Nabari no Ou 13 [Nemuranai Manabiya]

As we pass the half-way point of Nabari no Ou with episode 13, I’m starting to notice a subtle motif that I’ve never really paid attention to. Now, whether or not it makes a difference, I’m not sure – it could be useless information. However, just for my own curiosity, I’ll bring it up. Take a look at this screenshot.

Does that cat show up in the beginning of every episode? Perhaps not every episode, but I’ve noticed that white cat around a lot.

A Little Summary

Both Banten and Kairoushuu ninjas have been invited to a meeting hosted by the Kouga ninjas. The meeting is on how to improve the future of Nabari, but all three groups know this meeting is merely a ruse, and the real objective is Kouga’s Kinjitsu scroll, Daya.

When they arrive at Kouga’s headquarters, a university, both Banten and Kairoushuu realize the situation is a little more complicated that they think. Apparently the current head of Kouga is bedridden with an incurable sickness, and the lower authorities are fighting over his position. Kannaki-sensei, one of the lower authorities wanting the position, manipulates the Kouga ninjas against the Banten and Kairoushuu ninjas.

But that’s not the Real Point. My Thoughts.

Realize that for a better summary, you can run over to Random Curiosity. Anyways, although I do not have as many qualms about this episode as I had last episode (where I blew up and ranted the whole post), Nabari is still as slow as ever. While I was watching, I found myself wanting to skip over the slow parts. Fortunately, there was some action towards the end of the episode.

There’s only one person who interests me this episode – the white haired girl from Kouga. Miharu drops an OBVIOUS hint, saying that she looks incredibly familiar. Once again, I could be wrong, but does she remind you of a certain girl who always appears with Miharu’s Shinrabanshou? Take a look.

I could be jumping to conclusions, but I’m thinking there is the possibility that they could be the same girl. Not sure.

And a look on Relationships.

Because nothing more than the girl gives me interest, and I ranted all I could last episode, I’ll look more into the relationships offered in Nabari no Ou.

Hana and Thobari

This relationship is nothing new, we’ve seen them kissing in the ending. It still surprised me, however, when they kissed this episode. I’m still wondering what Hana has to do with the world of Nabari, and how she’ll be a useful character in this series. Then again, she seems to be some sort of mother character for Miharu and Yoite. Call it an instinct, but I think by the last few episodes, we’ll be seeing her more often. (Man, a blushing Thobari is cute.)

Yukimi and Thobari

As a Fujoshi, I know what you might have been thinking. And no, please, I don’t mean that kind of relationship. I’m talking about the parallelism between Yukimi and Thobari. Outside of the world of Nabari, I think they would be great friends.

Yukimi and Thobari are both important. And as the heads of the little groups they lead, I see many similarities between the two. They both have the same characteristic of wanting to protect those in their group. Although Yukimi shows a gruff exterior, in reality, he cares. He also offers some really good advice.

Although their relationship might not be something important right now, I think Yukimi’s character offers a balance to Thobari’s. Yukimi knows what he believes in, and is ready to take whatever action he believes is right. On the other hand, Thobari haves trouble coming to terms with what he believes in, and has a hard time acting upon what he wants to happen. In other words, I think these two are like yin and yang: in being opposite themselves, they bring unity to the series.

Yoite and Miharu

What Raikou says: These two seem more than friends. … That’s probably because of the awesome buttsecks.

See you next week!

5 thoughts on “Nabari no Ou 13 [Nemuranai Manabiya]

  1. You are very perceptive. This was quite the interesting read, I hope to hear more of what you think of the next episode.

    What’s with all the buttsecks jokes?

  2. Why thank you. :]

    Haha, the buttsecks jokes are there because I still feel the need to rant about Yoite being all emo and “No Miharu, don’t get involved with me anymore, you don’t need to show any care or feelings towards me.” Of course, not that I actually want them to be partners (that would be weird).

  3. Yeah I had a feeling very early on that he was, since they featured that ring of his quite prominently. But its okay to look ^-^ And yes the blush was cute.

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