The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Unlike how the title suggests, I’ll go in reverse order. That way, you’ll I’ll feel good by the end. Yes, readers, this is a consolation post (well, and a rant… and a praise post). :] I’ve decided to write it all out, instead of doing what I usual do >>>>

Meet your guide for the day, Ladies and Gents. Komui from D. Gray-man. Q: Why did you pick Komui? A: Why not? Komui means serious business.

The Ugly

I might be completely giving away my identity right now, but oh hell. I completely botched a presentation on Otaku-ism today in summer school class. (Therefore, if you are part of the less-than-zero percent and know it was me.. well, I hope you understood what I explained.) It was only three minutes and I thought I had it all down. Explain anime/manga as a little overview, and head into what my beliefs of “Otaku” were. This presentation was also videotaped, mind you. So… my nervousness increased. The presentation started well, but as luck has no favor for me, I had to start over because the video hadn’t been recording. If that wasn’t embarrassing, I know my voice was shaking, my fingers were fumbling and waving all over the place, and my head moving way too fast back and forth. What’s even more nervewrecking is now, I have to read the evaluations of everyone else. Hopefully, they won’t be harsh.

Of course, you might think the same thing that I was trying to think: “Get over it, Hoshi. It’s a fucking 3 minute presentation. Who cares?” Well, let’s see. I’m just mostly angry at myself and the fact that I didn’t get my info on Otakus across as well as I should have… Next time I’m going to put a post-it on my forehead that says “Beware. Has symptoms of ADD while presenting.”

The Bad

Anyone seen the five minute ONA of Chocolate Underground? If you haven’t seen it, stop reading and skip over to The Good. Right now. I don’t want your beliefs to be tainted by mine before you’ve seen it.

Chocolate Underground, to summarize a little, is about the restriction of chocolate. Interestingly enough, the couple in the first episode had their house torn down because they were having chocolate for dinner. Now, Chocolate Underground might be something you like watching, but it’s unrealistic. If you’re going to give me something unrealistic, at least make it…flow together and somehow become realistic (do you sort of understand what I mean?) Here, let me show you:

I can understand that chocolate causes dental complications. That’s why I stay away from it mostly. I have chocolate once in a while. But chocolate as a thing that kills people? How? By choking people? By falling from the sky hard enough to create a dent in someone’s brain? Maybe, but how likely is that to happen? I’ve never heard of such cases. And how about this:

Yes yes, diabolic food, okay. Chocolate makes the human spirit to get lost too? Uh, I have no idea who subbed this but please explain. How does my spirit get lost because of chocolate? My spirit falls in LOVE with chocolate and its ethereal taste and texture, but I haven’t lost my spirit because of it. Imagine being a zombie to chocolate~

I don’t think I will continue watching this, thank you. At least I give points for the creative idea of banning chocolate.

The Good

Megumi Nakajima’s Debut Single as Ranka Lee has been released. It’s called Seikan Hikou, and it contains songs such as Seikan Hikou, Neko Nikki, Ai Oboete Imasu Ka -Deculture Edition Size-, Watashi no Kare ha Pilot -Miss Macross 2059-, and then just Seikan Hikou and Ai Obete Imasu Ka -Deculture Edition Size- without Ranka.

I am totally biased in saying this because I love all 11 episodes of Macross Frontier, but Megumi Nakajima’s voice is just beautiful. I love Aimo because of it’s solitary and flowing sound, but I like her version of Watashi no Kare ha Pilot. It’s bubbly, cute, and just catchy. It makes me feel like singing along with her. (This is the song Ranka sang in episode 4 at the Miss Macross finals.)

And Neko Nikki? It was definitely at the top of my overall favorite endings. I think it’s temporary, but heck, temporary or no, I found myself playing it over and over. Overall, the debut single is cute and a must get for Macross fans I believe. Luck to Megumi Nakajima and her future as a singer and seiyuu, but I don’t think she’ll need it. She’s  just that damn good.


This lifts a bit on my moping. Thanks for reading. :] I shall take on Komui’s facial expressions now and go listen to Ranka’s voice at least a million times.


8 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. Oh god, I can totally relate to what you said about your presentation. When I was a freshman in high school, I did a report on geisha and I had to go at the very end of the day, so they really rushed me and I got really nervous. I obviously wasn’t able to get things across properly because after my presentation was over, I still had people asking me if geisha were prostitutes even though I was certain I’d said they weren’t in my presentation.

    But the good! Ah! I totally forgot Megumi Nakajima’s single was out!!! I love her singing! I need to find it right now. God, I hope she continues to have a successful career after Macross Frontier is over.

  2. Hoshi you have me addicted to MF, its all your fault I blame you, I like the music, the characters, hell I want to watch is so bad I’m considering watching the raw.

    I only do that for shows I simply can’t wait for!!!

    Damn you! 😉

  3. @Sakura: aww thanks. LOL, whoopsies!! :]]] It’ll be out by fri, only like, 2 more days!! haha. who’s a favorite of yours? Ranka or Sheryl?

    @FuyuMaiden: >< maybe i freak out too much about it, but it was still embarrassing. i bet you had some sort of similar feeling? and yea, Megumi Nakajima just has too good of a voice to let it go to waste :]]

  4. I’m actually have a hard time deciding between the two. I like Ranka, because she met him first and was nice to him from the start. Plus she’s so damned cute and sweet and I would like for her to see her dreams and love realized.

    Plus she’s the underdog right now and its hard not to root for one who is as sweet as Ranka.

    But on the other hand, I sort of feel that Sheryl is better for Alto. She understands him and actually listens to him. Her birthday present to him is evidence enough of that.

    I think if Ranka were to grow up a little bit more and maybe not be so much about herself then she might be more deserving of him.

    Not to say her selfishness is mean in any way. Its just that she’s still growing up, whereas Sheryl is more mature and has already been where Ranka is heading.

    Sheryl really has a lot of unfair advantages ^-^

    Ahh either way Alto is going to end up with someone who loves him 🙂

  5. After your comment on my Chocolate Underground post, I wanted to check out what post of yours was related to mine. ^^ I found it very easily by looking for your name.

    But anyways, I’m glad I checked. I loved the section of Chocolate Underground. It made me laugh and put me into a very good mood. Especially the zombie part. ^^

    Yeah, it could get better but we’ll have to wait and see. The 2nd episode came out already but I’m still waiting for the subbed version.

  6. @Sakura: “But on the other hand, I sort of feel that Sheryl is better for Alto. She understands him and actually listens to him. Her birthday present to him is evidence enough of that.” DEFINITELY!! haha, woot woot for Sheryl x Alto.

    @Llora-chan: thanks! it was nice meeting you

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