Mahou Tsukai 3 [Sora]

I have found Kyouya’s long lost brother – KURODA KOUJI.

That aside, this week focuses more on Gouta’s doubts and Sora’s first job. I think we’ll probably be seeing more of this soon…

I am a romantic sap after all.

Anyhow, let’s focus on Gouta. Looking much older than the rest of the students, Gouta stands out because he can’t do any magic. Only having recently been told that he is of mage descent, Gouta is uneasy about magic; he doubts himself as a mage. And as Gouta’s teacher confronts him near the end of the episode, we find out that his father was of mage descent also, but chose to ignore this fact.

I love my pictures of Gouta.

It definitely will be interesting to see how Sora manages to pull “turtle” Gouta out from behind his shell in future episodes. It’s going to be romantic! Speaking of Sora…

She manages to do well on her first job. Taking on the pressure of helping an elderly widow who was once married to a politician, Sora throws all rules out the window and does things her own way. As the episode progresses, we learn that this widow is lonely because her daughter rarely comes to visit and her husband is deceased. Due to this loneliness, she keeps her photo albums in a safe, under lock, and looks at them occasionally. However, because she does not have a key to this safe, she constantly asks the Bureau of Magic to help her unlock the safe. Sora does so, but also destroys the lock. In doing so, Sora helps the widow realize that the photo albums won’t bring the deceased back, and that she isn’t alone in the world. The scene ends with Sora crying, as she realizes herself that this elderly widow is similar to her own mother.

It’s definitely a sweet scene. I understand how Sora wants to use her magic to help everyone, thus explaining why she broke the lock on the safe. However, a part of me feels irritated that Sora actually got away with breaking the rules. Yes, I know it’s anime, not real life. Sooner or later, however, Sora won’t be able to do everything her own way.

Other Thoughts

Morishita’s random hilarity makes me crack. Although it isn’t a high position, this dude is going ON my favorites list.


2 thoughts on “Mahou Tsukai 3 [Sora]

  1. Kyouya!!!! ^-^ Gah there just isn’t enough time in my day after work, cooking dinner, laundry, dishes, blah, blah, blah.

    So I may not watch this show, but I think I’ll settle for reading your views on it.

  2. Haha, okay! :]] It’s another good show, but I think you’re more about the action instead of the slice-of-life, right?

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