Memories off ~and then~ review

Okay, first of all, Anime Evolution is back on, except it’s changed revenues to a place that’s far more inconvinent to me. Second of all, I’m having internet problems (this was not written on my computer) and that will explain why I haven’t written anything in a while, third of all, there’s a review and rant about the fourth generation game of the Memories off franchise!

Oh, by the way, Mutio will put this review on visual novels too. And I’ll be putting up lots of vn reviews during the summer. Next to come: Memories off 5, Tomoyo after, parfait chocolat second brew, to heart2 xrated, and maybe, just maybe, remember 11.

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ZOMG (o_o’) – THIS is teh Blogosphere?!

Here’s a chance for you to delve into the depths of my puny brain, as I unleash my thoughts and run them all over the place. You can say that I’m sort of writing an annotated blogroll (but not really, because this post focuses more on my realizations). Anyhow, to be quite frank with you, dear reader, I have no idea where to start. I love organization, because it’s beautiful when everything makes sense and comes together as a whole at the end, but I have no idea how to use this element in my post.

I’m also aware that by the end of this, I run the risk of being called a n00b, but hell – that’s okay with me – seeing that I have only around two months or so of veteran experience. Hopefully the “n00b” status will change to “newb”.

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Nabari no Ou 15 + 16

Due to my extreme laziness last week, I’ll be covering two episodes of Nabari this week. Plot-wise, both Banten and Kairoushuu make it out unscathed, the Kairoushuu having obtained the kinjutsu scroll Daya. After reading little bits and excerpts of the manga, I think this Kouga arc has been a little rushed. However, maybe they need to rush, as there are ten episodes left. Hopefully this series will end with the same blast as it has started out with.

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Macross Frontier 16 – Ranka Attack

Exhibit A in the case that Brera-nii is in fact Sasuke-kun with contacts and a dyed hair, check out that stoic face, its sheer Uchiha icy perfection!

The episode opens with a space battle in which it appears Alto is being reckless and getting too close to the enemy. Perhaps because his mind is still on the meeting he had with the owner of the SMS Richard Bilrer.

Asking Alto if he had any dreams, Bilrer had told Alto that his dream, was to join together the galaxy that is separated by dislocations. He wants to connect stars that are separated by hundreds of thousands of light years so it will be faster and closer, making the galaxy their world!

Bilrer said he could see Alto-hime was really surprised, he could see the deculture on his face. But says that this was the gospel the Varja had brought to them, children of the protoculture. Hmm so I guess he maybe isn’t really into killing them then… Continue reading

Isn’t it strange how you can’t get what you expect?

I’ve been looking forward to going to anime evolution all year, it’s the only Canadian anime con that’s close enough for me to go. So after working on my AE mascot contest entry for a few hours, I went to the site to check the entry mailing address again. Then I saw this.

It seems that that the unversity has some kind of event and can’t host AE, even though it’s already been booked. Upon announcement, hundreds of posts flooded the forums with a few short hours. I live near SFU and I didn’t pre-order my tickets, so even if it does get cancelled, I won’t lose much. But, there are people who already spent hundreds of dollars on cosplay outfits and plane tickets, and they did nothing to deserve disappointment like that. From the look of things, the staff didn’t know about it either, and thet are running around like mad trying to fix everything. Hopefully AE won’t be cancelled, especially not a month before it’s supposed to begin.

Then I found out that a book I’ve also been looking forward to for a few months, style school vol.2, which is supposed to have been published on July 16, still isn’t released yet. Now, I don’t really know about the whole printing process, but why isn’t a book released after it’s been published? I don’t get it at all.

Well, I’m wishing that both things will sort themselves out over time, and hopefully before summer vacation is over.

Summer Movies Pt 2

WANTED, Wall-E, Hellboy 2 The Golden Army and HELLS YEA BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT.

So ages and freakin ages ago after seeing Indiana Jones, I mentioned some other movies that I was interested in seeing this summer.

Summer is far from over but I have seen many of those movies I talked about and well I just have to freakin talk about BATMAN DAMMIT!

But first, a quick thought on some of the other movies I have seen.

WARNING! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD! (Actually if any of you even know what Lost in Space is, I’m pretty sure the only danger to Will Robinson was Dr Smith…) Oh and there might be a risque shot of Angelina’s ass, you have been warned… p.s there is also profanity. Continue reading