Umineko no naku koro ni Ep2 part 2

Yup, it’s here again.

Chapter 4:

Maria and Roza are heading to the boat by train, and Maria, being her childish self, wants to celebrate Halloween. Roza, of course, gets angry at that (I don’t blame her, Maria is annoying), but Maria simply believes that when Roza hits her, she’s being possessed by an evil witch. Roza, feeling guilty, doesn’t deny that. After calming down, Roza buys Maria a few pumpkin lollipops.

At the airport, George is practicing his proposal in the washroom, but almost gets caught by Rudolph. Everyone has a happy reunion. We get a flashback from Rudolph, who is desperately trying to save his company.

Now, something really confusing happens: Beatrice and Battler shows up in some sort of alternate dimension. I will call them BEATRICE and BATTLER to lessen confusion. BEATRICE says she will make BATTLER admit that he has lost, but he says that’s what he will make her do.

Chapter 5

Once again, Maria sees and marks a wilted rose and then goes into a long speech about Halloween. But after everyone else leaves, Roza gets angry at Maria (who’s crying, yelling Uu-Uu-Uu and being stubborn) and stomps Maria’s last lollipop into the ground. Afterwards, she leaves Maria in the garden. Kanon saw it all and offers Maria his lollipop, but she refuses.

There’s more boring family meeting stuff, but that reminds me, I forgot where it was, but somewhere in the game, Kyrie’s daughter is mentioned. I’m not sure if she’s Rudolph’s daughter though. Roza remembers about Maria, who’s still outside. After finding her, Roza apologizes again and tells her to go back into the house. Maria refuses, saying she’s waiting for Beatrice. Then, Beatrice appears.

From the way they talk, it’s obvious that they had been meeting for white a while now, and Beatrice restores the soiled lollipop for Maria with magic. Roza is shocked but can’t help but to believe that it is Beatrice. Beatrice then gives each of them an envelope, telling Roza to open it at dinnertime and read it out loud. As Beatrice enters the house, she is greeted by Genji, to whom she says, “long time no see”. On her way to Kinzo’s room, Beatrice passes by Kyrie, whom she remarks as “Rudolph’s second wife.”

As she was going to open the study door, Beatrice got burned by a rune on the door handle, and decided to not go in.

Chapter 6

Kanon delivers lunch to Beatrice, who asks him why he is not happy even though the day of his release, and the way to the golden valley will be here soon. He thinks of Jessica, but then pushes her out of his mind, and starts to argue with the witch about how it is bad for Shannon.

Beatrice tells Kanon that 2 people who are close together has to be sacrificed on the second night, and sayss that if he kneels and kisses her boots, she will spare Shannon on that day. Kanon, disgusted that Beatrice was only going to use Shannon as a tool, does what she says.

Battler and Maria takes an afternoon nap together.

The alternate world shows up again.

BATTLER is angry that Beatrice showed up, but BEATRICE says that it’s her rules and that it doesn’t matter. He then refuses once again to acknowledge her.

Meanwhile, the adults are discussing Beatrice. Kyrie reasoned that beatrice appeared as a surprise because it is disadvantageous for her if everyone knew about her beforehand. She does that because she cannot win straightforwardly. But then Kyrie thinks to herself that none of her reasoning would work if Beatrice isn’t human.

once, inside, Roza asks Maria about Beatrice, she answers that she had been meeting the witch for many years, every year, during the family meeting. She then says that Beatrice had been teaching her magic, showing Beatrice’s drawings in her book. (They happens to be the runes that Maria explained for everyone in Ep 1.) Roza then tries to open Beatrice’s envelope, but was stopped by Maria. Roza then swears that she sill not leave Maria for a moment as long as they are on the island, not wanting her to meet beatrice anymore.

Well, just as we start to like Beatrice, she turns evil again, sigh*. Be prepared, the story gets good after this.


4 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni Ep2 part 2

  1. im getting a bad feeling about beatrice…again O.o alternate dimension…this is pretty interesting ^^ nice summary choux-san =D

  2. Dang! I was liking Beatrice at the start of this, but now she’s creeping me out.

    Thank you for writing! I hope you continue. ❤

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