Slice of Life… AGAIN?!

I’m finding it harder to blog on the slice-of-life genre as episodes of Antique Bakery air each week. Because it’s more of a sequence of events in a character’s life for this genre, there isn’t much in-depth plot to blog on. However, despite this hindrance, I’m going to use the cliché line towards Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto -Natsu no Sora and say, “You had me at hello.”


Because I only recently discovered this series, I’ll cover the first two episodes. There are many little and simple things in this series that draw me in; the first being Suzuki Sora, our main character.

Character. Sora is a cheerful country gal whose purity and innocence make me envious. LOL, I risk sounding cheesy in this post. And I mean purity and innocence in a good way. It makes me envious, yes, because these characteristics are what gives her such a positive and howdoIputit, unblemished outlook on life.

Untouched by emotions such as anger and greed, Sora strives to become better in helping others with her magic. She’s one of the individuals who give his/her best output, and ask of nothing in return. Sora values other people before herself, in situations that call for the simplest to the most complex actions. Simplest? When her best friend Michiru is depressed about a crush moving away, Sora tells Michiru to confess her feelings. Using her motto of “Trial and Error”, Sora helps Michiru, using her magic to create snow that Michiru wanted to show her crush. Complex? Saving others from a derailed truck. It’s Sora’s penchant for putting others before herself that also help create the relationships seen.

Relationships. Because of Sora’s character, she easily gets along with Michiru and others, especially her mother. Off the top of my head, this is one of the few series I can think of where the main character is shown to have a deep relationship with his/her parent(s). Although this relationship probably won’t be focused on in the episodes to come (because Sora is in Tokyo instead of Hokkaido), I still find this aspect somewhat unique, and factored in to what made me love this series from first episode. And I go personal to say that I am envious once again, of the closeness of this mother/daughter relationship.

But in this slice-of-life genre, I can’t forget the aspect of romance.

Sora’s potential love interest, in my opinion, is introduced in the second episode. Gouta Midorikawa, who looks rather old to me, is cold and aloof, looking down on those who possess magic. Although not much has been explained about his situation, it seems that Gouta lacks when compared to Sora’s prowress in magic ability. When assigned to create ice out of water, Sora creates a “chandelier”, while Gouta remains hidden, the water in front of him not solidifying. Maybe it’s that Gouta hasn’t “discovered himself”, as the teacher explains that this is the essence of magic.

Colors. The brilliant array of colors used attract my attention. Nothing more can really be said about it, so enjoy the next photos.

Just notice the balance of the photo above, where the tree cuts the background and foreground in half. While the sky remains untouched, the green of the grass takes one side, and the brown of the ground takes the other. (I laugh at myself, sorry. I used to be a photographer.)

And lastly.

Music. Beautiful use of sounds. The BGM sounds like Irish music to me, but it works to enhance the peaceful and calming aspect of this series. Even the insert song in episode two about a jellyfish, sang by a street singer, works beautifully.

I leave you with the OP until next week, and the hope that if you are reading this, my intense love-at-first-sight has influenced you to try this series. Here’s 「Fly Away」by THYME.


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life… AGAIN?!

  1. I love the animation for this series as well!!
    The combination of real images and animated ones work surprisingly well!
    Have you watched the first season of this before?

    PS: Jerry Maguire!!

  2. hmmmm…i agree with almost everything you’ve got here…XD

    i DO like the fact that Sora has a strong relationship with her parents. i hadn’t thought about it until just then, but i was like “hey…yeah, that’s cool!”

    on the “pure, country girl” thing, i’m going to have to disagree, though. it seems to cliche to me – sweet, kind, country girl in the big city where she only uses her magic for good! meh…:P

    the art thing really gets me, too. i agree that the pictures they are using are vibrant and well-designed (i loved the photographer’s view of the tree pic! i thought the same things as a graphic designer…lol), but i don’t like the use of the pictures WITH the animations. i think it overwhelms the animations and makes them look kind of second-rate – and since the actual animations aren’t top-notch to begin with…it’s just not pretty to me. 😦

    but, hey – to each their own, right? i really love the story that’s driving Natsu no Sora, so i’ll definitely be sticking around with this one! thanks for sharing your opinion – i really enjoyed reading it! 😀

  3. I was going to pick this up since I liked the premise, but then I saw the trailers. A mix of 3-D and 2-D just doesn’t cut it for me. I like to keep my dimensions consistent. =)
    Some things I’m willing to pass on, like how I refuse to watch Higurashi because loli murderers just didn’t seem right. (And because Rena totally hijacked SaiGAR, but that was a joke anyway. Still sore about it though. lulz.)
    Huzzah for being stubborn.

  4. @blissmo: Agreed, and which also explains why this one exceeds all expectations. :] Thank god I started this series.

    @bassment: nope, sorry to say I haven’t seen the first series. WOOT, Congrats. You understood the line, so I take you’ve seen the movie. :]

    @enima01: ah, thanks for reading! Fair enough, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, I respect yours! :]

    @dingsan: Aw, I love the whole mixing of 3-D and 2-D. That’s what makes this series unique, imo. Haha, you know, Umineko no naku koro ni is coming out…

  5. got bored with the first episode but definitely picking this up after watching the second episode.

    i like how sora’s purity and innocence is depicted because it doesn’t make her a moron, unlike other characters who have been placed under these categories.

  6. @biankita: ah, i think the first episode was sort of an intro. even so, i liked it bunches.

    yeah, definitely sora being different all the other characters before her is a factor. :] great point.

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