Mnemosyne Review

In light of not blogging Nabari no Ou this week (which means I will blog on two episodes next time) and the final episode of this OAV, I’ll write a review of Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi.

This OAV is for the mature only, as Mnemosyne contains graphic violence and nudity.

Where do I start? I’ve never written a review before, so you’ll have to cut this newb some slack.

Because this OAV started in February, it’s tough to remember the details. The plot revolves around Asogi Rin, our main character and private investigator. While she takes on jobs of any scale, Rin is entirely different from other private investigators, as she can heal any injury.  Through her jobs, relationships, and interactions with others, it becomes more clear that Rin harbors a secret that makes her different from other humans.

I stop here, because I don’t wish to spoil it for those who have yet to see this OAV. The jobs that Rin have always take her deeper into trouble, so if you’re looking for excitement, action, or gore, you will not be disappointed. Each episode has it’s fair share of these three.

Now, if you’re thinking Mnemosyne is only violence, violence, and violence – well you’re partially right. (Notice the picture above: girls are skewered to the wall.) On the surface, yes, there is a lot of it. But if you delve deeper into the twisted plot you’ll find something more. Mnemosyne, as I looked on Wiki, is the personification of memory in Greek mythology. And yes, you’ve got it, it has to do with memories.

How? I will not explain, but each episode creates memories for the viewer and Rin. Uniquely directed so that each episode portrays a time lapse after the previous episode, Rin gradually builds up memories of different characters that influence her character development. It’s always interesting to see a different episode, because the memories Rin have, are built up from the previous episode. And yet, even though so much is revealed through each episode, it isn’t till the final sixth episode that the viewer really understands what is going on. The last episode is like the piece of the puzzle that places everything together. And until that last episode was reached, it left me wanting to know more.

I was also particularly happy to see how Mnemosyne interwove all the different characters together. And because of the time lapse – to see how they had matured differently through each episode. It’s these type of characters that make you think back to previous episodes and wonder how and where other characters fit in, and what they contribute to the overall depth and plot of the story.

And the animation? Well, I have no qualms. Because Mnemosyne is a little on the violent side though, the colors are mostly dark. It does have it’s bright scenes, however.

This series is just so uniquely different from anything I’ve ever seen. I know I haven’t seen many series,  but Mnemosyne just takes all pieces of the puzzle, rips them apart so they can’t be recognized, and perfectly places them back again so they fit. The sound fits, and although I am biased in being a Galneryus fan, I loved the way they sang “Cause Disarray” and “Alsatia”. The background music does what it needs to do – it enhances the enjoyment of watching this series.

The only thing that I felt disgruntled with was the fact that Mnemosyne did not give closure or details on a relationship between Rin and one of the characters. It could have been strengthened earlier in the episodes, but it was left to the last episode.

That being said, Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi is a unique OAV – and something you definitely should not miss. I definitely recommend this to those who like horror or mystery, because Mnemosyne doesn’t disappoint.


3 thoughts on “Mnemosyne Review

  1. Um, anyone else notice the VERY OBVIOUS allusion involving that fissure in the egg? They colored it red, too. I facepalmed.

    Maybe I should get my head out of the gutter. >_>

  2. But the gutter is fun!

    Hoshi, stop finding more things for me to watch!!!!! 😉

    I’m a sucker for anything supernatural or mystery and this has both dammit.

    I need to start using some vacation time and using it to relax and catch up on stuff.

  3. @dingsan: haha, hard to actually GET your head out of the gutter with this show and all. could be like, borderline hentai? so many boob shots and what not

    @Sakura: LOL. sorry!! :] But at least this one is only 6 episodes?

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