Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 2 part 4

Back yet again! This time, we start with this adorable pic of Jessica.

Chapter 10

Jessica’s trying to get at Beatrice, and Kanon and the cook are following her. Kanon uses his master key to open the door, but Beatrice’s nowhere to be found in her room, even though there are signs that a person was just there. Beatrice had left a note for her, saying she’s not stupid enough to wait for her, and that her parents were fools. Reading that, Jessica goes on a rampage and trashes the room. Then, she has another asthma attack and collapses, not being able to do anything but cry. Kanon, asks the cook to leave it to him, and the cook, being considerate, leaves.

Jessica painfully makes her way back to her room, and Kanon supports her there. Feeling helpless and cursing the fact that he’s not human and can’t help her (he CAN, he’s just stupid),  he turns to leave the room. But, Jessica almost calls out to him, and he stops, but then she says it’s nothing. he then says that he won’t leave her alone (YES!), and that he will wait outside, beside the door, and she can call him anytime (NO!!!).

He realizes that he had hurt her, but thinks that it must be because he’s a furniture and can’t understand human feelings. Beatrice then shows up and tells him that doing it without realizing it is the worst way to hurt a girl (smart advice, but he doesn’t get it). She then says that they are perfect to become the sacrifice for the second twilight. Kanon says that they are not in love, but she says that she’s only killing her to see the twisted feelings on his face!

Rushing in to the room, Kanon tried to protect Jessica from Beatrice’s familiars (goat headed butlers. yes, you read that right) and summons his own weapon, a shining sword like blade. he didn’t want Jessica to see it, but he uses it to attack Beatrice, even when he knew it was useless.

He defeats the butler, but when he goes after Beatrice, she avoids him easily and tells him that he’s only furniture and has no hope of defeating her. But Jessica argues for Kanon’s sake. Beatrice then summons a stake of purgatory, Asmodeus. Asmodeus easily kills…

Jessica, who used her body as a shield for Kanon. Beatrice then summons satan, who easily kills Kanon.

As he was about to die, Kanon tried to tell Jessica his real name, but he died before he could. The last thing he said was, “I became human.” Beatrice then transported Kanon’s body away, the lovers couldn’t even die together.

Chapter 11


Kinzo hears of the first deaths but doesn’t really care. Kinzo then asks Shannon to write down his will. Everyone calms down a little bit, and Maria explains the rune on the door. Everyone tries to think about why the murder was set up like that. But then, Roza realizes something: there’s only ONE door key, and the church door is always locked.

If Beatrice gave the key to Maria the day before, how did everyone get in?

BATTLER then agues with BEATRICE, who says that she will impose a new rule, all word that are in red are true.

Everyone went through the door, the door in the front. There is only 1 key. That key is the only thing that can open the door. While the door is locked, there is no other way into the church. The church is the same one as the one given to Maria.

But BATTLER gets it, someone had taken Maria’s key while she was sleeping and later put it back.  THE WITCH couldn’t counter that.

Chapter 12

Everyone goes back inside, and Roza goes to check on Kinzo. Being completely oblivious to magic (like Natsuhi), she can’t see the golden butterflies in the halls.

Battler’s talking to everyone about the murder: why draw so much attention to it? The culprit is trapped on the island, so why draw attention to these things? Then, Kumasawa (the old maid) remembers that Kinzo only took out 1 bar of gold for verification, but there were 3 bars of gold in the church! The family couldn’t have sneaked it on to the island since a 10kg gold bar would be really heavy and easy to notice.

Maria says that it’s magic, but at that moment, Roza came back and hits her. But, Roza also brought something: a rifle.

Roza hears about Jessica and gets everyone to go and check. shannon and the butler also returned, having finished the will. When they reach the room, there was another rune on the door.

The door was locked, so they opened it. When Kanon’s no where to be seen, Roza declares him to be the murderer (Roza’s popularity really dropped after this episode).  Her reason is: Jessica’s only key is on her drawer, and everyone with a master key had been accounted for besides Kanon.

Each servant has only 1 master key, and that’s all the master keys on the island.

The spirits of Jessica and Kanon show up, and jessica tries to prove Kanon’s innocence, but no one can hear her. Beatrice is enjoying everything immensely.  Thankfully, Battler realizes something:

Kanon gave Jessica his master key to open Beatrice’s door, the cook is there and saw that. They checked, and the key was in Jessica’s pocket. BEATRICE smiles at this, as it proves that there was no other way into the room, and it was a closed room murder done with magic.

The door is the only way into the room, and it can only be opened with Jessica’s key or the master keys. The windows are locked from the inside. Kanon was killed in the room.  Beatrice refused to say that Kanon’s still in the room.  When the door is locked, there’s no way to enter or exit the room. There’s no way to lock the door from the outside.

Ah, Jessica really proved herself this time, hopefully her little romance will have a happy ending in later chapters. By the way, I want to mention that Beatrice said “there is no way to enter or leave the room when it’s locked”, one would think that magic is included as a method too, wouldn’t you? That means Kanon was transported while the door was still open. So her words are full of loopholes just waiting to be found. but, that’s just my theory.


5 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 2 part 4

  1. No!!! I wont let them die!!!Rena-chan appeared and she took them home before that O_O She saved everyone!HAU!!!…sorry I think I got a bit angry with Beatrice….hauu they were so cute together 😦 Why Beatrice had to kill them?>_< Anyway thanks for the summary ^_^

  2. I’m so glad Kanon wasn’t that stupid in this one, He made me want to chop him up with Rena’s Billhook. >.<* (yes, that’s what It’s technically called..)

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