Naruto Chapter 409 – Passing Down The Sage Techniques

No hawtness on the cover this week, unless you’re into slimy.

So following on from last week Naruto heads off to Myobokuzan with Fukasaku to lean ‘sage’ techniques.
Tsunade, Shikamaru and Sakura see him off with Tsunade telling him they will let him know the details of the autopsy. Fukasaku says he’ll leave them a communication frog so they can get in contact.
Sakura gives Naruto an empathic good luck and he’s off!

Since the Mountain Of Wandering, as its called, is so hard to get to if you don’t know your way there, and its very far, Fukasaku uses a reverse summoning jutsu to get Naruto there.

Tsunade, Shika and Sakura resolve on what they have to do and in a brief look at Pein and Konan, apparently they are ready to go after the Kyuubi and kill whoever stands in their way.

The first order of the day when Naruto arrives is food and trust me ramen looks much more appetizing than what Naruto gets served. (That makes it sound like I hate ramen which I don’t miso ramen is my favorite!)

So ninja frogs like to eat klingon gahckt for dinner and I don’t care how you spell it nitpicking trekkies so PFFFT!

Once Naruto is done trying not to vomit over dinner, Fukasaku decides to first teach Naruto the difference between sage and ninja techniques.

So it seems that ninja techniques use the energy within oneself, whereas sage techniques use that inner energy in combination with the energy surrounding you. (Hmm Naruto is gonna get to learn how to use THE FORCE!)

I KNEW Fukusaku was a muppet its why his eyes are so bugged out, Frank Oz must have cold hands or something, I’ll bet he even sounds like Yoda. Actually I take that back he looks more like a creature from The Dark Crystal.

Yep we’ve been feeling that way about this manga too lately Naruto.

Apparently combining the different energies makes the chakra stronger, so that with it, the strength of illusions and even physical attacks can be increased.

Naruto is having trouble understanding it, so Gamakichi likens it to how ice cream is better when you add mint to the chocolate and vanilla swirl. Fukasaku seems dismayed that Naruto could only understand that kind of simplistic explanation, but Gamakichi says that’s just how Naruto is.

Naruto wonders where this energy comes from and Fukasaku tries to explain that it comes from the atmosphere and earth, the air and the ground. The frog sage decides that a demonstration will be better he moves over to a large boulder and raises it. (If you look closely, it looks rather like an x-wing 😉 )

Naruto exclaims that he couldn’t see what Fukasaku did. The Frog sage replies that of course, he couldn’t, and that in order to feel natural energy, Naruto must become one with nature, Naruto must DIE!

Hmmmm didn’t Sasuke-baka have to go through the same thing?

My sentiments exactly!

The last page shows Falcon confront the 8 tails and it says that the title for next week is “The Eight-Tailed Best vs. Sasuke” So I guess we’re back to focusing on Uchiha’s again…

At this point dear Sasuke-kun, so many people have stopped caring you could probably go ahead and take over the manga and no one would give a crap anymore.

YAWN, all I can say is I hope they get through this quickly, because I am rapidly finding I just don’t give a f***.
YAY! More Sasuke getting to show how cool he is, ladeefrickendah! Although it wouldn’t matter at this point if Kishimoto were going to spend more time on Naruto’s training next week, because that is already beginning to bore me too.

They should have done this when he was training with Jiraiya and saved us the boredom. Although I guess its a good way of getting him out of the village since Pein is about to attack, but what will Naruto do once he finds out his friends are in danger?

We’ll see I guess.

Images are taken from scans by SleepyFans.


7 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 409 – Passing Down The Sage Techniques

  1. I hate long-running shounens; it’s 17 pages a week and it takes ages for anything to happen. That’s why I’m purposefully putting off the D.Gray-man manga until the series finishes as, at the moment, the TV series is great. And I hope that The Eight-tails kicks Sasuke’s ass.

  2. @Hoshi, yes action would be preferable to what’s going on right now. I mean I know they need set up but… c’mon lets get this story moving along Kishimoto.

    @omisyyth, I hear you on that, and probably part of the reason I’m starting to become a little bit apathetic is because I read InuYasha all the way up until the end. So I’m not sure I have the patience anymore for something so long running. Considering I’m also reading Bleach, but I’m just reading that as its released in the stores over here, rather than keeping up to date with scans.

    Which is why I haven’t picked up D-Gray-man yet either, I agree I’m waiting for it to get finished, then I’ll start it.

    As for Sasuke? I hope he gets his pretty-boy emo ass whupped too. Someone needs to take him down a peg or two. I mean really if you think about it, he didn’t win his fight with Itachi based on his own power and skill.

    Itachi was sick and had given some of his power to Naruto already so he wasn’t in top fighting shape.

    Although given the revelations I’m not so sure Sasuke-baka is happy he killed big bro know. Since he seems to want to avenge his honor…

  3. I hope Naruto learns a move that he can actually use, since he’s forbidden from going more than 3-tails(?) and he’s not allowed to use epic rasengan.

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