Just watched Code Geass ep12, it was hilarious, but also dug into the meat of the story. Most importantly, Orange’s new ability is revealed: a geass canceler, which was used on Shirley. You know what that means…

Anyways, I really like Shirley’s character and I hope she gets a happy ending…


5 thoughts on “OMG……Shirley…….

  1. The instant Shirley got her memories back, my mind played that Halo audio when you kill your teammate: “Betrayed… Betrayal!” XD
    I am extremely relieved that Cornelia is back, this manly woman is back for some vengeance for the late Euphemia, damn!

  2. EX-Keine: Well, even after finding out Lulu was Zero and that he’d killed her father, she did protect him from Viletta… and in the end, he did try to comfort her before helping her forget everything. And she’ll remember how he’s been treating her rather tenderly since, either out of regret for his mindwipe or because he really does like her in a close friend sorta way. Whether this means she’ll stay BY him, or if that means she’s dead meat is another story.

  3. It’s hard not to like Shirley, really. She’s surprisingly resilient and puts up with a lot, which generates audience sympathy like how baking powder and vinegar generate fizz. I’m just as vulnerable to this as everyone else.

    And I have to chime in with EX-Keine. Cornelia is a high point in the supporting cast, and it’s great to see her back. Revenge is a dish best served by agile, gun-wielding rogue Britannian royalty.

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