Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 2 part 3

No pic today,  sorry. 

Chapter 7

Jessica’s worried about what happened for Maria, as she haven’t seen her for quite a few hours. Shannon assures her that Battler is probably playing with Maria then (time twisted around quite a bit here, I’m pretty sure that Beatrice appeared, Roza questioned Maria while Kyrie explained Beatrice’s motives, then Maria met with everyone else and took a nap with Battler, can’t be 100% certain though), and they talk about the past and about Shannon and George’s future.

Kanon, once again, tries to persuade Shannon to leave George, telling her that the gate to the golden valley will open soon. Shannon knows what that means (even though we don’t) and she has been hoping for that time for years, but she still can’t leave George even after Kanon tells her that she will be sacrificed.

As Shannon delivers Beatrice her dinner, she gets into an argument with her about not being a furniture. The witch gets angry at first, but then laughs, saying that she has sowed an amusing seed.

She then says that she will fight against the witch until the end.

Everyone enjoys dinner, until the subject of Beatrice is brought up and everyone starts to argue again. the adults sends everyone away and questions Genji about who Beatrice is.

Chapter 8

In the guest house, everyone discusses Beatrice, and doctor reveals that while he has never met her, he knows that Kinzo fell in love with her, but she died a long time ago. Then, Maria goes into her creepy mode again and tells Battler that he hasn’t accepted the fact that Beatrice is a witch and he should, but once again, Battler refuses.

Once again, Shannon and George talks at night, but this time, when George proposes he says that it is no longer an engagement ring, but a wedding ring. Shannon immediately puts on the ring, without hesitation. They promise to always be together.

Later, Kanon tells Shannon, no , Sayo that she she’s stupid and that she’s only fooling herself, but she disagrees, saying that she is human. At that, Kanon breaks down, saying that he wants to love and that he loves Jessica, but that he isn’t human and he can’t accept her feelings (aww….). He’s afraid, because their love can’t continue, to even start it in the first place.

In the church, the adults (besides Roza, who isn’t there) admits that the witch exists and that she can use magic.

*********Midnight comes and goes*********

Chapter 9

In the morning, Kinzo’s happy that he survived the first night. The servants are going around and Shannon discovers a note saying “church” in the dining room. Genji wakes up Roza to go to a church a bit behind the main house. On the door, there was this.

Underneath it, it said: HAPPY_HALLOWEEN_FOR_MARIA. (it’s in English.)

The door is locked and the only key is missing. Then, Roza remembers Maria’s envelope and rushes to get it. She broke the wax seal and found that inside, was the church key. As they went inside, they saw a big Halloween display in front of the alter with candy, pumpkins, and ribbons. Then, they went closer and found Krauss, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolph, and Kyrie. All killed with their intestines pulled and stuffed with candy.

our heroes saw some of the servants and the doctor panicking, and followed them. Roza tried to stop them, but it was too late.

BATTLER yells at BEATRICE, who simply laughs and says that she did this to prove that EVERYONE HAD REALLY BEEN KILLED, since they were left without faces last time and there was a possibility of faking a death.

The cook comes back and reports that the phones are not working. Jessica gets angry and runs back to the house, swearing that she will kill Bratrice. Maria simply laughs, saying that the ritual has begun. They find a letter left behind. It is the same as last time, a letter challenging everyone to solve the puzzle under the painting of Beatrice.

It was then that Battler noticed 3 gold bars beside the candy, 99.99% pure gold, worth 60 million yen.

Ah, just as the gushy romance was getting good, the adrenaline inducing murders begins again. Next time, Kanon proves that he can be a great character.


6 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 2 part 3

  1. Ugh Beatrice is really annoying!!!That is why my favorite witch is Bernkastel-sama *-*v Anyway the story is getting pretty interesting (and with cute scenes hauuu *-*)!

  2. OMG I HATE BEATRICE!!!!!!! maria is officially messed up in the head! Did she see the dead bodies? This had better be like Higurashi where everthing repeats itself. I can’t believe evryone’s really dying! i need to find the first episode….

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