Antique Bakery [Recipe 2]

It seems that with each episode, the pâtissier offers a different dessert. This week’s looks like creme puffs to me – and made out of Choux dough too (so this one is for you Choux, if you can read this.)

The spotlight this week is on Kanda Eiji, who becomes a pâtissier in training under Yusuke. Because of his ruined career as a boxer, Eiji turns to a different passion – cakes.

How It All Begins…

Yusuke, being the only pâtissier, is deathly afraid of women…

..thus dashing all hopes of a female co-worker for Tachibana…

..and Eiji steps in.

Voiced by Mamoru Miyano (who I believe does a pretty damn good job on the Seiyuu voices he does), Eiji can be seen as the other half of Tachibana. They both curse like sailors (why is it never something like “dentists”), and have disrespectful attitudes. There is yet potential in Eiji for Tachibana’s love interest.

Another crucial fact about Eiji, but how does Yusuke know? ( ^ Hoshi turns perverted)

Anyways, Eiji is confronted this episode about his boxing career. When a fan sees him working with cakes, Eiji is confronted with the issue of his manliness. Although we come to understand later that this fan is dealing with his own anger at his boxing retirement and seeing a champion boxer turn towards becoming a pastry chef, we first learn that Eiji loves being a boxer. However, because he has come to terms with his injuries, Eiji says he can let go of boxing and turn towards creating cakes.

My Thoughts

I have no problems with men cooking. In fact, one of my best friends can make the best crepes and desserts EVAR, and he’s male. And because I’m one of those girls who doesn’t care about calories, I gladly accept anything he makes for me. The only I care about in food is taste factor.

That being said, I can’t really blog much more on this episode. :] I guess I can only say enjoy the pictures of pretty cakes and pastries!

6 thoughts on “Antique Bakery [Recipe 2]

  1. Yea, there’s surprisingly little to blog about this episode (except posting cake porn or making fun of the BL-ness, but *yawns*)
    Cooking >>>>> Boxing any day 😛

  2. Well scientifically speaking, guys make better chefs than women anyways.

    They actually have more taste buds than we do! But, we are better at multi tasking.

    Which is why when I worked at the bakery when doing my degree I was in charge of food in the restaurant area. Because I had an excellent memory for orders and could have more than one going at once.

    The bakers were all men, but then they only had to focus on one thing at a time. And if we ran out of something when they left it would be up to me usually to make it.

    Ahh I need to dig up that recipe, I’m feeling nostalgic for those days, I want to bake some belgian buns, or perhaps some cherry bakewells…

    Sigh this show just makes me want to bake!

    I will be making a triple layer chocolate fudge pie today. But its a no-bake recipe I found, the closest I’ll come to heat is melting the marshmellows for one of the layers.

  3. @issa-sa: Cake pr0nnnnnnnnnn. It definitely satisfies.

    @Sakura: Really? I didn’t know that… But awesome. You know how to bake at least, anything I bake would probably taste like crap.

    Wow. Comments are acting weirdly.

  4. Hey – whats up. Thanks a bunch for the blog. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but i think i’m getting lost!. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be popping back over in a couple of days to see if there is any more info.

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