Tomoyo after OVA

Awww….. I just spent the last 10 minutes crying over the Tomoyo after OVA.

You probably know this already, but this ova is Kyoani’s adaption of the Tomoyo path in the visual novel CLANNAD, and it’s good. Though I’ll start with a bit of history first: After the CLANNAD game was made, the members of Key was given a bit of a break, and Jun Maeda (a writer and composer of Key) decided to make a sequal of sorts to Tomoyo’s path in the game. This sequal is named Tomoyo after ~it’s a wonderful life~. Kyoani’s adaption dosen’t include this game, though I’s praying that they’ll animate it too. Now that I think about it, maybe I should write a review on the game…

Here’s the op to the game. Note: this game contains 18+ material, and the PC version is already out of print. The ps2 version is still available though, and it doesn’t contain any 18+ material.

Story: 9/10

This OVA was, in my opinion, done very well. The story was changed somewhat and a lot of scenes were cut, but the feelings of the characters and the main theme was conveyed very well.

Art: 9/10

Animation: 10/10

The graphics and animation was top notch (though the character’s hair does give me more of a lucky star feeling than a CLANNAD feeling). I especially loved 4 moments:

Tomoyo not wanting to break up.


Tomoya hugging Tomoyo (now THAT’s a good piece of animation).

and of course, our favorite idiot.

Music and voice acting: 15/15

The music is the same ones used in the anime and game, though they used some songs from the CLANNAD image albums for the ending song. I have to say the all the voice actors did an excellent job here, both Tomoyo and Tomoya sound like they are full of life.

Gut feelings: 5/5

Total: 48/50

Overall, I LOVED this OVA, now excuse me as I go to dig up my CLANNAD and tomoyo after soundtracks to I can loop them for the next few days.

6 thoughts on “Tomoyo after OVA

  1. This is Tomoyo’s arc in clannad though. An OVA that pictures what happen if Tomoya chosen Tomoyo instead of originally Nagisa. It’s isn’t Tomoyo after. Tomoyo after itself will rake more tears and emotion then what this OVA will do. (Especially if you learn the true to…Tomoya’s amnesia)

  2. @Priskern: I know what Tomoyo after is, I’ve played it and I’ve written about it. I can’t remember why I wrote the title like that, but I think it was because it and the after story was in production at the same time and I got the names jumbled up.

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