Antique Bakery [Recipe 3]

Once again, there isn’t much to blog upon. However, having enjoyed this episode the most, I feel obligated to write something about it.

Despite the absence of 2-D cakes to look at, the pudding at the end and the hilariousness of this episode made it more enjoyable to watch. (I used to eat those, they’re great.)

What made it fun and interesting to watch.

  • Chikage’s behavior. Because of his appearance, I never expected him to act the way he did. And I wasn’t quite sure if he was trying to joke around with the whole “Tachibana’s shadow” (and the fact that his name is Chikage), but all in all, he was hilarious to watch.

  • Tachibana’s cheesy lines. It doesn’t really work that way in real life…

  • Yusuke’s imagination and flirtatiousness. Men at their age don’t usually dance together in the rain. And it was so… dramatic.

Final Thoughts.

  • All main characters have been introduced.
  • I laughed my ass off through the whole episode.

2 thoughts on “Antique Bakery [Recipe 3]

  1. LOL I like the maid apron in that one screen-shot!

    And my bakery item for this week was going to be banana cream pie, but we ended up going to see Batman The Dark Knight, so I never got to bake this weekend ^-^

  2. BANANA CREAM PIE?! Sounds great! Well, I can understand how the baking was pushed back by the Dark Knight… Haven’t seen it yet though :]

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