Macross Frontier 12 [Fastest Delivery]

My words from last week’s episode have come back to bite me in the ass. Just when I thought the love triangle was clearly pointing towards Sheryl, Ranka steals the spotlight. And this time, instead of Sheryl’s songs playing throughout the episode, it’s Ranka’s voice we hear. Included in this episode are Seikan Hikou, Aimo, Neko Nikki, and a different ending with Ai Oboete Imasu Ka.

To summarize a little, Sheryl and Alto arrive safely. However, due to an illness, Sheryl collapses, and some of the Zentradis use her illness as an excuse to start a rebellion. They hold Alto and the rest of the crew hostage.

Back at Frontier, the rest of the Macross crew receive word of the terrible news. Unfortunately, because of the fold dislocation, it will take them a week to arrive to Gallia-4, and by that time, the battle will already be over. The situation doesn’t look good for Alto, but an unexpected savior comes along: Luca.

With Luca’s family researching and building the newest technologies for Frontier, Luca gives Michel access to a prototype that isn’t affected by fold locations. According to Luca, if used right, the equipment can shrink the size of the galaxy to one tenth its original size.

Back at Gallia-4, the rebelling Zentradis are ready to use missiles to take over the mothership. The other Zentradis, trying to protect the ship, have no other to choice, and ready themselves to fight back. At last minute, Ranka shows up in Michel’s VF, ready to sing.

I have to give points to Ranka – I didn’t think that she was that well-known. But after a few episodes, her famous singing is good enough to stop a battle. The Zentradis stop fighting, awed by the little singer in the VF. (Some even fall in love… and was that a nosebleed @ 16:50?!) Only one Zentradi doesn’t want to stop fighting, the one dude who started it all. Alto fights him and beats him easily. However, the Zentradi says he’ll remember Alto, probably foretelling a future fight between the two.

Anyhow, Michel tells Alto to take into consideration Ranka’s feelings. Michel says he’ll take care of Sheryl, and Alto and Ranka head back towards Frontier. On the way, Alto thanks Ranka, telling her that saving him was the best present he received. (Mushy Mushy. Both start blushing.) Suddenly, Alto loses control of the VF for some unknown reason, and he crash lands. While trying to figure out what’s wrong, Alto hears Ranka calling him, and runs to see what she’s looking at. What he sees surprises him (and me too) : A Macross.


How many times did Alto blush this episode? Yeah, I counted. Around three-four times. While he was with Sheryl, he didn’t blush as much. God, I hate to say it, but Sheryl’s been left in the dust. Right now, Alto’s totally in love with Ranka saving the day. In consolation, I’d totally love to say that he’s just in love with her heroism, but even I’m not so sure anymore. As a Sheryl x Alto fan, it was a little heartbreaking to see Sheryl looking at the VF flying across the sky. What she couldn’t do, Ranka did.

By the way, I’m also wondering how this fits into Grace and Leon’s plans. Did they plan for Ranka to save the day? I think I’m getting the vibe that Grace deliberately knew Sheryl wouldn’t be able to perform… Still curious about the relationship between Grace and Brera too, but I suppose we’ll get to that soon enough. Next episode is Ranka x Alto again, I’m thinking, only cause they’re stranded. However, with the twist this episode brought, I can’t be sure that Sheryl won’t just turn up in the middle. It should be interesting though, and we’ll get to see how Alto manages to get Ranka to her debut live on time.


5 thoughts on “Macross Frontier 12 [Fastest Delivery]

  1. YAY your post is here ^-^

    Yes it was a nosebleed! I laughed so damned hard when I saw that.

    I have to say I felt really bad for Sheryl in this episode although a lot people around blogs are saying that Sheryl X Alto fans shouldn’t despair.

    For if they are following the original Macross, giving Ranka more romance time now, means that its Sheryl who’s going to win out in the end 😉

    She had to have felt awful, not only did Ranka have a mini concert in her place, but she also got to be with Alto on his birthday and share the skies with him.

    But the blushing scenes were cute I do have to admit that.

    The Macross at the end is really confusing, I mean isn’t the SDF-1 back on Earth still?

    You know as the series goes on, I’m finding Michel cuter and cuter 🙂 I definitely love his VF its a pretty blue ^-^

  2. I love your review. 😉 From the way things looked from episode 1 to 11, we all know this is bound to happen. Poor Sheryl.

    @Sakura= You’re just starting to realize that Mikhail’s cute?? Blasphemy haha I’ve seen all the Macross shows too, but that still doesn’t stop me from being skeptical of those Sheryl fans predictions. I feel like a lot of them are in for a letdown and will drop this show around episode 20 or something. Kawamori won’t pull anything twice and if it happened last time, it’s obvious it’s gonna be something different this time.

    Though I really find Alto blushing so cute considering how he always treats Ranka like a kid. The best part is when those Zentradis got bewitched. Lolicon hooligans lmao

  3. @Alonia, sorry up until now I was blinded by Alto. But there were some really nice shots of Mikhail this episode.

    Plus I love how when Ranka made his entrance he was like “I brought you a birthday present Alto”

    Of course instead of popping out of a cake she pops out of a mecha 🙂

    I hope your theory about Ranka winning out is right. Not because I necessarily want her to win Alto’s heart. But because then cute, cute Mikhail won’t die!

    Hubby was talking about these theories earlier and ask if anyone had died yet ala Roy.

    So I told him apart from Gillam, which probably doesn’t count no. So he was like hmmmm well whose closest to Alto. At which point, after thinking about it, I realized Mikhail has probably been the most like a mentor to him. Like Roy was for Hikaru, so Hubby was like yep, he’s dead.

    So I’m hoping I do hope Kawamori doesn’t pull the same stuff twice.

    I want the hottest Skull Squadron sniper to stick around!

    But yes blushing Alto is adorable and the mesmerized Zentradi are downright hilarious! 🙂

    I have to say I really, really enjoyed this episode, the music was great too.

  4. @Sakura: O____O what’s this about Michel dying? (oh god, i don’t know how to spell his name anymore…) haha. MF is like your “crack”, lol. I’m sorry to say that you’ll have to wait till next ep to see what the Macross is about…

    and don’t want to see Sheryl lose out at the end, so i’ll cross my fingers and hope for it…

    @alonia: Thank you! And I guess you’re right, otherwise we can’t really call it a love triangle… curse them. LOL. Lolicon hooligans? That’s a nice way to put it.

  5. @Hoshi, well since it seems they are basing this off of the original Macross somewhat, hubby was saying one maybe two of the characters would die.

    Since in the original the lead characters mentor Roy Fokker dies.

    So most people are suggesting Ozma would die, but he actually hasn’t had all that interaction with Alto. I thought that Mikhail (Michel) would probably fit that role better, which is why I was worried.

    But they are only loosely following so hopefully nothing like that will happen, and if it does, it won’t be the pretty Michel. <— I think I’ll stick with his nickname I like it better. 🙂

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