Macross Frontier Episode 14 – Mothers Lullaby

OMG! OMG! OMG! Seriously, each week I just end up loving this show more and more, and oh if you thought it was impossible for Alto-hime to get any hotter, you were wrong… The action in this episode is just kick-ass and our Alto-hime is in the thick of it, weapons ablazing.

Admit it, you want him 😉

From a cute little scene involving the bridge bunnies, we find out that Ozma (unbeknownst to him) is the owner of Bobby’s heart, not our dear Alto-hime. So Sheryl, Ranka, you can relax girls that’s one less rival for you! 😉
In fact preceding the cute little bridge scene Bobby had been consoling his love, who’d been lamenting the fact that his dear little Ranka-chan was starting to grow up.

Of course, the cuteness is interrupted by all hell breaking loose as the Varja arrive to let loose the hounds of war.
The Frontier is closed up as they prepare for battle, so Luca who had been getting something to drink with Nanase has to head out to battle. He seems quite a bit irritated when she points out that Alto and Michel won’t be with him implying that maybe he can’t do it by himself. However instead of saying anything he just asks her to wait for him to come back, he has something to tell her and then he runs off vowing to protect her.

“I mean, your hands are kind of small ya know…”

Alto meanwhile has found the fold pack and uses that to head towards the fleet, realizing the Varja are going after the Frontier, he yells out for Ranka to wait for him.

Back with the fleet we find out that Michel’s Valkyrie survived the ride attached to one of the Varja fleet ships. Sheryl wakes up and attempts to wake up Michel only to find he’s out cold. And what follows next is just horrible HORRIBLE! The Valkyrie was such a pretty blue!

Sheryl, decides because she is Sheryl she can fly the ship. BIG MISTAKE! I love her attitude, I love that she is all gung ho. But even she had to know that pitiful amount of time she has spent in class would not be enough for her to pilot the Valkyrie in the middle of a hella nasty battle! I know Sheryl has brains, but they were sadly missing when she made this decision. Given the enemy had no idea where she was, (nice use of that Han Solo Maneuver by the way Michel) she would have been better off staying put until help could get to her.

Instead, she decides to go for it, with very UNHAPPY results. At least for me, I really liked Michel’s VF-25G.

Why Sheryl, why?

Although to be fair to Sheryl, Luca is a trained pilot and he does nothing but get hit throughout this battle and is very unimpressive. In fact he resigns himself to death at one point; all his ideas of protecting Nanase have flown out of the window.

So thank kami-sama for Alto-hime, say it with me everyone. AI AI ALTO-HIME! I didn’t think it was possible for Alto to get any hotter than he already was, but I think it increases by like a factor of 10! Sheryl certainly seems to think so, because she is so wrapped up in Alto-hime’s cool entrance, she doesn’t seem to show an ounce of concern for poor Michel. Considering she almost got both of them obliterated you’d think she could spare a thought for him. Once all this is over, I think she should steer clear of Klein.

Ai Ai Alto-hime! See factor of 10!!

Alas the Frontier takes some damage as the main Varja ship defolds unexpectedly at the rear of the battle.
That slimey bastard Leon has been advising the President, he voices out his theory that the main Varja ship must be controlling the others and so the President authorizes the use of reaction missiles. So the captain sends out the order to attack the Varja fleet behind them, focusing on the mother ship.

Alto had earlier recognized that Ranka was in there and asks for permission to rescue her. The captain tells him to equip an armor pack and authorizes him to use reaction missiles, also telling him to bring out his true strength.

A very worried looking Sheryl tells Alto to come back safe, he thanks her and very determinedly says he will bring Ranka back. Once out there an angry Ozma tells Alto if something happens to Ranka, he will kill him!

While all this has been going on, the ship containing Ranka has been showing her the battle, and she’s been getting increasingly upset about it. Ranka sees the image of her mother who begins to sing Aimo (hubby thinks Ranka’s mommy looks a lot like Minmay funnily enough). The image disappears and Ranka begins to sing Aimo. Her stomach glows, and I think we are shown a glimpse inside her maybe? It looks like she has bacterial phages! Oh no Alto-hime, you may have gotten cooties from your kiss with her, Ranka is riddled with bacteria!

Ranka should NOT have eaten those nachos!

Outside the pilot Raramira bites it, prompting Alto to think back to when Gillam was crushed before his very eyes in the first episode and an image of Ranka. He screams and goes all co-coordinator crazy on the Varja who seem to have halted due to Ranka’s singing.

It is ON bitches!

Don’t MESS with hime!

Ozma is shocked and Luca is so absorbed in hime’s brilliant display he gets shot and had to retreat. Alto heads off to the mother ship screaming Ranka’s name. He blasts a hole in the ship to go get Ranka, but Brera who had heard Ranka’s music beats him to it.

Alto blows up the creature inside the mother ship as Ranka cries out no and the resulting explosion blows him and Brera (who is carrying Ranka) free of the ship. Once outside Brera identifies himself as Major Brera Starne from the Macross Galaxy Antares Squadron! He says he had rescued Ranka and will help the fleet.

The bridge crew notices the co-operation rate of the Varja fleet has dropped and it looks like they are in chaos. So the Quarter powers up and destroys the mother ship. The Varja attempt to retreat but the fleet is ordered to give chase and wipe them out.

It also seems that Grace is still alive (sorry Hoshi) she has downloaded in to a body identical to her last one. And she refers to Ranka as the little Queen…

Brera asks Ranka with the glowing belly why she cries, but she says she doesn’t know. Next week it seems things will be a little bit lighthearted. So I’m hoping this means Michel survives!

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, hang on Michel, hang on!


9 thoughts on “Macross Frontier Episode 14 – Mothers Lullaby


    Gods, I hate Grace with a passion. Damn her. Good post, good post. :] Love your captions.

    OH MY GAWDS did you have to post that uber hot piercing snapshot of Alto? It’s like sparkling; his skin is so clear, like he’s wearing makeup… *hot bishie sighted*

  2. The question is, did Grace download into a new body, or was it her “real” body (where her mind usually resides) all along? Or did she spawn a multitude of copies of herself all around the galaxy? ^_^;;

  3. Thanks Hoshi, I was worried maybe that I’d rambled on for too long. I can’t seem to write short, concise summaries, they end up longer than I had originally aimed for.

    I know he looks totally hot right! He’s rapidly going for the top bishie spot on my list.

    @Yoo, that is a very good question. Since we know she likes to protect her hide it could very well be another fake body. But since this is anime and it doesn’t always make sense she could very well have downloaded into a ‘real’ body. Since the danger is over, not.

    Because bad things are probably a coming. Its nice that the Macross Fleet literally kicked the ass of the Varja fleet. But I think that means at some point in the future the Macross fleet is going to take one hell of a kicking.

    You know how they like to balance these things out. And hubby keeps scaring me that Michel will die from him wounds or something.

    Nooooo Michel, noooooooo!

  4. Eh, I still think 12 takes the cake. Especially since Alto wasn’t that great of a pilot to start with, but he somehow had his newtype/SEED thing going.

    Also, why is it that mecha shows lately must have a gay guy or a trap on board? Leeron (TTGL), Tieria (Gundam 00), and that afro guy in Macross F.

  5. @dingsan, I think Alto as a pilot is getting better and better, I guess it all depends on his motivation.

    As for the other point you make, I’m not sure. Perhaps they are trying to appeal to all the yaoi fans who right copius fanfics about their pretty male pilots getting it on. (I steer clear of those)

    But then again since Bobby’s love for Ozma is unrequited that doesn’t really make sense either, and besides if they were trying to appeal to yaoi fangirls, then wouldn’t Bobby be prettier…

  6. Michael looked to be in a fairly bad state when the arrived on scene. Waiting for help probably wouldn’t be a good idea, especially since even Luca’s sensors didn’t pick them up until Sheryl made a break for it. At the end of the day, she accomplished her goal, regardless.

  7. @jacobian, true enough, thankfully Alto made it in time to save their bacon. You’d think though she could have contacted the fleet to let them know they were there and needed back up before making a break for it.

    Then someone could have provided some cover for them at least. Although since her closest back up was Luca, who didn’t seem to be able to hit the broad side of a barn, I’m not sure the end result would have differed much anyway.

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