Macross Frontier 13 [Memory of Global Twilight Planet]

Macross Frontier just gets even better with every episode. Despite the hints of Ranka x Alto, this episode reveals more secrets that have yet to be told (the relationship between Ranka and the Vajra).

As far as relationships go…

Ranka x Alto fans. I shall indulge you THIS once.

But you know, Sheryl is catching up. Like I said before, I still don’t think Ranka loves Alto the way Sheryl loves him. She admits to the fact that he always protects her when she’s in trouble, and supports her when she’s confused. That isn’t love. This is.

Nothing better than a woman taking control. :] Sheryl may support Alto in way that’s subtle and not very clear, but she does what needs to be done. She doesn’t cling like Ranka does.

I still love Ranka though. She’s still the cutest singer alive.

The Bashing of Other Characters

Bastard. Lay your hands off my Luca-kun.

Same goes for you too, bitch. I hope you die later on. Don’t know what appearance you’ll take on though, now that your image as Grace has been ruined.

But it’s all good, cause Mikhail/Michel is on to you. His beauty will blast you to smithereens.

Other Thoughts

This episode, like all the others, makes me happy that I’ve gotten the Nyan Furo OST. Once again, I find that the music makes Macross Frontier all the more enjoyable to watch. The piece The Target, which played in this episode was brilliant.

I promise to write a longer and more-content filled post next time. :] Too lazy now, but next week’s episode is definitely more action packed with the Vajras attacking the Frontier fleet. Stay tuned, because it’s going to be badass.


8 thoughts on “Macross Frontier 13 [Memory of Global Twilight Planet]

  1. I’m so addicted to this I actually watched the raw thursday night.

    Oooh I know I can’t wait for next weeks episode. ACTION!!!!!! Which means I get to see lots of pretty VF-25’s in action.

    Especially Michel’s, its such a pretty blue. Although my enjoyment of his screen time would be much greater if hubby-sama didn’t say dead every time he walks onto the screen.

    Nooooo Michel will make it through to the end, I have to believe that. Luca I can live without, I’m just not into shouta.

    And sooooo many nice smexy shots of Alto-hime this week. They can find as many excuses to get him shirtless and wet as they want ^-^

    I really do think for as much screen time as they had together this episode points to a more Alto x Sheryl pairing. Grace is gone so she doesn’t have a manager and she looked really comfortable piloting.

    Ranka is either going to have some destiny with the Varja, or her growing career will take her away from Alto-hime. Whereas it looks like Sheryl is getting closer and gaining even more things in common with him.

  2. I’ve never seen this show before, I guess i should add it to my Netflix queue. The picture quality is unbelievable, very rich in color, the pictures look very good on this blog.

  3. @Sakura: Awwww, I want Luca to live as well. 😛 and Michel of course. Dangit, they shouldn’t kill off any of the characters except for Leon and Grace. I have a feeling Grace isn’t really gone. Well, let’s say “Grace” the manager is gone, but she’s still out there somewhere.

    I hope you’re right about the Alto x Sheryl. :] LOL and yes. Alto, shirtless and wet. Service for the girls

    @Ria: Definitely. You might find it addicting, like me and Sakura do. and thanks!

  4. Okay how bout none of the main group dies ^-^

    But yes I agree Grace and Leon can go die somewhere.

    YAY more service for the girls ^-^ I enjoyed Brera getting all forceful too, what with “that girl doesn’t suit you” Rawr!

    Ria you probably won’t be able to add this to your netflix queue for a while since its currently airing right now. You may be able to watch it on veoh or just google for it to find a site where you can watch it online.

    I know there are some forums you can go through where you can download a keyhole player and watch it streamed at it airs in Japan.

    I have… considered it… 😉 But nah they get the raw up pretty fast, sometimes its nice having the time difference between our two countries since they are managing to get the raw up by about Thursday evening.

  5. Reading this, it struck me that the movement in this episode was the reverse of the previous episode: 12 seemed to focus on Sheryl (x Alto) but had Ranka flying in to save the day at the end while 13 focused on Ranka (x Alto) but had Sheryl flying in to save the day at the end. Though this was much less conclusive. Oh, and Michel’s VF was the plane being used in both cases. Hmm.

  6. Wow, you pointed out something that I hadn’t thought of. You’re totally right about that, good thinking. :]

    Maybe the directors wanted to create a balance on both sides of the triangle?

  7. No more rainbow colored song energy? I think Macross F just hit the climax with episode 12, because 13 didn’t really register with me at all. I guess plot development is important too =(. Sadly. Of course, I felt this way when the Quarter transformed and pulled out that giant cannon.

    The comments made me lol.

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