she says that once one has love, everything changes, and that she sees the sea as a beautiful blue. She gives him her butterfly brooch, and says that she hopes he will be able to understand and see the world as it truly is. in the world with the first element, the sea is always blue.

Later, kanon sees Kinzo walking the the garden, muttering about what he’s missing any why he can’t see Beatrice’s smile. beatrice, who’s behind him but can’t be seen (remember, he has 0 magical ability), says with a sad expression that one cannot see without love.

Chapter 3 (AKA the funniest chapter ever)

Jessica, who’s quite popular at school, lied about having a boyfriend. So when the school’s cultural festival rolls around and everyone’s desperate to see her boyfriend, Shannon got Kanon to go instead. When he arrived, everyone was gushing over how cute he was and almost crushed him, but Jessica beat them back with her iron knuckles. Yes, you did read that right.

Anyway, Jessica had to perform with her band that day, and guess what she plays? The Tsurupettan song. I can’t find a proper video of it, so I’ll just post a screenshot (yes, that is Rena) and a video of the orginal.

After dinner that day, Jessica talks to kanon. She tried to convince him that he is simply human and not anything else, but he refuses to listen, saying that she is cruel to talk about hope when he is of a hopeless existence. He then goes on to break her heart by saying that a furniture and a human can never love. That idiot then says that he’s happy that she has feelings for him, but she’s too cruel. (Can you believe him? How much of an idiot can he be?)

Beatrice appears then and offers him a chance at romance, but Kanon, without hesitation, takes out the butterfly brooch and stomps it into the ground. He then goes on to accuse Beatrice of using Shannon. Beatrice doesn’t deny it and it is revealed that love which is not destined (like that of George and Shannon) will fall apart soon.

She then talks about how she will be revived soon and disappears. To herself (or so it seems), she talks about how she has now sowed 3 seeds of love. Kinzo’s lamenting about Beatrice, Kumasawa (the old maid) is feeling sorry and helpless towards the sobbing Jessica. We then flash back to the past again to Shannon’s date again, and George tells her that he will make a ring for her and propose on the day of the family meeting.

Well, that’s all for this time. Hope you enjoy this.


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