Aww… I cried…

Ouran highschool host club has been really good lately, since we’ve moved past the comedy and more in to the relationships. Also, for the first time, in chapter 55, it made me cry. And also, there were so many kisses going around!

It was at this exact moment that I cried.

It’s cute, comon, admit it, it’s cute! Even if Tamaki’s a total moron, it’s still cute!

okay, for spoilers: Hikaru realized that Karou loved Haruhi, and Karou confessed to Haruhi, but then said that he realized that hikaru’s more important to him than Haruhi is. Now, Hikaru SAW the confession and the kiss, but didn’t HEAR the important stuff. This causes them to have a fight. But, they overcame it and hikaru dyed his hair since they want to be more independent.

Meanwhile, Kyouka’s on a trip to Franch and meets Tamaki’s mother! She’s actually doing quite well and this stirs up some questions about why Tamaki’s not allowed to see her.

An accident in a restruant makes Tamaki realise that he wants to make everyone happy, and his father tells him of a deal to expand the chain of restruants. And there was more cute fluff between Haruhi and Tamaki.

Now, Haruhi’s finding that she has a hard time looking Tamaki in the eye and blushing too much. But, of course, she doesn’t get it and blames it on a cold. Now, Mei comes along and drops a magazine. inside the magazine was a quiz. You HAVE to read this. And, finally, she realizes that she loves Tamaki! But she still isn’t sure and doesn’t tell him.

of course, the mystery’s turning up too, Tamaki’s grandma got a list of all his friends and his lawyer (who admires Haruhi’s mom) has her file.

Everyone’s going to a skiing trip, but hen Hikaru tells Tamaki that he’s in love with Haruhi. He then asked Tamaki not to go.  Even then Tamaki can’t realize that he loves Haruhi. Because loving her would mean that they, and everyone in the club are not a family anymore, and he can’t break up the only real family that he can be with.

Then Hikaru confesses to Haruhi and it all comes crashing down.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone in this series are idiots!!! Why oh why is this a monthly series? I want my Ouran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure who the scanlation group is, I got this at one manga.


5 thoughts on “Aww… I cried…

  1. OH my god!! It’s getting really good now… I’ve always wanted to just start from the beginning and read to chapter 55. This makes a lot of incentive.. AHA she finally realizes it!! :]] Thanks Choux!

  2. I wondered when she would. In some ways she’s just as ditzy as Tamaki about it, so its nice she’s finally woken up.

    She’s a bit more straightforward than Tamaki, so hopefully she’ll get him to see sense.

    You guys don’t have to stop being a family! Its just that Ootori just won’t be Okasaan any more! 😉

    Blushing Haruhi is just so damned ute!

  3. Kyaa~ I looked at spoilers but I don’t care.
    I’ve watched the series and I’ve read like the 2nd volume, but I’ve never cared to actually continue reading the series.
    Kyaa~ TT^TT I definitely have to read it!

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