More InuYasha anime, sort of…

As part of the “Its A Rumic World Exhibit” in the Matsuya Ginza department store branch in Tokyo’s upper-class Ginza shopping district, a 30 minute InuYasha animated short entitled “Kuroi Tessaiga” (Black Tessaiga) will premiere. For more details follow the link to the article on Anime News Network –> More InuYasha

So its not exactly what us fans have been hoping for, but its a start right?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this either released on dvd or possibly aired on t.v over in Japan. I totally wouldn’t put it past them to do the latter especially as it might give them an indicator of how well another series of InuYasha would do. The Black Tessaiga more than likely refers to the Meidou power it received as one of its upgrades.

I for one hope this leads to something more. It seems especially promising that they were able to get all the cast back. Although from what I understand they have kept close ties over the years. I know from friends that follow Suwa-san’s blog that InuYasha is a show he is particularly fond of.

Of course a one of is different from a series so it makes you wonder if they would be able to commit to a full series. In any case I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for more!


2 thoughts on “More InuYasha anime, sort of…

  1. Usually when they animate something for an event, they release it on DVD or something later. They want to get money from it after all. So I expect we’ll be seeing this sometime in the future.

    I am hoping that it means there will be more to come. It seems pretty stupid to me if they don’t animate anything else, considering how popular InuYasha was when the anime was still running. Lots of fans. Can’t have 558 chapters of a manga without lots of fans. That’s for sure.

  2. *Rubs hands with glee* I certainly hope so 30 minutes is about the length of an episode after all so it’d be worth getting in my view. Of course I’m a fan of the show, so I want it in any case!

    I absolutely agree, especially since its replacement has never been able to garner the same kind of ratings that InuYasha did. Hell from some of the figures I saw, even repeats of the show got better ratings!

    And you’re right it has a HUGE fanbase I know for sure it has a nice big following over here. Which is something else I’m sure they will consider a little bit.

    I mean it says something that since it aired Adult Swim, despite being aholes to anime fans in general, seems to have kept it pretty much in constant repeat.

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