Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 2 part 6

Last post, hehe. Beware, the ending is really pathetic. I mean REALLY. Also, I’ve notices that  I’ve always written Roza and everyone at Baka-tsuki wrote Rosa. Sorry for anyone who’s confused. 

Chapter 16

Genji found the missing bodies of Kumasawa and the doctor in the inner courtyard. Everyone goes to check, and Roza’s surprised that George, Shannon, and the cook are not there. They rushes to Natsuhi’s room, which is, once again, locked. Battler cried over their fate, and he’s comforted by Maria. Roza still doesn’t trust Genji. But when they return to the sitting room (which was, of course, locked when they left), Battler found another one of Beatrice’s letters.

'Are you making progress with the solution of the riddle 
of the inscription?
Very very soon, you'll run out of time.
The ninth twilight will start very soon.

Of course, Roza suspects him of placing the letter there. She also says that there’s no way for him to prove that he really is Battler, as no one had seen him for 6 years and anyone could impersonate him. Battler cries again and yells at her for being the murderer, as she was the only person with keys.

Just like always, all doors and windows in Natsuhi’s room is locked on the inside. There are no illusions or tricks, no hidden passages and nowhere to hide. Natsuhi’s personal key’s inside, and “Roza” has all five master keys. The same thing applies to the sitting room. The orginal room key is sealed inside the key cabnet.

Maria yells at them to stop arguing and that it’s all the witch’s fault. Battler yells for Beatrice to stop it all.

Kinzo, surprised that he’s still alive, wakes up and talks to his portrait of Beatrice again. he wants to see her smile, promise for his love, and repent for his sins. He loves her and constantly thinks of her, even if he dies, he just want to apologize to her. Even though he can’t see it, a tiny golden butterfly lands on his shoulder.

She says that Kinzo’s a fool for thinking that a woman can be conquered with tears, and that he’s also a fool for not realizing the first element. Kinzo then says something that he never said before: “I love you, Beatrice.” Beatrice then says that that wouldn’t conquer a woman’s heart, not unless it was a miracle. And that’s why…

Kinzo hears footsteps outside the door, and someone knocks. He asks it it’s Beatrice, and the person answers.

Chapter 17

Battler drinks until he’s as drunk as a drunk can get in another room, and Genji calls him to the study. Inside, Beatrice and Kinzo are enjoying a match of chess.

Battler asks her all his questions, and Beatrice, in turn, tells him that if he hears all the answers and admits defeat, he will be turned into her furniture, her pet. Battler agrees.

********Endrolls scroll by********

In the epilogue, Roza has  taken a gold block from the church and is running with Maria for her life.

Beatrice is enjoying using Battler as her willless slave, making him dress her (by the way, she has him naked on a chain like a dog).  Downstairs, there is a grand party with many ladies and gentlmen, but, all of them have goat heads. Everyone greets beatrice, including a young lady who took off her goat mask and is revealed to be Bernkastel, who tells Battler 1 word, “pitiful”

At the stroke of midnight, everyone feasts… on Kinzo and Beatrice’s new furniture. (This is exteremely disturbing and horrifying, by the way)

Meanwhile, the golden butterflies and butlers are gaining on Roza and Maria, the former of which is seen to be really good at fighting. Roza realizes that she’s clutching her gun and her gold, but she can’t even help Maria, who;s too tired to keep up with her mother’s pace.  Then, she tripped and lost her gold.

Realizing that Maria’s crying beside her, she asks her if she still want to be with her, even though she never put Maria first and never looked at her. Maria answers that here’s only one of each of them and that she only has one mother. They promise to be together.

When the seagulls cry, there are no survivors

There are also 2 tea parties this time. The first 1 is basically Beatrice torturing Roza (really disturbing) and making her admit that Beatrice exists. But, Battler comes to her aid and thanks her for holding on. he then swears to fight against the witch.

In the second tea party, 2 witches cheer up a Battler that gave up (he’s huddled up in a fetal position). Yes, TWO.

First on is Bernkastel, who cheers him on, with a “fight on! mii, nippa!” She also says that Beatrice is full of trickery, that he shouldn’t give up, and that she will support him as much as she can.

The second witch is Lamba-delta, who (surprise, surprise!) looks like a young version of Takano. She tells you to not give up.

Well, that’s it! Hope you liked this, the next chapter (along with the second manga and the second motion graphic) is getting released very soon, can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni Ep 2 part 6

  1. Bernkastel-sama o_O omochikaerii!!!!=O Lambdadelta is so cute too *-* but I still dont like Beatrice T__T thanks for the summaries ^^

  2. The more I learn about this series, the more I like it. Thank you so much for putting these up; I hope you continue!

  3. Thank you! I will continue to write information about Umineko, but I won’t be writing summaries unless the next game gets released and translated. (hopefully that’ll be soon…..)

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