Sad, sad….

After reading this post, I felt really jealous. I know that that guy’s older than me and I have time to catch up, but still, I’m still struggling with coloring right now…

A crop of the pic I’m working on right now. If I finish this, it’ll be the first time I ever finished coloring something on a computer…I tried a few times before, but they all turned out really bad and I never finished them. No one will ever see them, no one. And it’s so hard to find good advice on these things!

The following is for those of you who regularly read this blog (you do exist, right? I can’t be sure.)

On a non-related note, I’ll be leaving for China in 10 days (I think), so I probably won’t be posting anything after I leave. After that, I’ll see you in August! (Maybe a bit earlier….) Also, I might post if I can get to a fast internet connection while I’m there.

Ack, now I feel like I’m spamming the blog with useless things…


7 thoughts on “Sad, sad….

  1. 无锡。 Wait, you can’t really see it that well with the tiny font, can you? Wuxi, that city right beside the big lake that’s just south of shanghai. We’re famous for our short ribs (糖醋排骨).

  2. Nah you’re not spamming the blog with useless things at all.

    Actually I find it very interesting. At least you have the commitment and the motivation to work hard at your art.

    I’m just to damned lazy!

    Try not to feel disheartened about the coloring, you’re right, you have plenty of time to catch up.

    Coloring is extremely hard after all and takes a hell of a lot of practice. Its taken Hubby-sama almost daily practice for the level he’s at right now and he’s still improving all the time. —>

    A lot my work, just stays as lineart since I suck at CG, if its colored, then that’s usually because its something I was able to paint. –>

    The last thing I probably actually colored was this piece of crap –> Which was probably over 3 years ago…

    Your skill level is waaaay about mine!

    Have fun in China, you’ll have to tell us all about it when you get back!

  3. Well don’t give up, passion is what drives the artist the most. By the way i am not really that old as you think…….. i am still studying at polytechnic.

  4. @Sakura: thanks ^^.
    @Xephonia: Oh yes, but my lazyness is keeping me at bay: when I get motivated, I get really, really motivated and do a few hours a day. But most of the time I’m too lazy and don’t touch it at all… Yes, you’re probably not as old as I think (which is 23), but you’re still older than me(definitely).

  5. I agree with Sakura, definitely not spamming. 😛

    EHHHH?!! you’re not posting after you leave? well, here’s to hoping you find a fast internet connection!! heyyyy, you should keep us updated about china.. and maybe see if you can find any anime or manga there!! :]]]

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